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Tell To Sell: Five Ways More Web Content Helps You To Sell More

You have a Web site. You're disappointed.

Your site just hasn't lived up to promises like: "Get a Web site -- you can do non-stop business 24x7, every day of the year"! Your site has been live online for six months and you haven't made a single sale. You doubt that you ever will.

Want to know why your site isn't selling? It's simple. There's not enough content.

Use your imagination, and come with me for a moment, as we walk through a local mall -- any mall. Let's go into this shoe shop. Do you like those Nikes? Want to try them on? It's OK, I'll wait while you buy the shoes.

Now, what made you buy the shoes? You were given dozens of signals that prompted you to buy, because you had enough information. A Web site doesn't have the advantages of a shop in a mall. You have to give your visitors enough information so that they feel comfortable doing business with you. People feel at ease when you have enough content (that is, text, images, multimedia) on your site to prompt them to buy.

Here are five ways in which more Web content helps you to sell more:

1. More Web content brings more traffic, and more traffic brings more sales

When you've got content, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to bring more traffic to your site. The Web search engines (Google etc) are indexing software. If you have a four-page site, with 200 words on each page, you're giving Google just 800 words to index. A few more pages with more words will make a lot of difference.

Long Tail Keyword Secrets

2. You can target the Long Tail of Web surfers

Chris Anderson's Wired article coined the term "The Long Tail". His book of the same name was published in 2006. As applied to Web content, you can target the Long Tail of Web surfers if you offer more information on your site: you increase the chance that you'll reach the people who are most interested in what you're selling, because more people will find you via the search engines.

RSS art

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3. You can instill enough confidence in your visitors so they feel comfortable buying from you

Compare your Web site to the shoe store in the mall. Your visitors can't know more about you than what's on your site -- are you giving them the confidence that you're a good company from which they can buy with confidence? You're going to have to work hard to give them confidence. Give them the information they need to feel comfortable buying from you.

This is where a weblog helps your site, because although you're targeting a global audience, people are individuals, and you make one sale at a time. When you weblog , you're adding content to your site, and giving people confidence that they know you and your business.

4. You can establish yourself as an authority in your industry

If you've got a tiny site, unless you've got an additional platform, such as a bricks and mortar store, a book, or a catalog, you may be an expert in what you do or sell, but you need to be able to show this. Saying on your home page "We're the greatest" doesn't help, unless you provide evidence.

5. You build Trust Rank with the search engines, which delivers more traffic

With millions of new Web pages being created every day, it's harder for search engines to decide which sites to return as query results. It seems that Google and Yahoo are starting to estimate the value of pages according to trust factors. No one knows how the search engines calculate trust, but offering more content on your site is a way to add to your trustability, especially when other sites begin to link to yours.

So, now you have five good reasons to add content to your Web site. Remember the shoe store. You were told in hundreds of ways that you could buy at the store with confidence. More Web content gives you more ways to convince your visitors to buy from you.

Copyright 2006 Angela Booth

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Angela Booth is a veteran copywriter and marketer. She develops marketing strategies for businesses large and small. Visit her creative copywriting site at and her Creativity Factory marketing copywriting weblog at

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Website Content – Using Your Articles' Titles to Get Your Writing Published

Amongst internet marketers it is a well known fact that writing your own articles for others to publish on their web site is one of the best forms of advertising there is. Not only are articles good for establishing a client base and a steady stream of traffic, the best part about them is that they are a completely free form of marketing.

However, many internet marketers rush to write and submit their articles to article databases and are disappointed with the results that they achieve for the effort they spent writing them. This is undoubtedly because they have not thought clearly about the articles that they have been writing and have made one of the many mistakes that can so easily occur when not planning writing properly. In this article, I will discuss one of the most common reasons why articles might not pull in the results that you expect. This is the article title.

Many internet marketers who write their articles are so busy concentrating on the content of their article that they do not stop to think about the importance of the article’s title. An article’s title is its headline and does the job of attracting the skimming eyes of a publisher who may be skimming a page of 50 articles similar to yours. The title must make your article stand out and entice a viewer to look at your article instead of someone else’s. In this way, you could say that the article’s title was even more important than the article’s content, because without an effective title, the body of the article would never be read. Now, the best way to make your title stand out from the rest is to use positive and decisive words. For example:

Instead of: ‘How to lose weight in 30 days’, you could have, ‘8 breakthrough steps to lose weight easily in an unbelievable 30 days!’

Notice how the words ‘breakthrough’, ‘easily’ and ‘unbelievable’ immediately give you the impression that this article is really going to give you the information you need. In addition, the ‘8 steps’ part has shown the reader from just the title that the information in this article is broken down into easy to read sections. Readers are always looking for the articles which will give them the ‘easiest’ and ‘cheapest’ way to do things and so take this into account when writing your article title.

An unknown fact to some internet marketers is that the title is what is read by the search engines and so a poor article title can lead to few or even no search engine results for your article. Nowadays, seeing as search engines are a huge source of traffic, it is imperative that you make your article search engine friendly by using your article’s title to full effect. Make sure to include your main keywords in the title, preferably at the beginning. For example:

Instead of: ‘How to lose weight in 30 days’, you could have, ‘Losing weight – The secret steps to slimming yourself in 30 days!’

In second title, ‘losing weight’ are the first 2 words in the title which will immediately be picked up by the search engines. Notice how the hyphen has also been used to separate these key words from the rest of the article title. This is also search engine friendly and at the same time looks more aesthetically pleasing to a reader and will more likely spur him or her to read your article seeing as the article content ‘losing weight’ has been immediately established in the reader’s head by the first 2 words.

