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Web Page Accessibility - Placing Content First With CSS

Search engines give more weight to a web page that has content closer to the top of the HTML document. I am refering to the source code not the visual content you see in your browser. If you incorporate this in the design of your web site, it may just give you the edge to outrank your competitors.

Most web sites these days are designed with tables therefore the navigation will appear first in your source code. You really don't want this because you want your main content with all your keywords to be spidered first.

With CSS you can easily structure the content to appear first with the rest of the source code following it.

Here's an example of a web page I recently redesigned using CSS where the content is on top. It was converted from a table-based design to a CSS-based design for better accessibility.

RSS art

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Use view source to read the html code.

Here's the External Cascading Style Sheet


How I positioned the content first.

1. I first structured the HTML in the same order as the order in the style sheet.
2. I put the content div before the sidebar in the source order then floated the content left and floated the sidebar right.
3. I placed widths on the floats for it to work correctly.

That's it!

Tip If you are not familiar with CSS and still wish to use tables use the "table trick"

This means placing your navigation on the right side of your document.

Here's a web page I designed using the table trick:

If you want your web pages to be accessible to as many people as possible plus get high rankings, incorporate CSS into the design of your future web sites or redesign your current one.

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Get Highly Effective Web Site Design, Marketing Tips and Tricks by visiting the author's Web Design Discussion Blog
Herman Drost is a Professional Web Designer, SEO Specialist, Article Writer and Publisher of the "Marketing Tips Newsletter".

Article Marketing Tips: Advice On How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Write Original Content

I have been writing articles and submitting them to various article directories for around a year now. When I started I felt very fresh and had plenty to write about. After a few months however, I started to get what is known as writers block. I could not think of anything else to write about. In this article I give advice about how to react when this happens, advice which I hope will help you to continue to write quality and original articles.

My name is Steve Hill and my line of business is as a speech coach. I developed a stutter when I was four years of age and it continued to affect my life for the next eighteen years. I have managed to overcome this speech impediment and as a career I now help other people to achieve fluency. I feel I know quite a lot about the subject and found it quite easy and enjoyable to write about all aspects of stuttering.

After a while I could not think of anything new to write about stuttering, which would be of value to people and made the mistake or re-writing some of the articles using different words. I must admit I was unaware that this was against the rules but now realise that each article needs to have original content, which I accept and understand.

I then wrote about some of the experiences from my own life, like how I coped when my now ex-girlfriend left me and even stories about my dog! A number of people have read these articles and have sent me some very nice e-mails stating how much they have enjoyed them.

One morning I woke up with very good intentions, I was planning on writing three or four new articles. I turned on the computer and basically sat there. Come on write something, I tried to tell myself. The problem was that I could not think of anything to write about. I decided to go back to bed. I seem to be able to think clearer from my bed, a bit weird I know.

I decided that I was not only going to write about my own life and experiences but I would also write about my family and friends. Other areas I could write about would be:

How to promote a web site

Web design

Self confidence


World affairs



Weight loss

Stress management

Anger management


These are all areas I have a great interest in and even though they are not my main line of business, the articles should be of interest to people. Most of the topics which I have listed are things which I or people I know, have had experiences with. For example a lot of people who stutter including myself in the past, have issues with their self-confidence.

Weight loss is subject which is close to my heart as I have had many problems in controlling my own weight. I also run my own business and therefore have had to learn aspects about how to do this.

I also love playing and watching sport. This was therefore something else which I then concentrated on and I have now written articles on snooker and football.

To gain inspiration and to help me to write my articles, I read a lot of books and newspapers and I also like to watch the news and current affairs programs on the television.

I hope this article has been of help to you and please feel free to read and re-print more of the articles I have written.

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