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Content Ideas for Ads and Brochures When Selling Your Home

Even in this hot real estate market, selling your home requires a bit of marketing effort. Ads and brochures are important and powerful tools. So, what do you put in you're marketing materials?


To the degree possible include key information in you're ad or brochure. A classified ad will contain less than a poster, which will contain less than a brochure, which may contain less than an Internet listing, etc. The key, however, is to make sure each medium contains maximum information and minimum fluff.

In general, people want to know what type home is being offered (single family house, townhouse, condo, etc.), how many bedrooms and baths it has, its general location, and the price. Obviously, you also need to include contact information so potential buyers know how to reach you.

If you have the space, a good tactic is to describe the characteristics of the house that lead you to originally purchase it.

1. Was it the location? 2. A beautiful view? 3. Neighborhood charm? 4. A school district you were seeking out? 5. Lots of storage? 6. Garage spaces for 3 cars? 7. High ceilings? 8. The style of architecture? 9. Large entertainment areas? 10. A beautiful garden?

Don't be shy. Mention the best features to set your home apart from others for sale.

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A note of caution is called for here. When you mention your home's best features, don't overstate them. If your potential buyer's first emotion on actually seeing your property is disappointment, there really isn't much potential for a sale to that person. With that in mind, I wouldn't refer to a house with a garden that backed to a small farm pond as "waterfront property," nor would I call a small, city apartment with windows on an air shaft a "spacious city abode with sunny views."


Include color photos of your home whenever possible. When selling real estate, a picture really can be worth a thousand words.

When taking your photos, take lots of them. Take them from typical angles and from unusual ones, too. Cameras often like odd angles. Photos that show three walls very often seem to reduce the size of the room visually. It is often better to show only two walls with the corner slightly, or very, off center. You may want to show the same room from more than one angle. One photo may include a wall of windows and another show a fireplace in the same room. Regardless of your approach, keep in mind the photographs will give a potential buyer the first impression of your home.

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The Effects Of Televised Sexual Content On Adolescents

According to a September 2004 study by the RAND Corporation, Adolescents who watch large amounts of television containing adult content are very likely to act more like adults. In addition, the National Institutes of Health-funded study found that these children's sexual behavior was akin to those adolescents who were 9 to 17 months older, but who watched only average amounts of TV with sexual content.

"Television habits predicted whether adolescents went to 'second or third base,' as well as whether they had sex for the first time," said Rebecca Collins, a RAND psychologist who led the study. "The 12-year-olds who watched a lot of television with sexual content behaved like the 14- or 15-years-olds who watched the least amount of sexual television. The advancement in sexual behavior we saw among kids who watched a lot of sexual television was striking."

This alarming trend occurs within the context of ever-increasing amounts of implicit and over sexual content on television. As reported by the Parents Television Council, "In a sample of programming from the 2001-2002 TV season, sexual content appeared in 64% of all TV programs. Those programs with sexually related material had an average of 4.4 scenes per hour. Talk of sex is more frequent (61%) vs. overt portrayals (32%). One out of every 7 programs includes a portrayal of sexual intercourse." According to the RAND study, talk of sex had just as much of an effect on adolescent sexual behavior as overt behaviors.

Sexual behavior among U.S. teens is on the rise. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 46% of all high school students have had sexual intercourse. The National Institutes of Health has found that, each year, one of every four sexual active teens contracts a sexually transmitted disease. Teen pregnancy in the U.S. is also the highest among industrialized nations.

Now, more than ever, parents need to be concerned about what their children are watching on television. The first step parents need to take is to monitor the content of the shows their adolescents watch. According to RAND researcher Collins, "The impact of television viewing is so large that even a moderate shift in the sexual content of adolescent TV watching could have a substantial effect on their sexual behavior."

Other important steps you can take to curb or mitigate your children's exposure to sexual content on television include:

1. Watch TV with your children and discuss your beliefs about sex and about the sexual behaviors portrayed on TV. Develop TV-watching guidelines for your children and enforce them.

2. Limit the amount of time your children watch TV. Instead, use family movie reviews to rent movies with appropriate content.

3. Encourage and reward your children for reading instead of watching TV.

4. Encourage your children to find and develop non-television related hobbies and interests.

By taking these simple steps, you can help to ensure that your adolescents' attitudes and beliefs about sex more closely mirror your own, and that their sexual initiation is delayed.

Brent Sitton is the founder of, which has tools to avoid the effects of media sexual content, such as a sexual content free child book and movie list.

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