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Free Webmasters Tools for Casino Affiliate Programs

One of the strengths of any really good casino affiliate program is the tools that they provide to you. When a casino gives you good tools to work with, you make more money and so can they. Everyone profits.

The minimal requirement is a diverse set of banners. You should be able to select from a wide range of sizes, colors and themes to fit your website. When developing your web pages you want to be able to quickly find the one that will fit all your requirements.

It's quite aggravating to have to wait for those custom forms to reload every time you change an input value. If you do not know what I mean, then you'll just have to wait until you come across one. There is a well known casino affiliate site that has one of the most irritating forms. You have to wait for the screen to reload seven times until you get the code. Hopefully there is a banner waiting for you at the end of the procedure. At least they have an alternate method of getting a banner.

Once you get beyond banners, you will be looking for more creative forms of tools. While there is nothing wrong with a casino affiliate program that provides just banners, it is very beneficial to have other extras available to you. For the small website owner, these additions can help keep your development costs reduced and give you an added edge.

I just recently came across an affiliate program that had the widest selection of affiliate and webmaster tools that I have ever seen. It was not one of my usual programs I advertise. I was amazed and quite pleased that they had these tools all in one place. Since the tools are provided by a casino affiliate program, they are geared toward enhancing the effectiveness of casino websites and pages when applicable.

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The webmasters tools include: - PageRank Checker - Reciprocal Link Checker - Keyword Density Analyzer - SEO Typo Generator - Meta Tag Generator - HTML Colour Codes - Email Encryption - Javascript Pop Up Maker

The affiliate tools include: - Poker Tournament Feeds - CD Labels - A Floating Banner - Rotating Banners - HTML E-Mails - Free Casino Games - Casino Game Rules - Exit Exchange Traffic - Contextual Ad Tool - Casino Reviews - Hide Affiliate Links - Combined Popup

If you want to use these tools, you can find references to get them at along with a whole lot more.

Another tool that a few casino affiliate programs offer are site mirrors. These are very well made professionally done casino websites. All you need to do is download them, change one or two references and then upload them to your own site. I have placed a few mirror sites on my domains before. They provide a level of quality content that I could not afford to buy myself. If you had an empty domain name, you could simply use these mirror sites as your website.

Banner tracking systems are a great way to learn where you are being successful. Put a targeted ad compaign together with a tracked banner and you can help pinpoint your most effective strategies. Your time and advertising costs can be leveraged to pay off for you with short and long term profits.

You will be able to find some really advanced level marketing tools at casino affiliate program sites. These sites are usually cutting edge, creative and highly imaginative. All of this can help you raise your website to higher commission levels.

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Webmasters and the Environment

Large organisations willingly provide large sums of money to philanthropic causes that either meet the needs of the community they serve or may serve a purpose that is important to the corporation's leadership.

The same can be said of smaller businesses, although they may respond primarily when asked - most will do so willingly.

Some websites will promote a variety of organisations that assist in promoting balance between business interests and environmental concerns.

Webmasters can provide an environmentally friendly series of policy objectives that promote sound business practices whilst including an approach that can reduce the impact on environmental resources.

As a start, most webmasters would agree that they operate in a virtually paperless industry, so you are already off to a good start in contributing to the long term stability of the environment as a contributing sustainable business.

According to, "Sustainable businesses are companies that unabashedly embrace the goal of enhancing life on earth as an integral part of their business strategy. These companies show exceptional leadership by their explicit commitment - and the significant resources they allocate to back it up - to address the ecological crisis as it relates to their industry."

The truth is sustainable business practices may actually be a means of watching your business grow. Increasingly, people are looking to find companies that understand the need to protect the environment and who are willing to spend time and resources to assure they are doing the best they can to achieve this aim.

As a webmaster you can certainly work to ensure that the companies you do business with are in tune with sustainable business practices so that the entire network of your business structure is truly vested in environmental sustainability.

Individuals and businesses that seek to deal with you will note the ethical responsibility you are demonstrating in your concern for the future of the planet and will often see this as the sign they are looking for as a means of proving your ethics run deeper than mere words.

For the webmaster, this ethical response to the environment might mean that you work with a solar powered web hosting company. It may also mean working with a bank that is a proponent of environmental ethics. It may also mean working to become carbon balanced. Resources can be provided to clients that may help raise awareness of green issues and the good stewardship associated with sustainable business practices.

For the many entrepreneurs that subscribe to a sustainable business objective it is often true that they will further their involvement by providing a portion of their profits to be used to enhance environmentally friendly research and objectives.

No longer do we need to pass the responsibility for the welfare of our world to the shoulders of larger corporate giants. As webmasters we have the ability to assist the environment while we educate those who may have never realised that sometimes it's the little things that mean the most when everyone does their part.

Stephen Knight is the webmaster of Volunteer Latin America

Google And Webmasters - A True Love/Hate Relationship

Any SEO fact finding mission will inevitably lead to reports from webmasters on how Google doomed or saved their website. True to human nature, those who feel hard done by are most often the loudest of the talkers. For every report of how Google has lavished a website with tens of thousands of visitors there are probably ten, a hundred or even more reports of how Google have doomed sites to failure.

