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4 Tips To Build A Content Site With More Repeat Visitors

On the internet, content is known as "the king". People visits a site not for the flashy graphics nor the wonderful web site designs, but because of the information they learn from the web site.

Having high quality content not just attract visitors, it also attracts search engines to visit your sites more and increase your search engine placements. However, in order to get more traffic that can turn into money, you'll need repeat visitors who are eager to read your new update on your content site.

Therefore, your web site should have rich, premium, informative content to capture repeat visitors and more search engine traffic.

Here are some simple tips that would help you build a content site that can attract more repeat visitors:

- Make sure your web site's layout is simple and easy looking to the visitors' eyes. Don't add too many flashy features in your webpage to disturb your visitors's focus when they are reading on your content.

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- Always remember the most important part in your content is the headline and the first few paragraphs. Whether your reader will read on or not heavily depends on the attractiveness on these parts. Always try to capture their interests and give them what they want to know.

- Update your web site with fresh new content frequently. When your visitors revisit your site and find you have not add new content, they will visit elsewhere immediately. And if this situation goes on, they will not visit your site again. Besides, search engines love web sites that update content frequently, and give them higher search rank.

- You should consider to use blogs. Blogs are very easy to set up and update. Once you have entered your entries, all you have to do is to click a button to publish them. And blogs are getting indexed fast and easily in most search engines!

Content is king, and you can take benefit from it easily!

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This article is written by Mark Tse. Mark shares free tips, articles and downloads about Internet Marketing. You can visit his weblog and read his latest posts here:

How To Build A Content Site... Fast!

In this day and age of online marketing, content has been heralded as king, and for good reasons. People flock to sites not because of the flashy graphics nor the astounding features nor the witty domain name of the said pages, but because of the information contained therein that would enlighten them with their queries of the moment.

Content is even more potent in winning visitors than, say, search engine placements. You may derive a tremendous amount of traffic from the search engines, but if your content is junk, your visitors will never come back. But with good content, alas, you'll have for yourself recurring visitors who will be eager to read your latest update.

You are most probably aware about the importance of traffic. Relying on unique visitors alone won't give you the traffic that can be considered as sustainable. You must find a way that would encourage previous visitors to return to your site as well. Good content does this with relative ease.

It goes without saying then that your web site should have rich, premium, informative content. Content is indeed king, and your web pages serves as the throne. For the success of your business, your web site should be constructed as such.

Here are some simple steps that would help you build a content site, and fast:

Develop the layout that is simple and pleasant to the eyes. By keeping away from flashy ornaments, you'll be able to manipulate the focus of your visitors to the content you want to share. Let your content carry your web pages and let the words speak for themselves.

You cannot rely on words alone, no matter how witty and cleverly used they are. There should be substance behind them as ultimately, the worth of your words is what would impress upon your visitors the true value of your web site as a quality resource hub. So do your research. Make sure you know the subject matter by heart before writing your content. If you have questions about the same, do not try to conceal it them with silence. Seek out the answers and leave no bases uncovered. Make your content as comprehensive as possible, and your visitors won't have to look elsewhere to find the answers they are seeking.

Your content should be presented credibly. Employing good writing skills would be instrumental to achieve this. Pay attention to the intricacies of writing for the web. Write well, but in a simple manner. Avoid using jargons and flowery words. Keep your paragraphs short so that you could make good use of negative space, that blank area between clusters of words which would allow your readers' eyes to rest. Use bullets and numberings as much as possible. Online users are not really known for their patience, and this is something you have to work on.

When writing your content, make sure that the first part of your piece is capable of grabbing your visitors' interest so that they would be motivated to read on. In these times of convenient surfing, bear in mind that your readers can always go to another site if they don't find your content engaging. The challenge lies in capturing their interests and giving them what they want. This would compel them to read on and stay.

Always update your web site with new content. Not only will the search engines love this, resulting in a higher page rank for your site, your visitors will likewise be encouraged to return to your site come for the new information you would share.

Consider using blogs instead of traditional HTML designs. Blogs are very easy to set up and update. Once you have typed your entries, all you have to do is to click on a button to publish them. A lot of Internet marketers actually use blogs in creating several mini-sites for their AdSense campaign. Blogs allow them to set up multiple pages in one day. And with the way blogs are favorably getting indexed at the forefront of every search engine result, their value has fantastically increased in recent months!

Content is king, but you wield control. Furnish the king with royal garments and surely, your online kingdom would reap the rewards at a faster rate.

