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Content For Web Sites: Why Content Is King - And Where To Get Web Site Content

Getting content for web sites is one of the challenges every webmaster faces. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Content is king." Have you ever wondered why content is king? And have you ever wished it was easier to find content for web sites?

Content is king for one reason: People surf for content. Each of the major search engines is only successful to the extent that it helps people find the web site content they are looking for. Whichever search engine helps people find that web site content the quickest becomes the most popular. The more popular the search engine is, the more money it makes from advertising.

That last paragraph contains the secret of why content is king. Search engines make money from advertising. And they make more money from advertising if they consistently help people find the web site content they are searching for.

Now that you know why content is King, the next question is: Where can you find content for web sites?

The two easiest sources for content for web sites are article directories and private label rights.

Article directories are huge directories of articles. In most cases, you are free to publish articles from the article directories on your web site and in your newsletters or ezines. Be sure to read each article directory's terms of service, because some have limitations. But in general, article directories exist to give writers a place to publish their articles and to give publishers a place to get content for web sites and newsletters.

Article directories like and provide content for web sites on almost any topic you need. You can also find hundreds of article directories that provide content for web sites with a simple search for "article directories" in any search engine.

There are two advantages to getting your web site content from article directories rather than from private label rights articles and eBooks:

1. Articles from article directories are normally free - you do not have to pay anything for the rights to publish the articles.

2. There are tens of thousands of articles available for web site content on virtually any topic you may need.

Private label rights can be acquired in a variety of ways. In general, private label rights mean you have the right to put your name on the product as the author. You can get private label rights articles, private label rights eBooks, even private label rights software and scripts.

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For web site content, you want private label rights articles and eBooks. You can get private label rights articles and eBooks from membership web sites such as Gigantic Resale that specialize in resale rights and private label rights products. You can use the articles for web site content more directly. And you can use many of the eBooks as content for web sites by breaking them up into articles or web pages.

There are two advantages to getting your web site content from private label rights articles and eBooks rather than from article directories:

1. Generally you can put your name as the author. You can include it as regular web content or as an article with your resource box at the end. Check the terms of service of the private label rights to determine your rights in using it as web site content.

2. Generally you can also (and in some cases must) edit and modify the text to make it unique. This is especially true if you have a private label rights eBook that grants you the rights to break it up into articles or pages as content for web sites. Again, be sure to check the terms of service of the private label rights to determine your rights.

Breaking up private label rights books into articles is a great way to get content for web sites. Why? Because it takes effort. Most people will not take the time and effort. If you do, you will have more unique content on your web site. Unique content is another aspect of "content is king."

Search engines hunger for content. With articles from article directories and private label rights articles and eBooks, you can feed that hunger with an unending supply of content for your web sites. As the search engines gobble up your web site content, it won't take long to understand why content is king!

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Mike Adams has been creating and promoting web sites almost since the Web began. You can find great content for web sites at his article directory,, or in private label rights products from

Is Proofreading Necessary In Content Writing?

Silly grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typo errors are few mistakes which are common in any content writing. But if they are not rectified then it brings bad name to your company. And the end result is that your potential customer is gone. That’s why foolproof editing and proofreading is an important aspect of all good content writing. This helps you to revise your article before publishing and also make sure that it is error free. Also in today’s world errors are really costly, thus it is must to have a proofreader.

Proofreader makes sure that all the quotation marks and parentheses are in place. After that comes punctuation. While proofreading any content, all the unnecessary crowding or extra spacing should be removed. Also special attention should be given to the addresses and phone numbers and it is wise to double check the addresses, phone numbers, and spellings of proper names. This helps in avoiding any future embarrassment. Furthermore, it is important to update calendar listings and check bullet placements. Photograph placement is one area which requires thorough attention. It is always said that content writing should be done by keeping content placement in mind as it helps in the correct placement. This makes sure that content is in tandem with the photograph and doesn’t give a jarring effect. Proofreading content isn’t tedious and unexciting job and neither time consuming. It’s the interesting one as by this one get know the latest information along with improvement in their vocabulary.

As per the experts the content written should be proofread just to ensure that your site has professional, organized web content especially company brochures, product information or data sheets and other publications intended for your customers as well as, reports in the public domain. By seeing the emergence of content writing, a sudden rise in proofreading is also noticed. That’s why all those companies offering content writing now also offers proofreading services. This makes one stop shop for all your requirements. Almost all the web content writing companies have expert proofreaders who do the editing and proofreading of the content that eliminates grammatical and syntax construction errors, defects in the flow of the text and smoothes out any glitches in the language.

