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Getting Users To See Your Content

You may not realize this, but webmasters have more control over users than you may think. To be more specific, you can direct where a user looks on their screen with 100% accuracy. For web sites that depend upon advertising revenue, we can do this by controlling four main aspects of the web site design.


This is a fairly common mistake, even for experienced webmasters. Your main content should be the largest visible pane (above the fold) by a large margin. By that I mean that the content should occupy at least 70% of the area you're working on. The other 20% is reserved for anything else you want (navigation and advertisement panes, perhaps). Under no circumstances should your main content be dwarfed by secondary content -- ever.


The number one rule of thumb when dealing with colors: your main content should always be a lighter color than your secondary content. There are too many web sites that invert this rule, which results in the user having to forcefully focus on the main portion of the page, because the eye is naturally drawn to lighter colors.

The second rule of thumb: colors should not be contrasting. High-contrast colors (like black and white) distract the eye. Instead of offering a very hard-line break between panes you want something that blends well.

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Borders should only be used in two scenarios: when you want the user to focus on something over something else, and to help tie the overall design together. Try to avoid using borders, but if your design really lacks one central focal point, then a border can be used to add that critical point.

On the other hand, surrounding one pane with other panes that have borders will have the opposite effect: the main focal point will become the pane without the border, while the other panes all blend together (as the border tends to tie them together).


Eye-candy can be both a boon and a bane. On one hand, if used properly, eye-candy can attract visitors to less-viewed portions of the web site; however, if abuse, eye-candy can make your web site look like a big cluttered mess.

Try to limit eye-candy to only a few, high-quality pieces. It's difficult to actually explain how to properly use eye-candy, as it only come from years of experience to determine what "looks good." All is not lost, however, because I do have a few tips on placement:

  • Keep it small, bright, and located in the one place where you need people to look; for example, you could use an image to help people focus on your newsletter signup link.
  • Avoid animated gifs. I know a lot of new webmasters believe animated gifs add something special to their web site, but to everyone who has been online for longer than a year will only look down on these as unprofessional.
  • Avoid too many Flash applications. While the smooth animation of Flash can attract many developers, its use for our type of web site is very limited.
  • Avoid clutter. Too much eye-candy will always make a web site look cluttered. You can try any of the above tips, but if you have too much clutter your users will never see the content.

By keeping all of these tips in mind while searching for or developing a web site you can keep your readers eyes on the content, and clicks on the ads.

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Jason Pullara has run a successful sole proprietorship in New York City building, repairing, and maintaining workstations, personal computers and web sites for local businesses and consumers for 5 years. You can contact him on his web site design web site.

Adult Sites Without Adult Content!


When you have been online have you ever gone searching for dating sites? Yes. Has your search taken you beyond dating sites to ADULT dating sites? More often than not, I'm sure your answer is also - YES. Was that where you really wanted to go? I know that the answer is not always -YES.

So if you are a serious single person looking to find another serious single person - help each other out.

Out in thye big WWW there are lots of fantastic dating sites for you to consider. The obvious question arises - "How do I know which dating site is going to give me what I am after?"

When looking for a site you must first consider YOURSELF. To make a cake you need ingredients, kitchen utensils, a cookbook and some way of cooking. If you are dress making, you need instructions to follow, a pattern, pins and a sewing machine. The same goes for finding yourself a person to share special moments with - there are instructions for you to follow.

Generally speaking most online dating services have a set of helpful instructions to get you going. Also you should find information to prepare you for your first few face to face dates. Most of these are common sense - however in the nervous and excitement of it all, there may be one or two things forgotten.

So now that you are equipped and ready, all you have to do is join a dating site (two if you feel the need). Leave your personal details and a photo or two, then watch your inbox. By doing this you are not only helping yourself discover your future but you are doing the same for one other person. Makes you feel good doesn't it. Helping other people always makes us feel good.

Perhaps you have children that are fast approaching the dating age and you want to protect them from some of the dating sites which have "adult" content on them. Good for you. It seems very unreasonable to be bombarding young adults with explicit material (in fact to anyone, in my opinion).

As always when you have found someone that sounds remotely interesting - let a good friend know so that when it comes time to your first face to face meeting they can either make sure you get home on time or maybe even go with you just to keep it all safe. Doing this the first few times is wise.

These are just a few helpful hints which hopefully will make your dating experience all the more enjoyable. We both know that unfortunately things don't always go to plan and it is smart to be prepared when launching into new experiences.

My name is Geoff Auckett and I am 46 years of age. I have two FANTASTIC daughters. The eldest is very quickly approaching dating age and when I went on the net to see what IS available, I was amazed. Hence This site will NOT disappoint you or any person who is serious about finding a date, friend, soul mate or maybe even a spouse. All the dating sites listed, I have checked myself. Each one has a set of terms and conditions which basically state that profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, nudity and pornography ARE NOT TOLERATED! I am sure that you will find this site of GOOD QUALITY, SAFE, CLEAN AND FUN! I hope that you enjoy it and don't forget to bookmark it. Why not go a step further. On the Adults helping adults page, why not drop me a line and tell me what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you. Bye for now

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