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Karen Walker assists individuals, entrepreneurs, network marketers, and independent professionals generate substantial incomes within 5 years so that they may live the life they want, fulfill their passions, and achieve their dreams! Visit her informational web sites: Cash Flow Quest | Work At Home Directory

Somebody's Distributing Your Copyright Content Illegally? Know Your Facts Before You Accuse

Is someone distributing your software or other copyright content illegally over the Internet? It's possible. It happens. If you can prove your case, you have grounds for legal action.

BUT -- before making yourself look foolish and creating enemies, have your facts straight. A reasonable understanding of Internet technology can prevent you from ending up with egg on your face.

Take this situation. I've changed names to protect the guilty.

A representative of an online business emailed me saying, "It has been brought to my attention that you have made the "" public download files freely available for download by FTP from your web site. Would you please let us know immediately what is going on and what your justification is for doing this."

First mistake. If the files are "public download files", then what is the problem? Public download files are freely available.

However, since I had never heard of their software, I responded with a request that the company rep show me the link or at least provide a screen capture of the alleged FTP activity.

I received an apologetic email from the company rep saying that she could not locate a link to her software from my site. "Perhaps your site has been confused with someone else's," she explained. Second mistake. If you're making an allegation of this nature, know where the problem can be found and be ready to present evidence to the other party. You look more than a little incompetent if you can't back up your claim in the most elementary way.

A few hours later, a third email arrived. This time, the company rep accused me of being untruthful and threatened legal action. She then backed up her case with the following URL: heirfiles/

Third mistake.

Sure enough, "theirfiles" were available for download at this link. And, sure enough, is my site domain. HOWEVER, had the company rep had a basic understanding of FTP (File Transfer Protocol), she would have understood that a "pub" directory is "public" -- and therefore the URL had nothing to do with my site.

A phone call to my web host confirmed they were hosting both my site and the other company's site. Since both web sites were on the same public server, any domain listed on that server would have produced identical results with the FTP URL given above. That is, you could change heirfiles/ to heirfiles/ and you would get access to this company's software. If a web administrator has set up the server to implement anonymous FTP in this fashion, then all that is necessary is for both web domains to be stored on the same server.

And that brings us to the fourth mistake. If you don't want your copyright-protected software files to be available for public download, why in the wide world would you store them in a public FTP directory where everyone has free access? Public means public. If you want the files to be available only to authorized users, doesn't it make sense to have a private, password-protected directory set up on your web site?

Had I wanted to be vindictive, I could have posted the URL to multiple newsgroups and mailing lists. Hundreds of people could have downloaded those files before the problem was corrected. I didn't do that, but some people would.

What can be learned from this episode? 1. An understanding of basic Internet protocols is essential if you are running an Internet business. It is equally important that your agents, employees and company reps are trained, since they are the ones that are likely to make the mistakes. 2. Have a tech-guro available to advise you on issues that are beyond your current understanding. 3. If you're operating an Internet business, get a tough skin. You'll be accused of some mighty interesting stuff.

June Campbell's writing has appeared in various international publications. Visit her on the web for articles, a FREE gift, or for how-to booklets on writing a business proposal, developing a business plan, developing a joint venture contract and more


Most have become convinced the basic ingredient of a great site is practical and useful content that potential visitors are looking for. (Those not yet convinced, will not succeed until they embrace and implement this fundamental.)

But at the word, "content," many roll their eyes upward in despair, for they feel their writing skills are not sufficient. While this may be true, there are ways to improve them. For openers, click Topics in the navigation bar on my site, select Writing Skills, then dig in.

Great Content Versus Great Writing

You do not need to be a Pulitzer-type writer to produce solid site content. Those who disagree, are generally good writers. Thus they tend to believe great site content is great prose. This is stuff and nonsense.

True, the easiest and most straightforward way to build great content is to create quality prose. But it's far from being the only way. For example, a site loaded with "how to" information will do fine, provided enough people want what is offered. And in writing this kind of content, the focus is on clear explanation, not grammar. Here's another example.

An Aside About Fishing

My fishing experience amounts to having been with some fellows upon three occasions who were doing so. All I remember about the ocean trip is being seasick. Another time I walked the perimeter of a small lake twice with a neat fellow more interested in walking than fishing. The only pro I've met was a fellow with a fly rod. He caught his limit in minimal time in a stream rod & reel types claimed was "fished out." This makes me uniquely qualified to define a site of great interest to fisherman. <g> What follows is all made up. Any resemblance to truth about fishing is pure coincidence.

Let's Go Fishing

Bill, who owns FishNow.Com, got a call from Phil, made some notes, and immediately wrote the following, sent it out in his newsletter, and posted it on his site.

