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MG WAY CORP's Rss Feeds Generator-the Service Which is in Demand.

It took just a little time for XML to become very popular format for information sharing across Internet. It is a standard practice now for major web resources to deliver their data in the form of RSS.

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RSS is a family of web feed formats, specified in XML and used for Web syndication. RSS is mostly used by news web sites, weblogs and podcasting but the tendency shows that everybody is trying to keep his information as RSS.

Web feeds are widely used by the weblog community to share the latest entries' headlines or their full text, and even attach multimedia files. Since mid-2000, use of RSS has spread to many of the major news organizations, including Reuters, CNN, PR Newswire, Business Wire, and the BBC.

Using RSS helps you to feed yourself with all kinds of information instead of constant surfing the internet for needed content. It can also help you generate unlimited content for your web sites very effectively. To gather data wanted you obviously need a program or service which can help you generate RSS feeds on a given topic.

MG WAY CORP has developed a tool called RSS FEEDS GENERATOR which serves as a producer of various rss feeds from over 30 search engines and services such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Feedster, Blogdigger, Icerocket and others. ( <>; )

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It's very simple to use. First, you need to specify the type of rss feeds you want to get whether search results feeds, news feeds, weblog posts feeds, images feeds, media files feeds, tags feeds or others. Then you choose the services providing such information and after all you enter up to ten keywords for feeds generation. In a second you will get a list of quality RSS feeds you are interested in, separated by categories. Now you can put all those links into your RSS reader, use them in rss parsers, content generation scripts, blogging software or somehow else.

This is a simple tool for information processing in the form of rss feeds for people who get everything they need from the World Wide Web for business matters or for personal use. The thing is that rss feeds exchange is one of the steps for consolidating and regulating of data sharing across the Internet. The usability of RSS FEEDS GENERATOR can't be overestimated. More over it is FREE for everyone to use.

Enjoy this one of a kind tool at the following URL: <>;

Press contact Alex Falcon E-mail:

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Alex Falcon, public relations manager with MG WAY CORP

Cashing In With RSS Feeds

You may already know that RSS stands for Remote Site Syndication, but what does that mean to you and more importantly, how can you use RSS to help you make more money?

Simply put, RSS feeds are written in a computer language called XML, a special mark up language much like HTML. This means that they have mechanisms included that identify structures in a document. The structures define the content and how that content will be displayed within that document. RSS is what makes big news web sites possible: RSS files are used to create a data feed which will deliver headlines, links or virtually any other piece of information to a channel viewer application, commonly called a news reader.

These readers are subscribed to certain RSS feed URL's and constantly monitor them over the Internet, alerting the user when ever any new information has been added to the feed. So, how can you use this to your advantage as an internet marketer?

Here are the most popular ways to integrate RSS feeds into your marketing effort:

You can use RSS to supplement any email marketing you are currently doing, take advantage of RSS feeds to drive traffic to your weblog or sales site or create your own RSS feeds so your messages and information show up on thousands of web sites, blogs and desktops online.

Although many marketing gurus will claim that email marketing isn't dead, with the advent of increasing spam complaints and filters coupled with the threat of viruses originating from an email, more and more people are leery of even opening your email. So even if you have a large email list, the likelihood of your emails being opened is becoming increasingly slim.

With RSS, your messages won't ever get filtered and they will have a much higher chance of actually being read vs. email. Your marketing results can only be better when people actually read your message. You can even incorporate autoresponders in conjunction with RSS.

Including RSS feeds on your content site or weblog allows you to add fully dynamic theme-related content to your web pages making your site or weblog very popular with the search engines. The constantly updated content is exactly what the search engines crave and helps increase your search engine ranking, driving more traffic to your page.

Probably the best way to use RSS to help your online marketing efforts is to create your own RSS feed. This way your information will be published on any web site that is using the RSS feed you are supplying that information to. There's even automated software to submit your RSS feeds to the various directories that supply the feeds to marketers using them on their web sites as described above.

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RSS is still a relatively unknown method of driving traffic to web sites, but is becoming more popular every day. As an internet marketer, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this new technology before the rest of the online community jumps on the bandwagon.

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How to Boost Your Business Utilizing RSS Feeds

The two new kids in the block are dramatically changing the face of online marketing, helping marketers reach millions of potential customers easily and very cost effectively, even for free. The names of these new kids are: RSS feeds and Weblog (now widely used as Blog) marketing.

So far, traditionally when most webmasters think of marketing, they have listed writing articles, placing ads in various ezines and newsletters, submitting ads to free and/or pro advertising sites that work, and optimizing their web pages for higher rankings on the search engines, some viral techniques, and of course permission based e-mail marketing, although it was still risky.

It was risky because people who are sick and tired of receiving thousands of spam messages all day long, were some times considering the permission based email messages, too, as spam and were treating them accordingly.

Marketers were using the legitimate email marketing no matter how risky it was, because they had no alternative to deliver their messages and ads directly to their target audience. Email marketing was an effective delivery channel for successful marketing.

