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How Much Important is the Content of your Website?

"Only the content of your web site gives you promotional leg to stand on"

Everyone wants to make money on the web and so as you. This you can make only if you have a web presence and bring customers to your web site and turn leads into sales. Your search engine ranking is the key to the amount of visitors, and the success of your web site, finally. But... but... but... this is not an easy task. In the age of tough competition it's difficult to achieve top ranking on the top search engines and for the top keywords.

Its good to a have web site highly rich with animated pictures, graphics but if content of your web site is not good then its really not worth to have that. Stunning visual design may do a great job of attracting visitors, but, if in the end, the substance isn't there, all your effort was in vain.

Content is the most vital part of your web site. No matter how good is the design or how fast your site, people visit for content, and that is what you should be giving them. There are so many sites around which have no real content, or are just plain boring with some animated pictures. Good content keeps not only your visitors interested and give you a good site but it can also help you to promote your web site.

What I believe is, for any type of business, a plenty of well-written, informative, related content of your web site is a prerequisite to infinite success. The more pages and words you have, the more chance you have or being on the top as a search result. You must have heard about Google, EBay, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Would you say that these sites have stunning designs and visual effects...Not at all!! These sites offer information first i.e. content. See, Google gives you one of the best search results; yahoo provides content, news, products, etc in abundance. You will be astonished by the fact that the top-ranking web pages on Google are consistently much better written than the vast majority of what one reads on the web.

So how can you get high-quality content on your web site? There are many ways to add content to your web site:

RSS art

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Write Yourself

Writing yourself is the cheapest way of generating the content. But for this you need a good knowledge of your subject to be able to write effectively on it. If you have the skills and time to generate content then this is really the best route to take. You have to focus on your site's purpose and find a way to balance the information in categories that help communicate your goals.

Hire someone else to Write

If you do not feel confident enough of writing great content yourself, it's better to hire a good writer to do it for you. But before choosing an appropriate copywriter, but he should possess Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting experience. As you have a web site which is selling your business, and your main aim is to bring traffic to your web site. So a person with an experience of SEM/SEO can only do wonders for your business.

Last but not the least, If you are running a business and want traffic then there must be more value in writing higher quality content than in redesigning your site or updating your technology. Just get your designing out of the way and let your visitors have what they want, information. I'm not trying to detract from visual design, information design or good technology. Each makes a huge difference in the quality of a web site, but the web site doesn't stand a chance without content.

About the Writer of this Article

Aditya Singh, the founder of Swadeshi Infosystems (an ISO 9001:2000 certified company) and leader of one of the fastest growing team. He always seeks to provide his client assistance in every possible aspect of online promotion and give them a global stand. To know more about the services please visit

What you need to know about content freshness

The term content freshness is shrouded in mystery

It is always not only advisable but advantageous also to keep your eyes and ears open as to what is happening in the SEO world. What is most crucial is that one should be able to make sense out of Google's newest stipulations, policies, or guidelines. Unfortunately, what is at the helm of affairs when it comes to Google's ways of rankings and delivering search results is always subject to interpretation, analysis and judgment which may or may not be necessarily right. Worse still, there is no way out but keep on experimenting and exploring.

Google's advocacy of content freshness is one of such domains where much is pretty explicit, and much more is, sadly, pretty implicit or vague. Content freshness, as the name suggests, is something opposed to old, stale, obsolete content on the web site and calls for latest, meaningful, regularly updated content. On the face value, it seems to be nice thing to happen to web sites, but indeed vagueness sets in the picture to understand how Goolge evaluates or rewards it, and whether it is really worthwhile to go for content freshness -- most important of all, in what ways. Let's understand its hits and flips sides.

Google's methodology to determine the freshness of a page is based on "last-modified-since" feature, which itself is prone to inaccurate results.

Google still needs to have some reliable mechanism to figure out the originality or the source of content on the web pages, if content freshness is at all a key consideration.