"Bill here, with a neat update from Phil Randal who just called. (You probably remember him from our Caught 'Em forum. He knows what he's about.)

Just now he's at Triangle lake. It's great country and even better fishing. It's about 20 miles east of Kramer's Junction on Hy 145. To get there, take the dirt road that starts behind Kelly's Feedstore. Takes maybe 40 minutes, and you don't need four-wheel. (Click here for a map you can print. I've marked the route.)"

An Aside: The map is a GIF copy of an actual map on which Bill has sketched the route. Throughout he's added text like, "Stream here; drive right through it." And below the map is a link.

"If you're short of time, check with the Travel Desk. They'll arrange to pick you up and put you beside Triangle lake in quick time. And the rates are the best I've seen."

"They've got a room at the lodge at Rising Creek come tomorrow if you want. And a cabin this weekend. You can get from there to Triangle on horseback in about four hours. Or Jake can run you up in his Land Rover in about an hour and a half. Fact is, fishings pretty good in Rising Creek just now."

Back To The Message

"Now get this. Phil says he's catching his limit every day in less than two hours. And they aren't minnows, either. He's got one he wants measured. Thinks he's got a record. Whatever, it's got size. Those who know Phil, know he doesn't lie.

But here's the best part. The other guys aren't catching diddle. They're all over him asking what he's doing they aren't. Again, if you know Phil, he's not saying. <g> But here's what he told me.

He's using a BlueLine lure. He tried a FlatFish and did pretty good, but he swears the BlueLine is the trick here. If you've got the time, get on up to Triangle and let me know how you make out. Click here for info on a BlueLine lure. Click here for the FlatFish."

An Aside

Each of the above links is to a page picturing the lure in detail. There's a link below to a page that shows you how to make one. And, of course, another that lets you buy one from Bill.

And There's More.

In a PS, Bill added, "Just now, the week's forecast looks awfully good. Click here for the latest." Take this link, and you have a long term forecast for the weather at Triangle lake.

And More

Triangle is not the only lake Bill follows. And he has this kind of info on all of them. And about the local streams. Further, he'll be happy to sell you a great fishing rod, wading boots, cooking gear, even camping stuff.

About That Fellow In New York

James Bartell faces yet another major business crisis. But reading Bill's newsletter gives him a thought. He calls to his secretary, "Will you get Joe and Pete in here, please?" Grabbing for the phone, he mumbles, "If they can't handle this, I'll find somebody who can." Half way through the sentence, the phone is ringing at Travel Desk.

Bartell Is Not Alone

Many people who bust it day in and day out are quite willing, now and then, to cut loose for a few days. Bill offers one great way to do it. He gets a commission from Travel Desk. And from the local lodges he refers to. If he chooses to do so, he is in a great position to buy a lodge, thus extending his online business offline. If he targets upscale fisherman like Bartell, such a move could be enormously profitable.

End Tale

Okay, so that's just a yarn. And hey, likely someone already has something like it going. But it's bound to be local, else one can't keep up. Find a local area *not* being covered, one easy to get to, and go for it. The task is simpler if you already know something of the area. But if you love fishing, you can have a lot of fun learning whatever you need.

So Where's The Content?

Measured in total words, there is very little content on this hypothetical site. But in the eyes of a devoted fisherman, it's loaded with the stuff. Bill needs some good text content for search engine positioning, but that's another matter.

What's Bill Really Selling?

Will anybody visiting this site see it for what it really is? Have you figured it?

What is readily available is great info that matters to fisherman. Behind this, Bill offers everything you need to get to a great fishing spot, catch your limit, and be comfortable while doing so. His visitors will not see this as a trick or con. They may not even recognize the site is a selling tool. Products offered will be seen simply as an additional service Bill provides.

A Catch

This is not the greatest example, for it's seasonal. You'd have to do very well in order to take the rest of the year off. But it's a possibility. If you owned a lodge, you might pick up some off-season business from skiers and hunters.

But I Don't Like Fishing

Is that what I heard you say? If so, join the club. I don't either. But the idea works in many areas and differing products. Competition is fierce in the travel business. But how about a site featuring weekend adventures for families or seniors or both? House plans might work well with how-tos about remodeling and interior design.

Home gardeners are a committed bunch. And there's lots of potential here for repeat business. Anything people love to do that requires resources you can provide is a possible target.

Each must be checked with care. Competition needs to be examined in depth. And you must find a niche that sets you above or apart from all of it. But given a defined position and a good business plan, you have the basis for a successful online business.

Wrapping Up

There are several errors in Bill's prose. Did you notice them? If so, will they matter to a fellow who wants to catch some fish? Or will he just grab his keys or the phone?

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