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Freelancing - The Way Forward for Webmasters

Ten years ago the internet was in its infancy. Computer science was hardly a proper, or prudent, choice of career for the serious person. Those who tended to enrol themselves in such courses were expected to end up with jobs as computer technicians and nothing more than that. Such careers had no particular gravitas - but all that has changed.

The modern world is a global village and this is thanks to the internet above all else. Markets have been made available that would hitherto have been hidden - and the field is rife with potential for success. Companies are slowly catching up to this latent hegemony - and the power that lies beneath the fingertips is being recognised internationally from governments downwards.

Small and large companies alike are vying for pole position in attempting to capture the imagination of the huge international markets. Such demographics have enormous spending power as is evidenced by the success of firms such as Ebay and Amazon. With costs kept so low compared to more conventional brick and mortar businesses, there is little wonder as to why so many companies have 'gone online'. Even the humble webmaster working from his garage or bedroom can make millions, most recently the school student Alex Tew made his first million by selling pixel adverts! He sold one million pixels in half a year!

Competition is tough however - everyone wants a slice of the advertising potential of the internet. Markets can be powerful yet fickle and attempts to capitalise on these new areas can be fraught with danger for the inexperienced.

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Great emphasis is now placed on the visible branding of a company. Web designers and developers convey specific messages to their audiences - working as both artists and public relations officers in their quest to secure leads for their clients by producing enticing and practical designs and structures.

The humble computer graduate has never been so eagerly sought after. A whole new breed of web developers has sprung up. There is now a work force of eager, attentive, enthusiastic and energetic freelancers available to the savvy employer. Vitally, these individuals tend to opt for this type of work not out of a need for profit, or a lack of choice, but because they actively enjoy web design and development. You cannot pay for such devotion in most other fields of work.

It's the win-win situation to beat all others. There has never been a better time to hire freelance web designers and developers - and it has never been such a good time to be one! Many have noted the irony that has befallen the career of the computer science expert - now the most coveted of all professions.

Powerful Tools: Outsourcing and Hiring Freelancers

Knowing your limitations is the subtle art to being a webmaster. Knowing when to do the work yourself and when your time is better spent on other things is a skill in itself! Investing in the expertise of a freelancer can save you money and time. But where do you find them? Fortunately there are sites that do the hard work for you - where freelancers meet to fight for the privilege to work for you!

Professional webmasters are multi talented - but there comes a time to outsource and look for a freelance expert to invest in. To find the perfect freelancer for your project, visit today.

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Hanu Nirukurti

Organic SEO The New Messiah For Webmasters

Organic SEO seems to be the catch phrase of the moment. However, unlike many other linking tactics and strategies, this one actually works.

What is Organic SEO or Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Explained simply, it's where all your linking structures originates from the content up - in other words, you let all your content created for your sites, blogs and articles do your link building for you.

Actually, the answer is as simple as this article. You're probably experiencing one of the best examples of Organic SEO right this moment by reading this article. Article marketing is pure Organic SEO. You let your article and your author's resource box build one-way links from related niche sites to your site.

But the keyword is content. You must create high quality original content for this system to really develop and flourish. The better the content, the faster your rankings and traffic will grow. By producing valuable content in articles, sites and blogs, you are building real traffic and real links that the search engines salivate over. And they will reward your site with higher rankings and even more traffic.

Try Article Writing...

Frankly, I was rather surprised at the effectiveness of article writing. It seems like such a benevolent little creature. You write about your own experiences on the subject of your site or weblog , keeping your articles short, around 500 to 800 words - although some of my best performing articles have been longer, about 900 to 1200 words.

I have only written about 60 articles. But the benefits have been enormous; spreading my content all over the web and building one-way links to my sites and blogs. Some of these articles like the ones in or get archived and will provide good deep PR links for years to come.

There are a few techniques I use to extend the effectiveness of my articles. First, I always start with a keyword or keyword phrase that I want to target with a particular article. I do major, major, major research on my article's keywords - using sites like,, and a few others.

I check how much competition there is for the keywords. Combining a new keyword with ones you already have positioned high for in the search engines works well. For example, I have optimized my site for the keyword 'Free', it appears throughout my site. When I introduce a new keyword phrase I sometimes combine it with Free. Pick the right keyword combination and you will gain an edge over your competition more quickly.

Always put your keyword phrase into the title of your article. I also make it a habit of not picking the top keywords in a niche, I go for middle ranked keywords - I am better assured that I will rank on the first page SERPs for these lower keywords. Why waste valuable time shooting for the stars when you can easily land on the moon!

I submit my articles mainly to a short list of online article directories (,,,,, and ) these work the best for me. These sites rank well in the search engines and even though the surfer may go to another site to read your article first, it then delivers a much more warmed up and targeted visitor to your own site.

Other webmasters from your niche will pick up your high quality articles and place them on their sites. Organically growing more related one-way links to your site. Google looks very favorably on these one-way links and will reward your site for having them.

Article marketing is one Organic SEO tactic every website should be using. Instead of paying high prices for seo services, why not write or hire someone to create keyword rich articles for your site. The benefits will surprise you.

Try Blogging...

Blogs are another form of Organic SEO. It also builds links and traffic to your site the natural way - by providing valuable content.