The bottom line is this, make sure that you do not underestimate the importance of a good title because this will determine the amount of views your article receives and ultimately will determine the success of that article.

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Web Content - 5 Tips for Keeping It Fresh

For small business owners, one of the most difficult problems to solve is keeping web site content up-to-date. Even with all the super-duper computers, gadgets, and programs available, I find that at one time or another most sites lag with stale information. For dynamic businesses like inns or lodges, content atrophy can be more detrimental than not having a site at all. Think about how frustrating it can be to go looking for summer fun in New Hampshire...and all you find on the site is last winter's Valentine's Day specials. Here are a couple of ideas for keeping content fresh:

  1. Do your homework early. If you’re putting together the content for your site, you know that you’ll have to do it several times per year. For instance, if you’re a lodging establishment you’ll have several seasons that have unique packages. Write up all of the packages, dates, and prices on a separate document and keep them on file. Don’t be afraid to use information from last year’s packages as a starting point. Users won’t notice if you recycle content, but they'll notice if you don’t update it at all.
  2. Set a target date each month to update SOMETHING on the site. Even if you’re not doing big revisions, there's probably something that should be changed at least once per month.
  3. Remove the barriers. Site owners often have a difficult time using the tools available to update their site. Have your webmaster or other technical support person set up shortcuts for you so you can make changes easily. The money you spend to get a good system set up will more than pay for itself as you gain comfort with your own system. If you feel confident, there’s less in the way between you and the site you've always wanted!
  4. Hire a service. If you simply don’t have time or you want the comfort of knowing that the site will always be up-to-date, you can hire someone to call and review your content and make changes. Services like will set up a schedule with you and make the changes while you're on the phone.
  5. Send the email. Once you’ve updated your site, send an email to your newsletter subscribers to let them know!

Fresh content is the key to any site. You'll help your customers to stay loyal if they always know they can find up-to-date information that is easily accessible!

Jason Kern is the founder and president of, a web development and hosting company. While helping to create and launch an online home and e-commerce site for a major national catalog, Jason had an opportunity to hone his web savvy. Since branching out on his own, Jason's focus has turned to gently leading his clients from initial idea to finished site with honesty and integrity. For more information and links to more resources, please join us at

The Necessity Of Mobile Content For A Complete Mobile Experience

Let us visualize a scenario, wherein, you avail of the “best” mobile phone deals and get to own one of the latest and cheapest mobile phones, with a multitude of highly user-friendly features. However, if you have not downloaded some of the latest mobile ringtones, mobile phone logos or mobile phone games to your handset, all your efforts of impressing your friends and family would come to nothing! As a matter of fact, without the right kind of mobile content in your handset, your experience of using mobiles would remain quite incomplete!

Most of the new models of mobile phones from established handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, etc., are compatible with the best mobile phone ringtones as well as other forms of mobile content. Many of the latest Nokia mobile phones, for instance, have the capability of playing true ringtones; they can also be used for downloading a host of Java applications as well as mobile Java games.

All the different categories of mobile content are available at competitive prices; phone users do not have to spend a whole lot in downloading them. Downloadable games for mobile phones are also easily available. Mobile phone users can take on the challenges of these games; they can indulge in these entertainment options and keep their minds free from day-to-day stress in their personal as well as professional lives.

So, the next time you avail of the latest contract mobile phone deals or buy new mobile phones, remember to invest some of your time, money and resources in downloading different types of mobile content. The mobile phone games, ringtones, logos, screensavers and mobile themes do not cost the earth and would definitely enhance the look, feel and value of your mobile phones to a significant extent. Different types of mobile content are definitely a necessity, for a complete mobile experience!

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Outsource Content Writing in India

The emergence of the Internet has led through the entire sphere of activities whether they are business ventures, public services, government departments or publications. Each and every business whether commercial or private has a web site to represent them which propagates its individual sphere of activity. This has made easy for the visitors to get the information they are craving without wasting any time and at the minimum of cost. But ironically having a web site does not serve the purpose. The web site’s content must be updated, informative and should be attractive enough to attract more and more customers. This is when content writing comes into picture.

Web content writing popularly known as content writing is the most important task which should be given the utmost attention. Thus, it is essential for the content writer to make the article as informative and reliable as possible. Content writing should be very engrossing so that at the very first glimpse the viewer is attracted towards it and he is kept glued to the article. Thus, content writing should be done specifically for the target audience and it is wise to this research beforehand. Apart from that the content should not be long-winded as majority of the web viewers don’t have the patience to read lengthy articles with repetitive content. Henceforth it should be able to convey the information precisely and briefly.

Web content writing should be very alluring as there are so many other web pages that are just a click away. So having an informative content or article becomes very important. In recent years it has been witnessed that companies from all over the world are finding India to be the hub of top quality content writing and web content writing solutions. The reason is the cost effective work with excellently written piece. Majority of Indian content writers are famous for their high class content writing skills and it won’t be wrong to say that English language has been given a completely new horizon by them. Majority of the content writing work is outsourced to India because Indian content writers possess superb writing and search engine optimization abilities along with the desired experience.

Herein, you’ll receive the content written by the best content writers who are extremely adroit in the English language and also have a flair for writing, which is entrenched in their blood, even though English is not their mother tongue. Seeing this outbreak, content writing services have grown significantly in India in the past few years. Hence, now you can find content writers, professionals and freelancers, in the field who have given certain boost to this industry.

The author is budding web content writer and experienced in writing quality content for various web sites. You can view his weblog for more information.

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