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Getting Backlinks For Webmasters

It's time to get more backlinks:

Link Building Tips That Ensure Search Engine Optimization
By Martin Stanford

Martin has been a successful internet marketer for over 5 year now, all thanks to the Profit Lance Marketing course which started his Internet Marketing

You must be aware by now that search engines such as Google rely so much on external links to make a website search engine optimized. However, search engines' algorithm are highly sophisticated and would naturally relate no information about a website's URL linked to websites that are not even recognized by the natural search engines. Having a link or links pointing to your website is very important in the realm of search engine optimization; but such links have to be relevant, legitimate and must be recognizable by Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

However, there are ways you can achieve link building that will yield the desired results. Here are some tips on how to build links that will guarantee search engine optimization:

Link To Relevant Websites

It will make no sense to get the URL of a website that is dedicated to furniture placed on the website that is solely meant for web hosting. A link building that has the possibility of achieving good search engine optimization should be done on the basis of relevance. Place your website's URL on another website that has information closely related to your own web content and title. Other wise, your website will be vague before Google as it will have no information to display about it; in fact, Google can decide to unleash punishment to your site to that effect.

Link To Reputable Websites

It is not enough to build link on websites that share the same information with your own website; but such websites must also be highly recognized by the search engines; this will be a very good plus for the promotion of your own website. There are some sites that are trusted and highly recognized by the search engines. Locate such sites and obtain permission and approval from the webmaster before placing your website's URL on such sites. This is a very good way of achieving a good search engine optimization.

Submitting Articles

When you post a blog or publish content on an article submission site; you are indirectly promoting your website. Through this means, you have the ability of adding a link back to your site; more importantly, the site will be relevant to your website. You really need to exploit the opportunity of link building that is found in article submission sites.

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There's a lot more to learn about link building that guarantees search engine optimization, just get online and explore them.

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Building High PR Links
By A. J James

A.J James is a Philosophical Writer, with credits including many top ten articles at many information repositories, Giant squid status, and several key rankings

Smart Link Building

Building backlinks is relatively easy.

Building great links is relatively hard, so it stands to reason that high page rank, high quality links are valued highly by the search engines and webmasters alike.

A pr3 link could cost as much as $50 a month and a pr 4 could be as expensive as $80, so you can see how these links are a value in themselves and it sure would be nice to be able to grab a whole bunch of them at will.

Well, the good news is you can create your own links with a little creative work and some patience.

The best method I've seen employed is to build a really good article and add it to a high pr hub site like EzineArticles, Squidoo or Hubpages. Then just build links to that article over an indefinite period. It need only take 10 minutes a day and in less than three months you could have a pr 3 page with 2 juicy links pointing back at your website.

The thing is, EzineArticles is about the highest page rank directory, so your page is likely to gain pr faster than on any other source. If you're really patient you could build a pr 5 page over a couple of years and that really is valuable.

The key is constantly gaining the odd link here and there, if you have the patience and the time it's a great idea and it has been proven by some really top marketers to work.

Smart link building doesn't just involve trying to get sneaky links it also means using your head to build some really great links as well.

By building a nice natural, ethical and respectable linking profile, your really feel the search engine's weight behind you.

You don't have to rush out and start building a thousand links straight away, just start with your best 5 articles, make sure they are all around the 800 word minimum mark and build some quality links to them and you'll almost immediately start to see the results and rewards.

This is the easiest way to get high pr links back to your site, without having to beg, borrow, swap or buy from people you don't trust.

So take the initiative and give it a go and make your presence on the web felt.

Good luck with the link building campaign!

To find out more about link building check out AJ James' special methods in Secret Link Building Techniques and get ahead of the curve using strategies that look natural and the search engines love

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