For those marketers and webmasters who practice Organic SEO, the free blogging systems are a godsend. A skilled marketer can legitimately use these online blogging programs to boost their site's rankings, traffic and income. What more can any online marketer or webmaster ask for?

I use numerous blogs to compliment my sites. I base these blogs on the major keywords of my sites. For example, one section on my main Internet Marketing site examines laptop computers, I created a weblog with covering the same topic. Although all the content is different from what you will find on my main site.

I also use because it's owned by Google and is very simple to use. I find posting my weekly ezine on Blogger adds another way I can get my message out to my subscribers. Not to mention, all the linking and pinging a weblog brings into play.

I also use the open source software and system, WordPress for another of my blogs on marketing. This is a php database supported program that was a lot less easier to set up on my site than I first expected. It's one of the best blogging systems I have worked with and is highly favored by the search engines. If you're not using it - try it.

In addition, I have just started using LiveJournal for another weblog and that system is also very easy to use. I usually post to my blogs once or twice a week, just short helpful tips or links that a visitor or search engine would be interested in. Keep in mind, all these free blogging sites are PR9 or PR10, has to count for something.

Spam has become a problem with many of these blogging systems, I now usually block all comments or moderate them. All this spam just goes to show how effective getting links in related blogs can booster your rankings for competitive keywords.

I have found blogging to be a very effective tool for getting your keywords indexed and ranked very quickly. I also like to use blogs for those golden double-header listings in the SERPs, preferably at the number 1 and 2 spots! That's where you get two listings from your site for a certain keyword on the first page, this I find, brings in a lot more traffic than a single listing.

In art there is something called the Golden Section, a perfect proportion that works magic into any painting or picture. It is an organic and natural effect that appears everywhere in our world. For webmasters, having your site listed 1 and 2 for your keywords has to be another form of the Golden Section, made especially for us.

In that same light, Organic SEO is a natural and effective way for webmasters to grow their links and rankings. Articles and blogs are two special tools we can use to further that natural growth. Create your own Golden Section and give the search engines something to talk about by trying Organic SEO. Build your links and rankings the natural way.

Your site's salvation is only a keystroke away!

The author runs a modest Internet Marketing web site where you will find helpful online guides on RSS/Blogging, Laptops, SEO, Spyware Removal, List Building, Internet Fax and quite a few Free Marketing Tools. © 2013 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

Great Online Resources for Webmasters

As the web becomes increasingly more crowded, it is important for webmasters to take the extra step to make their web sites user friendly. There are a number of free resources available to webmasters:

What is a Favorite Icon - Favicon? Favorite icons, also known as favicon, appear in the URL bar. When a user bookmarks a specific Web page, that Web page loads a customized icon into the user's browser, typically a tiny version of a company or Web site's logo. Because the favicon is usually displayed next to the web site address, it can act like a small logo or an icon that visitors can use to remember the web site or the site address.

The favicon is displayed next to the Web site's name in the Favorites list and can also be displayed in the Links toolbar. When a site has not created a favicon, IE will load the IE logo into the browser by default. When a user bookmarks a page, the browser will request a favicon.ico file from the directory of the Web page. If such a file exists, then the Web page is using a favicon and will return the file to the browser. Many browsers support favicons including all current versions of the major browsers support favicons, including Internet Explorer 5/6+, Firefox 1+, Mozilla 1+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+, Konqueror 3+, Safari and more. If a particular browser doesn't have support for the favicon feature, it'll simply ignore the favicon and the presence of a favicon won't affect that browser.

Webmasters can establish branding by customizing a favorite icon. The free service from HTMLKit

Custom 404 Pages. Urls are often mistyped into browsers. When a domain is correctly entered, but the web pages full url is entered incorrectly, it is possible to display a custom error page to web site visitors. By providing users a navigational bar or assistance rather than a generic error page. The customized error page will help keep prospective customers on your site providing them alternatives.

Webmasters should also routinely check their log files and correct any pages that result in errors. Most log analysis software will provide the referring document information for a webpage (the page that the user was at prior to the current page). Use the web log to track faulty links, if the links are out of the webmaster's control (a 3rd part), consider setting up a re-direct and forwarding the traffic to the appropriate webpage.

Sample Custom 404s - or

Navigation Clear and intuitive navigation is important so that web surfers can locate the material of interest. Many web surfers will enter your website and land on a variety of pages. It is important that they navigate your site regardless of the webpage they landed on. Links on the site, should contain text that relates to the linked webpage's content.

Consider recruiting a child or inexperienced adult to test your website's navigation. Webmasters can often learn how others view their website, by just watching.

Webmaster Tools There are a number of freely available web tools that will evaluate a site for a variety of things. Most of the online tools will generate a report and highlight the positive aspects of the website and possibly the negative aspects of the website, as it relates to the evaluation.

Web Analyzer Tool - Search Engine Assessment Tools -

Take a few extra steps to make your site stand up and out from a competitors.

Hey, please visit the Internet Marketing websites:

Buy Musical Instruments

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Content Development Plan - Any decent content can be optimized, all it needs is intelligent keyword choices and correct links placements. The content comprises of following: · Web Copy · Links · Tags · Content arrangement.

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