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Marketing With RSS Feeds - Creating A Direct Link To Your Customers

What's an RSS feed?

Due to the overwhelming amount of spam on the internet, many users are turning from traditional newsletter subscriptions to RSS feeds to get their information. RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Besides connecting you directly to your customers, feeds are advantageous for several reasons:

* They update automatically. Anytime you publish a new article or weblog , your readers receive it with no effort on their part, or yours.

* Unlike an email campaign, they don't force you to contend with costly black lists and spam filters.

* They're a 100% opt-in marketing tool. Your documents are transmitted in a mark-up language that requires your subscribers to download a reader, like Bloglines or FeedDemon, to translate them. So all your subscribers really want the information you're providing.

Where Is This Going?--The Future of RSS

Bill Flitter, founder of RSS analytics engine, suggests, in the near future, feeds will become much simpler and more user-friendly. Says Flitter, "Once RSS becomes a little bit easier, I think we'll see a huge surge in its use." Firefox and Safari are already RSS-enabled, and Internet Explorer and Outlook will be soon.

RSS art

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Expect to see individualized RSS feeds gain popularity--customized feeds where a user can choose what kind of content comes through to them. Flitter projects, "I think we'll see...individual subscriptions increase so you can send information that's more relevant to that end user... like Tivo for the web."

Another likely change is that news readers will allow you to customize the look of your feed, rather than translating every one alike. You'll be able to brand your feed, change its style, and differentiate it from every other feed so your customers can recognize it easily.

How Can I Use RSS for My EBiz?

Use feeds to send newsletters, product promos, blogs, and special offers. You can create your content using any weblog platform--Type Pad, Word Press, Movable Type. They all generate RSS feeds--your only job is choosing the content. The important thing is to keep your content fresh and relevant to your audience, because with one click they can unsubscribe. Try to balance generating sales with sharing interesting info and useful tips.

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Syndicating your RSS Feeds to Directories

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an increasingly popular method to syndicate web site content and promote web sites. Just as your web site can (and should) be submitted to search engines, your RSS feeds can also be submitted to RSS feed-specific directories and search tools.

Many RSS search engines and directories allow you to freely submit RSS feeds. Feed directories are generally categorized by subject. Web surfers looking for RSS feeds about a specific subject will often search the RSS directories to find feeds that match their criteria. Topic-specific and podcasting RSS directories are also gaining popularity.

As with many things in life, quality trumps quantity. It is always best to submit your RSS feeds to reputable RSS feed directories. A good criteria is to check the directory's Google Page Rank. Good directory placement increase the number of sites linking to your web site, increases your link popularity, and raises your feed's profile.

When submitting to RSS feed directories, keep the following in mind:

Make sure your RSS feed is compliant! The best feed in the world won't be read if the feed code is bad. Use a web site like to make sure your code is valid.

Carefully follow the submission guidelines provided by each directory. Make sure you are not submitting an unrelated feed, a feed with bad code, or a feed with poor descriptions. Carefully choose your feed's category and only submit to relevant categories.

Try to find niche directories suitable for your feed. For example, if your web site covers Real Estate, focus your efforts into finding Real Estate RSS directories, and submit your feed there.

To find RSS directories, do a search for 'rss directories' in your favorite search engine. Several web sites contain comprehensive directory lists that you can use as a starting point.

In order to reap the full benefits of an RSS feed, proper publicity is important. It takes some work to find and submit your feeds, but the benefits in web site traffic and link popularity will make it well worth the effort!

This article was written for, a free real estate RSS feed directory.

Using RSS Feeds To Feed Your Website More Visitor's

Creating Your own rss feed is a great way to get links to other peoples web site and get traffic to your web site. after getting over the code which can be copied and pasted it's pretty much like running a weblog .

Well First of all let me say if your feeding your web site visitors more it should be feeding your bank account more money , but that depends on you marketing strategies, marketing startagies are covered on the membership site check author box, this article will show you how to gain traffic using rss feeds.

