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Entertainment Industry Uses Voice Changing Software for Creating New Content

Screaming Bee LLC releases a new version of its MorphVOX voice-changing software with a Voice Content Creation Module (VCCM). The new module provides game and entertainment producers with a tool for easily creating voice content for online games and animations. As a result, studios that use this tool can save time and potentially thousands of dollars by enhancing or creating multiple voices from existing stock audio or a single voice talent. "You can use your own voice to make it more distinctive or create a whole range of new narrators for your videos," explains Shawn Pourchot, the President of Screaming Bee.

VCCM lets producers create voice content by using existing audio files or by recording new content from within MorphVOX. The following are examples of game and entertainment producers who have already tapped into this capability:

An avid multiplayer gamer is producing his own videos from screen captures of his game play. He is creating multiple voices to narrate how he defeated a monster or how to get into certain rooms.

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A one-woman 3D animation shop is creating unique voices for each of the characters using just her voice.

A producer of a CD for English as a second language is creating different voices for each speaker in a lesson.

Finding voice talent can be both time-consuming and expensive. MorphVOX provides a solution for customers that are on a tight budget, but need quality content.

Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee adds, "VCCM will definitely meet the needs of a number producers and studios faced with deadlines and limited resources. We're seeing more and more people looking to MorphVOX as an inexpensive way to create quality voice-overs."

About Screaming Bee LLC - Provider of voice software and solutions for online games and messenger-related applications. For more information regarding our products, including MorphVOX, please visit our site at

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Mark Ramirez is CEO and co-founder of Screaming Bee LLC, a leading provider of voice software and solutions for online games and messenger applications. For more information visit:

Content Considerations (Part 2 of Practicing Effective Web Design Series)

How do visitor rate your company image? Obviously, your content is a company's calling card. I think it would be safe to say that your web site content is "King". This presents a blessing and a curse. The blessing is if your content is great, most people view your company the same way. If your content has a lot to be desired, well what can we say?

The first suggestion that i-Tekk Web Design can make is to avoid spelling errors on your site at all costs. Believe me; I learned this the hard way. I developed a web site for a famous Pittsburgh Pirate Hall of Fame nominee, Al Oliver, The site looked great and visitors were beginning to take notice. All the sudden I started getting calls about the site. Did you know that there's a misspelled word on the site? The next call came asking, "Did you know I found a misspelled word on the site?" Finally I got the message. Check, check, and recheck your site for spelling errors. And when you're done checking, ask someone else to check the site for you. Nothing hurts your image more than misspelled words on your site.

Suggestion number two is avoiding too much miscellaneous information on your site. Concise information on your site shows visitors that you respect their time, and the content is presented in an organized manner. Visitor spends approximately 13 seconds to determine if they are going to stay on your site. So, maximize your content by minimizing unnecessary content.

Now that we've covered some of the Don'ts let talk about some things you must add to our site. The benefits of including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your site can be a tremendous way to proactively address visitor questions before they come to your doorstep. This FAQ should address the Who, What, When, Where, and Whys about your web site. FAQs are easy to incorporate on your site. Simply pretend that you've never heard about your company, and ask yourself questions that a potential customer would ask. FAQs can also be used to as a marketing tool to explain additional products and services. I think your customers will appreciate the effort you've taken to provide them with all the information they need to make a decision about your company.

Make sure your site provides some type of privacy policy up-front. Even if your site doesn't take credit card information over the Internet, it's a good idea to provide a privacy statement to let customers know what your company's attitude on privacy. Your visitors should feel comfortable giving any personal information and know that your company will use this information responsibly. If your company sells all or part of the information submitted by customers, say so up front so that the visitor can make his decision to continue with your site, or not. I'm sure your customers would prefer more disclosure than not enough.

Lastly, what do your customer think about your site? Do you know? I recommend that you find out by placing a feedback form to solicit comments and suggestions about ways to make you site better. Having worked in several state governmental agencies providing services over the Internet, customer feedback helped improve our services based on what our citizens needed to make their Internet experience a pleasant one. The practice of obtaining customer feedback will quickly inform you about the information and services you provide. Don't forget to constantly collect visitor feed back with some type of feed back form that visitors fill out.

In summary, the content on your site is one of the most important aspects that a customer will concern himself. Make sure that it's concise, and free of spelling errors. Let the visitor know that you have considered their welfare by providing an FAQ section, a privacy policy, and a form to get their feedback. Remember in the web world "Content is King", so let it serve your company well. My next article will discuss the importance of navigation, and look at how successfully your visitors can find their way around your web site. We will uncover some tips on menu items, site maps, dead links, intuitive navigation, and much more. Until then, keep visiting

Albert Powell has been working in the Information Technology arena in both the private and public sector for approximate 18 years. Sixteen of those years have been spent in state government with the Dept. of Industrial Relations, currently a part of Commerce, with the State Treasurer's Office, and with the Ohio Secretary of State. Albert started i-Tekk Management Group, Ltd. in 2000.

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