If you already have written articles, then proofreaders in content writing companies can carefully scrutinize it for spelling mistakes, errors in usage of language, grammar, and other inconsistencies. They’ll not only mark the mistakes but also rectify them so that you get the well edited and perfect content. Apart from that they’ll also highlight the problem areas so that you don’t repeat them in the future. So if you’re hunting for a content writing services then proofreader will also be there just to assure you that you’ll be getting the edited and polished content. Moreover you don’t have any doubts when it comes to expertise and attention as these content writing companies will draw on their expertise to for each web content writing project.

The author is budding web content writer and experienced in writing quality content for various web sites. You can view his weblog for more information.

Relevant Content Writing Is An Art

Web site content writing is the art of delicate balancing of targeted web content that helps in overall enhancement of web business. After you've started web site, it's time for developing it. Proper content development aims to establish firm relation between targeted web content and commensurate increase in web business.

In immediate context, web site content writing has direct relevance with the central theme of web site. It defines the space between the extremities of a loosely-focused content and one that is too tightly focused. Since the ultimate test of viability of web business rests on 2 main pillars, namely attracting traffic and conversion to sale, it is therefore essential that proper content writing adequately addresses at least one of the two, but preferably both depending on type of web business.

To better understand the concept of relevance in content writing, let us take the example of 3 travel-related sites. Say one web site is that of a travel agency whose business is to sell tour packages to interested travelers. The travel agency's web site will pictorially describe all places where it arranges tour packages. It will also narrate the important landmarks to visit in each destination, dealing briefly on historical events associated with each. While at it, the travel agency’s web site will have to focus on facilities and attractiveness of its tour packages, stressing on benefits in terms of cost and service vis-à-vis other agencies. The main goal of the web site will be to convert its online viewers to willing customers, because that is how the travel agency will earn money to run its web business. In this case, content writing is more tilted toward conversion to sale while attempting to attract traffic.

In the second instance, suppose a web site is operated by a travel infopreneur. He deals on same geographical area as that of travel agency's. But while travel agency sells tour packages, the infopreneur simply provides lot of information about the place. What will be content writing tactics for him? The infopreneur’s web site will need to have plenty of relevant content which will mostly be pure information to help viewers gain first-hand knowledge about the place. His web site will therefore not only mention all information about tourist destinations, but will also include such details like the people who inhabit the place, their culture, the local art and crafts and so on. The infopreneur earns money from targeted ads (like Googgle AdSense) which he has placed in his web site. He also earns commission by referring his visitors to the travel agency above and other concerned entities. While the infopreneur will surely nudge viewers to buy tour packages from the travel agency, there will be marked absence of emphasis on conversion to sale as is the case with travel agency above.

Evidently, content writing differs according to central theme of web site as well as nature of web business. In addition to above 2 scenarios, a third possibility could be one where local crafts are being sold on web site. It is a merchant web site, and so after the web site has concisely described the place, the people who live and their lives, it will need to branch out to showcase the crafts on sale which is its main activity. The craft web site will have to maintain focus on converting visits to sales, because that is how it will run its web business. As can be seen, in each of these three cases, the central theme changes though the broad subject remains almost same. Needless to say, content writing for each web site will alter in keeping with central theme of each.

Relevant Content Writing Is More Of Content Management

Let us examine the point. As we know, traffic generates from targeted contents which depend on chosen set of relevant keyword phrases. What happens is that based on keyword phrases, you write web contents that directly relate to the central theme of your web site. This is easier to say than follow in actual practice. Often web site content writing becomes either too narrow or too broad in relation to central theme.

This is where content writing takes the hue of managing content. This means that every content to be added needs careful analysis as to whether it will seamlessly mix with other contents that are already in place, whether or not the fresh content is a replication, whether it translates to affirmative action favoring web business and how it relates to the central theme of the web site. More often than not, content writing is a balancing act between narrow and broad foci and therefore needs elemental judgment. To err in judging is common and expected. In that case, it will be necessary to unearth the mismatch and remove it/them at the earliest.

