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Cheap Web Content; Is it Worth The Investment?

When it comes to finding a high quality web content provider, the task can be frustrating to say the least. Not only do you have to work your way through masses of cheap web content to find what you're looking for, but you will probably end up learning some lessons along the way when it comes to paying less than $5 an article. Many times the web content provider you hire to write original content for your web site will promise you the moon and the stars for $5 an article, but in reality your chances of those promises becoming reality are pretty slim.

Sure, if you're looking for keyword articles that do nothing more for your visitors than getting them to your web site only to hope they click on an advertisement, you may find this kind of web content satisfactory. But if you are looking to ad substantial web content to your web site which keeps your visitors coming back for more all the while you are building an even bigger audience, you will do well to find a web content provider that offers professional services and personal consultations which will ensure you are getting what you pay for.

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This isn't to say you need to spend $20 on a one page article to obtain high quality, professional web content. Depending on the word count you have in mind, you can find experienced professionals that will work with you to provide you with excellent web content that is actually comparable to the lower priced articles, but those couple of extra dollars can make a world of difference.

An excellent resource for high quality, professional web content is whom are competitive in pricing but are different that many other content providers as they work diligently over the telephone, mail, email, or any other preferred method of their clients to make sure they provide exactly the kind of web content and the quality of work their clients expect.

In the end, dealing with professional web content providers such as Content Gurus is something every one who needs content for their web sites owes to themselves. After all if you pay for the content, it better be worth something in the end. If you have been thinking of purchasing content for your web site, make sure the quality of web content you purchase is worth your initial investment.

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Rachael has been published in many online prints as well as news magazines in Oregon and Chicago. For more information about what Raquel can do for you, contact her at

What to Look for in a Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems are a great way to maintain the integrity of your web site by allowing you, not a web designer, to have control of your content. When you look for a CMS, look for one that is designed to provide a user-friendly environment that can accommodate multiple users with varying skill levels. Some CMS systems are designed as software that installs on your servers or your PC, while other CMS's are hosted by the system's developers and accessed over the Internet via a browser. This type of CMS is generaly less expensive than those installed on your server. Not only will they be less expensive in most should shop around...but many are supplied as "software-on-demand" and are priced per session. That means you only pay when you use it. Another thing you should look for is the features of the CMS. It should have all the features of MS Word and be so simple to use that your content developers will be able to begin creating and editing content with ease. CMS systems come in multiple flavors and can be deployed for both small and large companies. Many of the better-designed CMS's are based on authentication level, which means that content developers are granted permission to access the authorized areas within the system. This permission-based content access management utility is very popular and is designed and developed for creating, accessing, and managing menus, submenus, hyperlinks, new page creations, etc. It should offer authorized content developers the ability to navigate quickly and intuitively, using pull-down and drill-down menus to get to specific areas of your web site. Most CMS's have an auto-log-out procedure that can be implemented if a content editor leaves an active session open without making any changes for a certain predetermined length of time. In such cases all unsaved work should be queued for immediate review once the content developer logs back in. Find a CMS that is designed with no restrictions on page lengths and quantity of content, and allows your content developers to preview new or changed content easily. Users should be able to make multiple content changes that will be made immediately without extensive wait or reload time. Pictures and images are extremely important for some companies web sites. They may need to upload new photos often, or remove them when they are obsolite. Therefore you need to find out if that option for your photos is avaialbe in the sytem you choose. An important question to ask is, how much control will you have of where and how your pictures appear within the layout of your web pages? This may seem like a very simple question, but you would be surprised how many people do not ask it. Another question to consider is, how easy are the tools within the CMS to use and how much training, if any, and support you will get from the CMS's developer? Your web site is a critical connection between your company and your customers/visitors. Keeping your content up-to-date can be the most effective way to sell your products and services and ensure that your web site works for you, not against you.

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Judith Stolpner is the Director of Marketing for Blue Robin,Inc.( Prior to joining Blue Robin Judith spent 15 years working exclusively with technology companies, providing them with a wide range of public relations and marketing services. Judith graduated with honors from Fisher College, Boston MA.

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