Google's penalty for duplicate content/content scrapping evades many; whosoever is penalized is not hard hit. Although the web sites disappear, or drop off the rankings, they seem to exist in the database and resurface as if nothing has happened. Google's much talked about Removal Tool probably needs a review.

Remember that above mentioned points do not negate the importance of content freshness provided it is done in the right manner. For this it is quite essential to know what it amounts to content freshness, and to know how it works better.

Let's proceed.

Understanding content freshness

Content freshness will be a fabulous thing to happen to web sites as it seems to be beneficial for the users because they will continually get an opportunity to have a look at information that might be useful for them, and web sites are expected to derive mileage in the search rankings. But things could get worse where the nature of web pages does not support much scope for change or updation.

To validate my point, here are a few examples: web pages dealing with specific government policies, select scientific discoveries, known historical accounts, company policies, vision statements, etc., because they are to be there unless amended or modified. Some of them have minimal chances of modification like proved scientific theories, or unknown body of knowledge unless otherwise radical things take place.

So, what about the concept or practice of content freshness in such cases? You can well conclude that content freshness which implies change of content is not applicable in these instances. Definitely, you got it right, and what you need to realize is the fact that content freshness is not confined to simply change of content, but encompasses a whole lot of things. At this stage, you should be able to distinguish between content change and content freshness.

To elaborate it a bit more, content freshness is more related to content relevancy rather than mindless change of copy of web pages. It can be pretty difficult to digest the fact that you can make your web site fresh without altering its existing content all the time.

Changing your content drastically may misfire

Mind your moves if you are going for a massive content revamp. It is not at all about benefiting your webpages with regard to rankings, but of course, it is strewn with risk. If you wish to undertake content revamp on a large scale -- but in search engine friendly way -- it has to happen over a stable period of time.

Your apparent inability to do so will make search engines, especially Google think that there has been a change of ownership of the web site, and therefore, things like score, anchor text or the like are no longer valid. The situation is more acute wherein web site tends to talk on different themes as against the previous with fairly good chances of loss of placement ranks.

But the most dreaded consequence could be a possible Sandbox phenomenon. You are right if you raise this question why your web site would be trapped in Sandbox when this phenomenon is meant for newbies. Probably you are overlooking the fact that a sudden content revamp or a drastic change of content in one shot is likely to make Google think that yours is a new web site

So, get your fundamentals brushed up first before you are fundamentally hurt!

Content freshness does not necessarily mean change of content

As discussed in the previous pages, content freshness can also happen even though nothing is changed in the copy of web pages per se. Content freshness is mistakenly believed to be the same as content change, but as a matter of fact, it entails a lot more things beyond this.

Let's have a cursory look at it:

It can involve structural or format changes

It also bears relation to the change/updating of anchor text.

It can be related to the change of keywords, keyword frequency or keyword density

Content freshness not only means change of content of a particular web page, but also the frequency of changes all over the web site

The presence of duplicate content. It negates the efforts at freshness

Most importantly, the change (addition) of incoming/ outgoing links; consideration on the aspects like where they come from, where they go to, what they have to say about you, and how believable they are


If you will spare some time to see beyond the complexities of content freshness, you will, for sure, realize that keeping your web site fresh is indeed very much worth the efforts. And you can go for content freshness of your web site, not necessarily by changing the existing content - but definitely by adding value to the end users. In short, content freshness is more about reliability, relevancy, and honesty.

Deepak Sharma is a Web Designer at BlueApple, a Web Design and Development Company with a well connected development infrastructure in India having a strong portfolio with global clientele and offering superior web services and solutions at competitive costs.