Then another effective delivery channel was discovered which has been called RSS feeds, providing web sites with relevant content, while offering marketers a powerful marketing avenue with almost no risk.

Therefore, RSS feeds has been comfortably used by most marketers. The another reason for the popularity of RSS feeds as a marketing avenue is that this powerful marketing strategy can be used at no cost at channel is called RSS.

When we take a take closer look at a general overview of using RSS in your marketing arsenal, we realize that RSS feeds are delivered to web sites as valuable content. What type of content? The content delivered through RSS feeds can be articles, stories, press releases, announcements, updated info, company details, products and marketing.

So, the RSS feed delivery makes this marketing channel a valuable communication tool as well.

But in order for your target audience to view the content via RSS Feeds, they will need to download a special reading program called as RSS aggregator. Some of these aggregators are available at no cost while others have a subscription fee.

You may ask, what is an RSS aggregator really? It is a special application that will allow end users to subscribe to RSS Feeds thus allowing them to read and view your new content.

Of course, you can still use e-mail to deliver your news and updated content. E-mail is not going away as some writers have predicted. In fact, when you compare RSS to e-mail, since they both have their own opportunities communication differences, and characteristics, you will see that RSS feeds are much more safe, effective and economic. Yes economic, because currently you don't have to pay any money to disseminate your RSS feed to tens of thousands of distribution points all over the Internet.

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RSS Feeds are safe, because they only delivered to subscribers, in other words they are delivered to web sites which subscribed on their free will to receive these RSS feeds.

This might be an important reason that RSS is growing at an alarming rate. So much so that business owners need to take a closer look at how to use this to help make your web business more competitive and eventually more profitable..

In fact, search engines favor the web businesses which utilize RSS feeds as a marketing avenue. So, we can say marketing through RSS feeds would greatly help web sites get higher page rankings, and higher placements at search engines, thanks to RSS technology. But remember that there is no overnight solution to accomplish better rankings or getting more customers.

However, using these innovative tools can help you grow your business and substantially increase your sales, profits and revenues in a relatively short period of time. Here's some helpful sites for additional help:

Now you can take a closer look at how RSS can literally change the face of your business in a good way and then take an active start to include RSS in your overall marketing arsenal as an important marketing strategy.

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How To Make Your WebPages Easily Become Unique Without Using RSS Feeds From Other Websites

If you have been online for a few months, you must have heard about these two issues: "Content is King" and "Search engines don't like duplicate contents". One of the easiest way to provide contents for your site visitors is by using private label articles. Unfortunately, if you only use this strategy you will have problems to face with the second issue.

That is why many affiliate businesses that set up a new web site for each member are often unable to make a top showing in the search engine results. There are too many similar contents.

In order to create a site that search engines will consider as unique, you will need to change a significant amount of information. You can do this by changing your web page title, meta tags, introducing a new paragraph and inserting links or editorial blocks within the article body.

Currently webmasters use different ways in order to make their webpages seem unique in the eyes of search engines. Many of them use RSS or product feeds from other web sites.

But now you can try another technique. If you have used reciprocal linking strategy to drive traffic to your web site, I believe you know the linkmachine, a reciprocal linking software. The main purpose of this free script is to help you trade links with other webmasters. But after you have finished reading this article, you can use it to make your webpages unique.

LinkMachine has a powerful feature where you can build different webpages for different categories. Moreover, this feature is different from most reciprocal linking software out there. With LinkMachine, you can use different templates for different categories.

The templates are highly customized. You can even use your own templates. That means you can put different Meta Tags, articles or any other type of contents on different link pages!

Another distinctive and advantageous feature is that you can choose to have your link pages with .html or .php extensions. Remember that a web page with .php extension is more customized than .html.

To make this concept clearer, it might be better if you visit Take a look at the link section and you will find that on the top of all link pages there are different short descriptions. Of course you can put articles or any other type of content on the link pages to replace the short descriptions.

There are other advantages if you employ these techniques:

1. Your link partners will be more happy to trade links with you, because they know that their link will not be inserted on deep burried link pages. Not many webmasters want to exchange links with you if your link pages look like a link farm.
2. You don't have to worry with the copyright issue because the link title and description submitted by your partners are really unique.
3. Compared to other web sites using RSS feeds, your web site that uses this concept is more focussed. You will not meet unrelevant keywords on your webpages. You have a total control of the contents. You can approve or disapprove any link request. If you want you can tell your link partners to submit their link title or description with particular keywords.
4. You can get inbound links from other relevant web sites that link directly to each webpage.

Other important tips you should take into consideration are:

1. Limit the number of links you want to put on a web page. Don't worry, you can do it easily with LinkMachine.
2. Although LinkMachine offers an automatic reciprocal linking feature, it is better if you don't use it. You should keep each webpage from containing unrelevant keywords.

Finally, make sure that your hosting supports the script. LinkMachine requires PHP 4 to operate.

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