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Is Duplicate Content A Hoax?

Some people believe that there is no such thing as duplicate content or any penalty imposed on sites for it.

I laugh at that suggestion because I have seen physical evidence of its' existence before my very eyes many times over the last few months. There was a time, if you Googled me you would get a staggering 95,000 results. Suddenly without any warning, it dropped to around 23,000.

This was a clear indication that the search engine had dropped most of the results because they were too similar (that is what duplicate content means).

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This is very serious business indeed. It means that while previously there were 95,000 indexed documents online with my name on them and mostly a link or at least mention of one of my sites. Overnight that number dwindled to only 23,000. It should be obvious that the more indexed pages out there that have a link leading to your site, the more traffic you will end up getting. Therefore the immediate effect was less traffic for my sites. Less traffic means less revenue. It means that all that work and effort I put in had suddenly been cut down to size.

This is the main reason why duplicate content should be a subject of great concern to anybody with an online presence. It also means that the rewards will always be enormous for anybody who learns enough about it to get round it and avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.

Anybody who claims the duplicate content thing does not exist should have their heads examined.

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Duplicate Content: How To Eliminate It

So how does somebody fight duplicate content? Or avoid it?

The first thing you have to do is make your articles very different from each other. Generally avoid the same topics which will lead you to very similar headlines.

Another often-ignored area is the resource box. Previously, I would use exactly the same wording on my resource box for hundreds of articles at a time. This will definitely sound off the duplicate content alarm bells.

One of the best way to overcome duplicate content is to narrow one's focus. For instance if your article is on illegal immigrants in the United States, narrow your focus to the illegal immigrants in the state of California.

If you must submit your article to numerous directories, then each article has to be different for maximum effect. Personally I usually submit only to a single high traffic articles directory. The viral effect takes over from there. While a number of these re-postings will inevitably be duplicate content, many others will not be because the webmasters re-posting the articles will know what to do. The best way to do it is to write a brief comment and then link to the article at source. Still even the duplicate content obtained virally does not concern me because it is other people's time and effort involved. And what's more, re-posting on a massive scale allows a good number to slip through the duplicate content dragnet (I estimate over 20 per cent).

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Why Importance of Links Has Skyrocketed With The Crackdown On Duplicate Content

With the ongoing campaign against duplicate content by leading search engines like Google, it means that the importance of links pointing at your site has increased tremendously.

The links will play a very important role in helping to get traffic to your site and indeed your articles and should be used side by side with articles marketing to reap the best results.

There are those who do not believe in purchasing or exchanging reciprocal links. Almost without exception this will be low traffic sites because all high traffic sites are involved in either or both of the two exercises. Is there really much difference between purchasing pay-per-click traffic in Adwords or another search engine pay per click program and purchasing it through text links? Buying links is the same as buying advertising space and is very important in the early development stages of a site in kick-starting its' accumulation of one way links from other sites that are not purchased.

The critical effect these early links have is that they help drive reasonable traffic to your site where your articles and content will hopefully build an audience over a brief period of time.

It is also useful because duplicate content issues have meant that a site builds up links much slower from articles than previously. However traffic generated by articles or through links in articles posted elsewhere has proved time and again to be so valuable that it is much more valuable than paid for traffic from Adwords.

Get more information on duplicate content at the author's duplicate content tips weblog . Or discover how to build text links traffic.

Web Content Providers

People all over the world are increasingly using the Net for their business needs. Companies are cashing in on this trend, which is definitely here to stay. To present facts to a global audience in an effective way, marketers need talented and creative web content providers to explain their products and services. They accomplish this either by keeping an in-house content provider or getting the work done by freelancers and contractors willing to provide content for a price.

Information on Web content providers can be easily gathered on various Websites. The people who have expertise in the area float their resumes and other writing details on the Web. This works well for employers who can easily access this information whenever the need arises. With more people coming onto the net to deliver services, people can easily hire the services of a Web content provider from other countries. This is popularly known as off shoring or outsourcing.

Web content writing is a vast area. To find the right Web content provider you have to narrow down your search according to your requirements. You should have a clear understanding of the purpose of your Website and the type of content it should carry. Knowing the target audience and the kind of content they seek will help you decide the type of content writer you want to hire.

Many organizations prefer getting their writing work done by a Web content writing service. It is important to judge the area of expertise and determine the writing style of their network of writers. Ask for some writing samples and review some previous work done for other organizations. Make sure they agree to your terms and conditions, including the delivery time and price. In case they disagree about some issue, it is important for you to search for another Web content provider.

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