Convergence Of Ideas

Before taking up content writing, it is essential to decide on the main direction the web site is to take. Since content development is an ever-growing necessity, it helps over the long term if sufficient attention is given in the beginning itself. A well-structured web site will have clear hierarchy which will define as to how the contents will grow in future. I have come across instances where web site owners ask a couple of hundred contents to be written in 3 months or so. According to me, this amounts to committing yourself too much in advance.

Maintaining targeted content is an art and follows the logic of convergence of ideas. Even a small mismatch in ideas may translate into either overlapping of contents or wide divergence in them. In large organizations, where content writing is divided among clusters of writers, there is real chance of content management going haywire. To prevent such events from taking place, there must be frequent and close coordination among cluster heads and among cluster members. In small organizations on the other hand, rare are instances where content writing falters. Even if that happens, remedial measures are taken fast, and so downtime is minimum. On the flip side, small organizations cannot cater to heavy work-load which only big organizations can.

Summing Up

Since any successful web business is content-dependent, there has to be consensual approach and long-term planning in content management which will be in tune with the central theme of its web site. A loss of focus may create havoc in the long term, if not detected and corrected early. There ought to be 'good content, relevant content and more of good relevant content'. Finally the watchword: slow and steady wins the race.

Partha Bhattacharya is an experienced web content provider. This article can also be seen at Partha's weblog on web marketing, a big help for small web site owners.

A Simple Process To Create More Content and Bring Traffic For Your Website

So, you have created a web site about a subject that you are passionate about; and you are proud of the look and feel of the site. Now what? How is this web site going to generate the traffic you are looking for and earn its keep?

No matter what your web site focuses on (management, goal setting, dog training, ice skating, computer programming, arts & entertainment, home & garden, humor, etc.) your whole purpose of building it was to reach a target audience. If you are selling a product or a service, you want as many people to visit your site as possible to increase your sales opportunities. You can try spreading the word about your site to friends and family, but that will only get you so far. Your site must be picked up by search engines and achieve a high page ranking to attract the attention and drive the web traffic you are looking for. There is one thing that makes this happen faster than anything else: CONTENT.

Adding content regularly to your web site and adding new pages each week is the key to success. New content attracts Search Engine Spiders (the key to being picked up and listed by search engines). These Spiders love sites with many pages. Sites with a lot of pages are viewed as being stronger authorities on the specific subject matter. Now, this can not be any old content. You will need to produce informative, useful, relevant material to post on your site. Does it sound like a ton of work? Well, let me tell you a secret that will let you work smarter rather than harder.

The answer is republishing free articles that are related to your niche market.

There are many people who have written excellent articles about the subject you are advertising or promoting. Many of these folks have posted these articles on sites like to gain exposure for their own web sites. Carefully choosing these articles, adding them to your site and attaching additional revenue generating tools to the new web pages will launch your new site to the next level.

Here is why:

* Articles generate interest in your niche market by educating the reader.

* Articles create credibility for your site; consumers appreciate useful resource information.

* Articles provide the free content that you need to add to your site to be noticed by search engines.

* Articles spark people’s interest and encourage them to save your site in their favorites and return often!

* Articles are a great introduction to other web sites; use articles as a way to link to other sites and request links back to yours.

By using articles you can change the depth of your site and generate income! Here are some steps that you will want to take to produce the positive results.

1. Write your own articles and post them to free article directories. As an expert you will gain credibility if your writing has been published on the internet on sites other than your own. Remember to include an About the Author section and make sure you have a link to your site listed.

2. Use your articles as an introduction to additional articles. By establishing yourself as an expert readers will value your recommendations and look to your site for more information.

3. Add a section to your web site to link to new article pages. Use a title like “Recommended Articles”, “Free Resources”, or “Information You Need”.

4. Find and carefully choose articles in free directories that you feel your audience will respond to most.

5. Add new pages to your site. Each article is a new page! Make sure any link to other pages open in new browsers, so your reader keeps your site open.

6. Add Google Adsense and related affiliate program links to each new page to generate revenue for your site.

7. Email the article author to request a reciprocal link on their site. This will get your web site more exposure for increased traffic!

8. Take your article publication to a new level by creating a newsletter around your niche market. Set up a subscriber list and send you useful articles to your members. Your service will be appreciated and remembered; and you will build a list of possible customers!

Before you know it, your web site that you were so proud of, will grow to be a top ranked, highly visited niche market site that will bring you money, entertainment and satisfaction for a job well done.

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