Add RSS to Your website, Free RSS Feed Reader, Free Content for your web pagesClick for more information

RSS stands For "really simple syndication" at least that's what google told me. Anyways if you don't know rss is a program or a script that runs on your web site that automatically updates using other peoples content. so if your not experienced with rss feeds you may be wondering how is using others peoples content going to get you traffic well there are a number of ways

First Having content that updates regularly is good in the search engine eyes plus most like when you have links coming in and going out (more in than out). If your using Articles from other peoples web site or copied articles put rss feeds on the same page with feeds that have the same keywords as the article and you wouldn't get a duplicate content filter ( that is when the search enginge's don't index your page because its the same as many others.

By the way through testing i have found that the person with the most links going to the same article get listed. For instance if you have the same article as me on your web site and we both have nothing else but that article on that page if you have say ten links going to that page and i have 5 for a particular search engine you will get indexed and i will not.

Another way to use Rss feeds is to create your own you can do this easily by creating a weblog and syndicating it, there is directions at on how to do this.

To learn more about using rss feeds or creating one go to To get custom rss feeds for your webpages for instance you have a web page on cat collars you can go to and go down to create your on feed type in cat collars and there you go copy the url and paste into the rss code in place of the default url.

There is more to learn about rss feeds you can find out every way to use them By Taking The Time To Learn More

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Automate your web pages content with RSS feeds

One of the key ingredients to keeping your web site listed high with the search engines today is fresh content.

The internet is ever growing, and ever changing. The web sites of yesterday that are static only HTML pages will start to fade away as more dynamic web sites take their place.

What is the difference between static HTML web sites, and dynamic web sites?

Static HTML web pages will always look the same, if you hit the refresh button nothing changes on the page.

A dynamic web page will automatically change every time you hit the refresh button, or they can change their content based on what your user does, like clicking on some text or an image.

Adding Javascript to your site to make it look like the pages are ever changing will work for your human visitors, but not for the search engines. Currently all the major search engines can not read Javascript. They see the Java code but are unable to read any of the text that the Javascript generates.

There are a few ways that you can automate the process of adding search engine friendly content to your web pages.

The quickest and easiest way to add pertinent content to any web page is to use RSS Feeds.

What is an RSS Feed? RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication".

News Aggregators (also called news readers) will download and display RSS feeds for you Click for more information

RSS feeds come in many different forms.

News feeds that give you the latest breaking news and popular headlines on any topic directly related to your webpage.

Articles can also come in the form of RSS feeds. Thousands of industry experts are writing articles today related to just about any topic imaginable, and you can use these free of charge on all your web pages, and have them updated daily for you with out you ever having to do a thing.

Blog posts are another form of RSS feeds that you can also work with. There is literally a million blogs online today, and they all put out their own unique RSS feed. When ever someone posts to their weblog the RSS feed page is created. While you may not want other peoples weblog content on your web pages, if you have your own weblog you can easily have your posts show up on your pages.

Press release companies are also sending out RSS feeds of all the press releases submitted through their system.

Almost all RSS publishers want other web sites to syndicate (republish) their feed content. That's what RSS was invented for.

There are a few programs out today that will help you master the power of RSS feeds, and at the same time automate the whole process for you.

These are called RSS to HTML converters, they take an RSS feed and convert it into HTML for you. All the ones that I have read about, and used are PHP based programs that install on your web server.

I have found the Installation of these programs to be very easy, and take only a couple of minutes. Upload the files to your server, enter in your user name, and password, your done.

Once installed you have a login page that walks you through the whole process. Asking you what feeds you want to work with, how much of the feed do you want displayed on your page, title, author, date, amount of text, you can even change the back ground colors or border around the feeds, even tell it how often you want the feeds updated, hourly, or daily. There are many more options that are available to you when working with these programs most of them are nothing more then selecting a check box. No programing skills needed.

In closing I want to restate that search engines love fresh content. Using RSS feeds on your web site is a great way to keep new content on them automatically forever.

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