Rich content makes a Website attractive

Rich content makes a Website attractive. When somebody does a great web site with all systematic advertising aids at place, one expects instant success! Many do not realize that it is the rich content that ultimately matters. Take an example. There is a web site with rich content. The author found it hard to understand how to channel an advertising link to it. Least she understood about the links. But she could do one thing regularly, and that is to write and update her content with relevance. After two months, she found out $2 in her kitty as earning. Well, it is not much. But, one does not get rich overnight. And she had posted only about 6 pages of content. Pretty good bargain, I suppose. This does not mean that advertising campaigns are useless. Maybe, a timely advertising would have fetched her much better revenues with whatever content she has placed till date. The strategy with a site ownership is that one should be disciplined with time and subject and style as well. Creating content is a challenge no doubt, but life is a story running all the time, providing one with hundreds of plots from where one has to hatch the story. Every webmaster utilizes Meta tags or other tricks to get in more visitors. But concentrating on the web site theme consistently is the real clue! Discipline and Commitment To watch life for plots, one has to be focused. There has to be a plan for everything that one goes about oneself. That is the easiest way to create content for one. And there are innumerable people around who can be examples for much other sequence. The discipline with oneself demands one to be the judge within. Forgiving maybe, but to be able to criticize oneself constructively holds the key. Inspiration comes as a supplement. The failures, the unhappiness which go on to design a better time is enough to get one going endlessly, only one has to believe in a regular writing schedule. Happenings are a definite, believe it. Website dedication: Regular Updates Supposing you have already attracted a substantial amount of visitors. With reciprocal links at least. Would they not like to return to you another time for something more? What would they see if you have not yet added anything new? You will lose them. Even the search engines which link you, will be coming back to you more regularly if your content is enriched (updated). When you write, you add up more keywords. That will attract new visitors, more reciprocal links.

Ways to get lots of quality content for your site

these are 1. Instead of thinking, get down to writing a full page on anything you are thinking. All you are thinking does matter because somebody else or a whole lot of people may be thinking the same way. 2. Sometimes you can give the background of your thought process. Testimonials are a way of flaunting your experience rich mind. And your intelligence. That you are thinking on something that is very negligible may be is an extraordinary thing; recording a nuance of life!! 3. History of something, a hotel perhaps, is a visible thing which may also prove to be an interesting reading. An ordinary story, but may be a lot of people will find them inspiring. 4. Questions and answers are another way of adding content. Allow them to debate on finer aspects or maybe on something vague, or a distant probability. All that shapes into a vision, a dream even if they sound absurd at present. So what? You have nothing to lose. 5. Forums are a new way of creating content now days. Make sure of ways to track them down, or provide space for those. 6. Others may contribute as Guest writers.

As it is, there is a lot that is available on Internet. Value addition can be done in a thousand ways to the same content. If you cannot arrange all quality content into one, then build a second one and add them via links...

Why and how content brings in more traffic

Websites is usually built like company brochures with 5-10 html files. For a search engine it becomes difficult to rank it as there is very little text which can be used as keywords. A bicycle web page should contain some text with bicycle. The experience is that people really want some literature about everything and sometimes it is most likely to be found in later pages when one goes deeper into the site. Maybe that can be improved upon if one puts the text in front rather than positioning them at the rear.

Quality content accentuates traffic and places the site in vogue in the circle of human-edited directories such as the Open Directory Project). If one has a lot of quality contents, your articles will be published more in the ezines which bring more traffic anyway. Wonder why people bother to think of doing something else on earth at all!

From Webmaster to Newsmaster: A New Generation of Content Development

If you have been tuned into the internet marketing world lately, then you have certainly heard about a new site called IMNewswatch. Within 9 days from launching their web site, they reached the number one spot on Alexa's top "Movers & Shakers".

If you haven't seen it already, IMNewsWatch allows you to stay informed on all of the important internet marketing news without having to sift through a multitude of web sites and forums. This concept is known as NewsMastering and is increasing in popularity in today's world of information overload. The internet brings us instant information. Unfortunately, much of it is unfiltered. This problem has created an enormous opportunity for web masters to become news masters in their field.

First, let me give you a little bit of background on NewsMastering:

The RSS NewsMaster has become a new professional role online. They filter and aggregate the most popular and important news stories within a particular industry, delivering to you the very best content they find so that you don't have to waste your time searching.

As an end-user, we are able to quickly and efficiently acquire critical information and respond to key events quickly.

A NewsMaster filters through mountains of information to bring you the golden nuggets of knowledge that you seek.