Persuading Google To Respect Your Site

In all honesty, a webmaster that is looking for search engine success must gently persuade Google to love them. The rewards for doing so are far greater than any other form of advertising or marketing. Conversely, the punishment for sites left out in the cold by Google really is enough to break the soul of any webmaster.

The Google Effect

According to statistics, Google received 91 million American searches per day in the month of March 2006. Their closest rival, Yahoo, managed 60 million and MSN, in third place racked up only 28 million searches per day in the same period. It would be foolhardy to ignore other search engines but to ignore the 43% Google market share is outright online suicide and persuading Google that your site offers everything their visitors want will inevitably give you advantage with the remaining search engines too.

The Most Important Point

OK, so this is hardly breaking news - after all, every SEO site on the Internet harps on about Google being the be all and end all of online marketing but it is a vitally important point that you must pay attention to. One of the major contributing factors for Google's success is trust. So many billions of people regularly use Google to search because they trust the results will be as close to relevant as is virtually possible. There is no way to financially hammer your way to the top of the listings and even the sponsored listings at the side of the page are quite clearly listed as exactly that. Remember this point:

Google has become successful by providing relevant results to their visitors and they reward websites for doing the same.

Understanding Google Algorithms

The exact science behind Google algorithms are as much of a mystery as the whereabouts of your missing socks but there are certain factors that all good SEOs and webmasters know.

The right amount of relevant content and a clean design indicates a useful website.

Tricks and underhand SEO tactics are a thing of the past. They are best left to webmasters who know no better. That's not to say there aren't guidelines you should follows to ensure a greater success for your site. However, SEO guidelines are beginning to merge with visitor optimization tactics.

Love Your Visitors

Including "keywords" is still vital but not to set percentages. The inclusion of keywords makes the reading of your content easier for your visitors and has the added benefit that it also signifies a topic for your website making it easier for Google to assess it's relevance. Similarly, a clean and simple website design is easy on the eye and quick to navigate for visitors and Google spiders can easily crawl your website.

So, in order to optimize your website for Google you should primarily optimize for visitors.

Give It A Little Time

This neatly brings us to the question of the Google sandbox. This name has been given to the phenomenon that Google essentially ignore websites for the first few weeks of their inception. Clearly, this is an irritant to many webmasters and one of the least understandable parts of their algorithms.

The principle behind the action is to ensure that brand new sites don't pay for thousands of inbound links and propel themselves to the top of the rankings illegitimately. Google have always strived to ensure that links are gained organically based on the relevance and strength of a website and its content. Purchasing links completely bypasses this and, in Google's opinion, degrades the value of linking.

What To Do

The next time you sit down to promote a website with the view of increasing your standings within the search engine results remember that ignoring Google because you've read bad press from other webmasters is a dangerous choice. Google is, by far, the most widely used search engine on the web and "optimizing" your site to climb the ranks is easier than many would have you believe. Among the key ingredients is fresh, original content that is useful to your visitors. In order to build up links to your website, the submission of articles to article directories is one tactic that shows positive results.

Matt Jackson, founder and operator of WebWiseWords, is a professional copywriter offering many services including those of an SEO copywriter, advertising copywriter and more. For more information visit or email Please mention where you saw this article in any communication with WebWiseWords.

Webmasters Profit from Affiliate Programs

What exactly are affiliate programs? Affiliate programs are designed so that webmasters, like you, earn residual or one-time commission on merchant products or services. You can simply place links on your site that connect to other businesses. Each sale resulting from your site can earn you a commission. That sounds like a vault full of easy money. Just sitting back and receiving one residual commission after another - but wait a second. Success in an affiliate program can largely depend on two vital items: 1. How well you market your website to attract visitors, and 2. The relevance of the affiliate program to your visitors.

Some people approach affiliate programs like a lottery. They think it will make them instant millionaires. And, when that fails to happen, they skip off to the next idea. Affiliate programs are money makers, but it takes time and dedication. Unless you find a lucrative niche that no one else knows about, then you're in for a bit of work. You wouldn't expect to become rich overnight if you opened a local grocery store. It's no different with affiliate programs.

You have to put in the work. Visitors won't magically appear at your website just because it's there. Before joining an affiliate program, make sure your site generates traffic. If no one visits your site, there's no one to click through to your sponsors. After the site starts generating traffic, it's time to decide which affiliate programs are of interest. Research is very important.

You may be tempted to sign with any affiliate programs available, but that is a waste of time. Any affiliate program you choose should offer products or services that appeal to your visitors. The products or services should also be highly rated. Your goal is to get people to spend money, not to keep it in their pockets.

If you own a graphic design website, then participating in an affiliate program that sells bug spray won't earn much residual commission. You'd notice the lack of interest, and probably blame it on the failure of affiliate programs. However, affiliate programs offered by printers or art supply stores would garner more attention from your visitors. You would then see a successful affiliate program in action.

The bottom line with affiliate programs is you usually get out of it what you put into it. Success is not guaranteed, but neither is failure. Pick affiliate programs which resonate with your target audience, stick with it, and watch the money roll-in.

Pj Germain is a Webmaster, Trainer and successful Marketer. Visit our sites for explosive sales & magnetic marketing!

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