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Perl CGI Scripts - How To Pull Massive Traffic To Your Website With Dynamic Content

I see many new webmasters throw up web sites with a few words about what they are offering and call it a day. Months later, these new webmasters find that they haven’t seen more than a few visitors and they are wondering what went wrong. The fact is, they could have helped themselves a lot more had they been using dynamic content on their web sites.

You Are Competing For Eyeballs

The sorry state of the matter is that nowadays, you’ve got billions of other web sites competing for a limited number of eyeballs. You’ve not only got to stand out from all of those static webpages, but you’ve got to find a way to get your visitors to return again and again.

It's Not 1996 Anymore

Many new webmasters think that if they build it, the traffic will come. But, although it may have been that way in 1996, it’s not anymore. (1996 was the year I put up my first niche web site, way before they were called niche web sites. I went out one evening after posting it, and three hours later I came home to find it had been visited more than 101,000 times.) Those were the days!

Perl CGI Scripts To Your Rescue

If you want to make your site really pull massive amounts of visitors and have them return again and again, you need to make your web site “sticky”. What this means is that you’ve got to make a web site that your visitors will want to return to again and again-like flies to a streetlight. (Just don’t zap your visitors because you want them to return!) To do this, you need to stand out from the rest of the pack. There are several steps you are going to want to take. I’ll explain each one and how static pages compare to dynamic pages in each area.

Get your traffic by getting listed in search engines based on good content.
Perl CGI scripts can help you do this.
Static pages can do this well.

This is an area where static content actually performs well. Search engines love wordy web sites that make sense. If you've got access to a lot of original information on a particular topic, you've got the beginnings of a good static content site. A good dynamic method of getting free content on your web site is to allow your visitors to leave a message on a guestbook. Even if they are simply advertising their own sites, they are still adding content to your web site that the search engines will love. There are many perl guestbooks available.

Keep your traffic by making a part of your web site something that is so useful that it is addictive or “sticky”.
Perl CGI Scripts can help you do this.
This would be difficult to do with a static web site.

The ultimate sticky web site is the search engine. To deny this is to lie about the fact that you use one just about every time you are online. Most people think that it’s impossible to get started in this area now that Google seems to have firmly implanted itself as number one. This is simple not true since there are many niche areas that could still be dominated. There are many perl search engine scripts available.

Dynamic Content RSS Undergound

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Multiply your traffic by encouraging word of mouth advertising.
Perl CGI scripts can help you do this.
This would be difficult to do with a static web site.

Another good method of promotion is to have your visitors (who keep coming back because of your search engine or other dynamic content) refer their friends so that they can visit your site over and over. It is said that birds of a feather flock together so if your visitor liked your web site, it’s a good bet they know other people who would like it too. There are many perl refer-a-friend scripts available.

Pull your traffic back again by reminding your visitors (and their friends) about your web site, and subsequently any products that you are selling.
Perl CGI scripts can help you do this.
Static pages can’t do this at all.

Once you’ve got your content, visitors, and their friends, it’s time to get them to subscribe to your mailing list. Once they are reading your mailing list (make it something they’ll be interested in or they’ll unsubscribe just as fast) you can squeeze in an ad or two for products that you are either selling or are an affiliate for. This is where the traffic can really start to snowball! There are many perl mailing list scripts available.

Protect your e-mail address from spam robots.
Perl CGI scripts can help you do this.
Static pages can’t do this at all.

Pros and Cons of Flash Based Web Sites - Did you know that most Flash based sites are jumbo sized wastes of space that are bloated.

Make sure that you are not leaving bait for spam robots. If you’ve got your e-mail address displayed on your web site in plain view, you’re probably getting a great deal of spam from sites you’ve never even visited. Don’t think that putting the word 'at' instead of an '@' symbol is going to stop them…any programmer worth their salt could write a robot that could beat that “security”. The only secure way to allow your visitors to e-mail you without making it easy for spammers to harvest your e-mail address is to use a web site contact form. There are many perl contact form scripts available.

Static Pages Will Be Outperformed By Your Dynamic Website

Out of our five methods for driving massive traffic to your web site, we’ve just seen that only one of them is easily achievable with static webpages. Which brings us back to our original topic. Why are so many new webmasters still putting together static webpages and wondering why they aren’t getting any visitors? Dynamic content is definitely the way to get lots of traffic to your web site.

Yes, every web site needs it’s fair share of static content because as we’ve seen, this is how the search engines find and list your web site. But that’s only effective for attracting and keeping the search engines’ attention. To attract and keep your visitors’ attention, and to truly drive massive traffic to your web site over and over again, you’re going to need some dynamic content to keep them coming back. And that’s exactly the type of work that perl cgi scripts are really good at.

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