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WEBMASTERS - Earn money with free affiliate programs

If you have a website with some traffic, you can make money by having links to merchants' online shops on your site.If someone goes through your links into the shop of the merchant, and buys something, you earn commission from the sale, between 5% and 40% depending on type of merchant. Some merchants also pay for each click or each lead. A lead is a new visitor to the shop that asks for more information or prize offers.

People or companies having these links on their web-sites, are called affiliates, and the links are called affiliate links. The administrative infrastructure by the merchant that the affiliate register into, in order to get the linking code, is called an affiliate program.

To register into an affiliate program is usually free, and through the program you get freely all you need to make the linking code, to monitor the traffic through your links, and to see what commission you have earned.

An affiliate program is not a MLM program, since the affiliates only earn from sales, leads or clicks.

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However, in many programs you can recruit other affiliates and earn some commission from the sales made by the recruited affiliates too.

There are also common networks operated by third-part companies where several merchants use a common software and administrative infrastructure to recruit affiliates and monitor the traffic from affiliates. These are called affiliate networks. Both the merchants and potetial affilliates register into the network, and the affiliates can find links to the online shops of hundreds of merchants to use at their web-site. Examples of affiliate networks are Commission Junction and Clixgalore.

From my experience, the best affiliate programs are for merchants selling althernative health items or items for erotic improvements. I also have good experience with programs in the fields skincare, cosmetics and hobby.

What will work best for you, will however depend upon the kind of traffic you have, and the interests of people visiting your site.

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Submitted by Knut Holt -

This article can be freely copied and used anywhere as long as the name of the author and the links follow.

A Gentle Warning To All Webmasters About RSS

RSS is fast becoming an obsession for me. I didn't plan for it to be that way. It just happened.

I have been interested in RSS for a couple of years now but it was only around this time last year that I started taking a serious look at this little syndication standard that's changing how we communicate on the web. Really Simple Syndication. Simple phrase but it changes everything.

I figured what better way to get to know a subject than to write about it. Going through the vast resources of the Internet, blogs, forums, ebooks to collect what information I needed for my ebook and articles. The Internet is one huge storehouse of knowledge that more than supplied me with enough material to write a hundred articles.

Coming from a fine art background, I also knew the only way to really learn about a subject was 'hands on' experience. So at the same time I started to really implement RSS tactics on my own sites to get 'first-hand' evidence to prove or back up my articles and writing. I concentrated on website RSS techniques that worked with the major Search Engines; starting my own blogs and RSS feeds to enhance my sites and manipulating the search engines, feeding the spiders with very legit content to build targeted traffic to any keyword or market sector I wanted to promote.

Experiences that have opened my eyes wider than they have been since kindergarten and RSS is still surprising me at every turn. Only after I had started researching and writing about RSS did it dawn on me that I had no idea just how Big a Player RSS is becoming and will become in the very near future. The impact will be felt in all areas of the web.

At the beginning of last year I wrote a simple article, 10 Reasons to Put RSS On Your Site. In that article I stated that this year would be the Breakout Year for RSS... the year RSS would finally enter the mainstream.

Since that article, during this year, there have been many developments for RSS. Some of the major ones:

Google Blog Search - Which now opens up the whole area of weblog content and feeds to the one search engine that counts. Google also finally embraced RSS despite its major investment in the other syndication standard - Atom. Google bought a while back which promotes the Atom feed.

Microsoft's Longhorn Statement - The next version of Windows will have RSS. This will open up RSS to the mass market. This will put RSS center stage for computer and Internet users.

Google Sitemaps - This XML powered system lets you update and quickly index your site's pages in Google.

Podcasting - The enormous popularity of sending audio files or podcasting is opening up a whole new audience for RSS.

Media RSS - This will permit the syndication of all types of media, including video and TV programs through RSS, further opening up RSS to becoming a broadcasting system for the Internet.

RSS Search - MSN, as well as other search engines, makes it possible to search RSS feeds for the information we need.

Mozilla Firefox Browser - This RSS powered browser with its 'Live Bookmarks' is proving very popular with surfers. It also proves you really don't have to know a thing about RSS to enjoy its benefits - it can be seamlessly integrated into the background or operating system with the end-users oblivious to even the existence of RSS.

Commercial RSS - Then there is the whole potential of RSS ads and advertising which would commercialize RSS and bring it into play by large corporations who are mainly interested in the bottom line.

Not to mention all those orange XML or RSS buttons popping up on website after website. RSS is taking on a life of its own, gaining in popularity and growing in strength. RSS is becoming a force that has to be reckon with by every webmaster.

How about you? Is your site RSS ready? Are you taking advantage of RSS? Are you using RSS?

This is a gentle warning that you will start using RSS if you haven't already and here's why... if you want your site to remain truly competitive you must have RSS on it. Without RSS you will be losing visitors and traffic to RSS empowered sites. You will be losing traffic to sites that are targeting keywords with blogs and feeds. You will be losing traffic to those sites using the XML powered Sitemaps. You will be losing traffic to sites that are RSS User-Friendly and fully optimized for RSS.

You must have an RSS User-Friendly site if want your site to be competitive. Just ask yourself, when the next Windows browser comes online, how competitive will your site be without RSS? What role will RSS play in getting visitors and repeat visitors to your competitor's website?

Webmasters should be gearing up now for RSS, if they haven't already. You have to prepare your sites for RSS. You have to position your sites to take full advantage of the coming RSS revolution! Take advantage of Google's Sitemaps, Blog Search, RSSMedia, Next RSS powered Windows...

Get Ready. Prepare your site.

RSS/ATOM/OPML Feed Submission
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RSS is not only changing the rules, it is changing the whole ball game. RSS will transform the Internet. RSS will play a bigger and bigger role in the success or failure of your website.

Proceed without RSS at your own risk.

---- To Put RSS On Your Site Within Minutes - Visit This Link: RSS and Blogging Guide © 2005 Titus Hoskins of Free Desktop Calendar & Planner This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. ----

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