In each and every niche, people are seeking the most important events and content within that particular topic. Because of this, becoming a NewsMaster is an incredible new publishing opportunity.

Benefits of Becoming a Professional NewsMaster:

As a NewsMaster, you become a news authority. You filter down content to provide your visitors with the very best information in your field. Because of this, you can quickly become the essential resource within your particular niche.

If your site fills a need within the marketplace, you could very easily be re-syndicated on a number of sites.

You become more credible, increase your visibility, and attract more attention.

You also increase your search engine visibility. By continually producing a stream of quality information, the search engines will quickly take notice of your web site. Because these news sites are constantly feeding the search engines new information, the search engine spiders frequent these sites very often. They are literally one of the hotttest buffets online for the search bots.

As a newsmaster, you can quickly build your brand. Newsmastering introduces you as an expert in your field because you are bringing people the very best information on a specific topic. If you want to become a recognized authority in your industry, becoming a NewsMaster is one of the quickest ways to gain your desired credibility.

Looking for new media relations? By becoming the ultimate source for news in a particular topic, you could very quickly start to form a number of online contacts. This network of relationships is extremely powerful.

Characteristics of a NewsMaster:

You must become the #1 content source in your industry requires an advanced set of skills.

To do this, you must have an in-depth knowledge of your topic, be an expert at using search tools, and master of RSS and a number of other online tools.

How to Get Started:

This article will not go into the technical details of newsmastering, but I would like to share with you the number one tool you need to get started.

MySyndicaat is the first newsmastering engine with one of the most complete tool sets to allow you to quickly move into the position of a NewsMaster.

This tool allows you to:

1. Aggreate multiple rss feeds into one new unique master feed.

2. Combine, mix, and organize a multiple number of RSS feeds, search results and HTML content in order to produce effective news masters.

3. Apply filters to any individual aggregate feed in order to zone in on quality information.

4. Generate multiple output formats including RSS and HTML.

5. Create a powerful alert system that can monitor any combined feed for unique keywords.

6. Publish Your Choice of News and Content in the form of RSS and HTML.

Although this is a powerful tool to help you filter information, you should always be the final filter of information that you publish. Nothing is more powerful than the human eye.

If you want to take your content to the next level, you can add additional information to news items, plug in your own comments and opinion, track the latest forum topics, and stay up-to-date with live events.

To achieve this level of authority, you must do some of your own research. Not all information is available in a feed.

Monetizing Your Feed:

Becoming a NewsMaster holds many benefits, including monetary incentives. Here are some ways that you can capitalize on your newsmastering abilities:

- Include contextual advertising in your feed and on your web site. - Charge a low subscription rate to access premium feeds. - Place product reviews on your web site. - Incorporate RSSAds - Allow other companies to sponsor your feeds. - Create custom news feeds for third parties. (Once you learn the skills required to be a NewsMaster, you hold some extremely valuable assets. Why not offer this as a service to others?)

Want to become the go-to source in your particular niche? If you're looking to turn your web site into a definitive thought leader and the best information source for news and development in your industry, then NewsMastering is definitely the way to go.

Kim Roach is the Hip Marketing gal at, where you can find out how to drive tons of targeted traffic to your web site for free.

Many Mobile Content Providers Selling Directly to Consumers

A increasing number of small mobile content providers are using a new, much more direct method of getting their products into the hands of customers.

These companies have discovered the benefits of selling their wares directly to customers through brick-and-mortar stores, and offline promotions. San Jose-based PlayPhone Inc., for example, is selling $5 to $20 prepaid gift cards towards mobile games, ringtones, wallpapers, and music videos, via retail channels, rather than relying on distribution deals with carriers.

This growing "off-portal" approach allows for a much higher profit margin for the content providers, and currently accounts for about one third of all digital content sales. The business model as a whole reportedly generated a total of almost $1.4 billion globally in 2005.

(Originally published by on April 13, 2006)

Jeremy Maddock is a well-known technology blogger who writes about cell phone carriers and the telecommunications industry in general.

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