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Be Content Yet Never Satisfied!

Many years ago a particular phrase came across my desk and caught my full attention. It was at first a bit confusing to me since the utterance seemed incongruent. The phrase was "Be Content Yet Never Satisfied!"

Interestingly enough, as the years go by it becomes clearer to me that they were in fact truly different words with very different meanings. They were not as I first thought synonymous.

The phrase evoked a lot of questions and left me wondering. Did I derive pleasure from my day to day occurrences or was I overlooking them? Did I acknowledge my achievements throughout the day and give notice to all the wonderful things that occurred or was I consistently in search of more?

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I began to notice that many of my achievements left me with a deep sense of accomplishment yet several were gone in the blink of an eye. Not being satisfied with my reaction, I made an agreement with myself to sincerely practice noticing and enjoying my successes. I started to faithfully acknowledge how I felt each time I made even a small accomplishment. To make sure I didn't forget it, I jotted them down in a notebook.

In my search I discovered a very fine line which could either turn my day into a more fulfilling, joyful experience or one that would prevent me from having and owning a sense of pleasure. I observed after making that big sale or having achieved at any level, whether the feeling of contentment left quickly or stayed with me. If it left quickly, I would stop for a moment and give greater recognition to my successes in a more conscious way. It truly felt wonderful. Instead of keeping my eyes only on more, I began enjoying the successes of the day more fully.

It soon occurred to me how wonderful it was when I took the time to acknowledge the many delicious things that filled my life on a daily basis. Having practiced that for a while now, I've come to realize that life offers us a great deal consistently. But more important, I realized how often I had missed the true meaning of contentment. Being so busy in search of more, I had often missed what was right there before me. Copyright2005

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