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Targeted Content Sites By S. Housley

Highly targeted, focused sites that are related to specific market segments are highly advantageous and can often be created using existing web content. The key is to provide value.

Think of the time spent surfing the web gathering resources and information. By creating a topic-centric resource compiling information, webmasters are providing a service or value. In many cases that value is simply the compilation of topic-specific information in a single resource. The compilation of this information in itself is the value.

These highly focused content sites can be great supplemental portals that are invaluable as a marketing tool for niche products. Niche portals help define expertise in a specific market segment, not to mention the added benefit of providing valuable topic-specific links. The topic-centric portals also tend to achieve high search placement and will often provide advertisers high quality exposure, allowing webmasters the opportunity to capitalize on their efforts.

What to put in topical portal?

ARTICLES Many article writers allow webmasters to republish their articles.

Search the large article directories for quality topic-specific articles using keyword searches. The articles contained in these directories often allow publishers to freely reproduce the article's contents as long as the hyperlinks in the article and article resource box remain intact.

Resource for finding articles for publication: GoArticles -

RSS FEEDS By nature, RSS feeds are designed for syndication. Most RSS feeds can be freely reproduced. Locate topic-specific feeds using keyword or category searches. The contents of the feeds can be used to populate web pages. There are a number of free scripts available that allow webmasters to display the contents of an RSS feed (see for instructions on displaying feeds).

RSS art

It's so easy!

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Resources for finding RSS feeds for syndication: RSS Network - RSS Locator -

LINK DIRECTORY While this takes a little more time, compiling a collection of niche web sites on related topics can significantly enhance the value of a portal. Topic-specific directories and search engines can achieve high search engine rankings with the larger engines like Google and MSN, and can easily be optimized for a collection of search terms. The process can even be automated if you have programming experience.

Sample Link Directory -

TOPIC SPECIFIFC FORUM The most successful forums are those that are highly focused and niche-oriented. Establishing a community of individuals with common interests will result in return visitors. Managing a forum is not overly complex and there are free forum scripts available that will provide the forum structure. Many of the forums have scripts available that will allow for search engines to spider the contents and forum posts. As the content flourishes, the site will increase in value.

Free Forum Scripts:

More on topic-specific portals or information radars can be found in Robin Good's book 'Newsmastering'.

A site that is focused on a relatively narrow range of goods and services will find that there is less competition. Topic-centric web sites that provide a gateway to niche information related to a particular industry, sector, topic or market segment are becoming increasingly valuable and popular. Compiling the resource using free resources will minimize the capital investment. Regardless of whether you are marketing a product, service or advertising, narrowing the topic focus will attract a targeted audience who genuinely are interested in the web site topic, allowing you to monetize the portal, and minimize the expense.

About the Writer of this Article

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

Content Generation for the new search engine and searcher

When i first entered the arena of search engine optimization a few years ago i soon found out that backlinks were they key to sucess and i made the most of backlinks by being a slave to the search engines by linking my site in every spare moment i could.

Over the last few years i have found that the backlink is no longer as powerful as it was in the past and to survive and get better rankings we now need to add a lot more content to out sites than we did in the past.

Adding content to your site and learning to write goos copy is a much more pleasant task than the relentless stream of emails you need to send out in the past to get even a few confirmed backlinks to your site.

I have taken some time out od building sites to learn hot to write good copy and have even purchased some article manipulation tolls that speed up the process and generate good unique content.

One of the best tools have is a book i bought from a second hand book store which has taught me to write good and old fashioned copy and has also taught me the basics of correct grammar in the style it was taught in the past before we had the much used spellchecker which we all prize and utilize every day.

I have considered what constities good copy and integrated what i have learned with the modern lifestyle which is much shorter on time than 30 years ago when the book i bought was first published.

The modern attentian span is much shorter than it was in the past and i integrate this into my articles and writing by making the blocks of text a lot smaler than is reccommended in books of yesteryear and it is more or a bite size chunk now.

One of the things i do notice is that the modern reader and typer no longer needs to have the full amount of letters in the words and as an example you are now free to use m8 instead of mate which has been used for the last few decades.

About the Writer of this Article

Mick is a Black Hat Seo and has been in business on the internet for over 4 years. This article can be reproduced freely as long as you include a live link to with the `anchor text` <strong>Articlebot</strong> Content Generator

MicroWorld releases new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5 - the antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

Michigan - May 20, 2005 - MicroWorld Technologies, Inc. the leading solutions provider in the area of Anti-virus and Content security, has announced the launch of its new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5, the antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

The new version of MailScan provides additional security features to allow users to monitor the TCP connections on their systems, and use enhanced Anti-SPAM control to fight SPAM.

The new security feature interface displays all the active TCP connections to your computer. It lists information about the processes, protocols, local addresses, remote addresses and Process Status on the computer. It allows you to identify any unauthorized access to your mail server and take effective counter measures to safeguard your system.

MailScan 4.5 provides the user with real time access to Relay Blackhole List at <>; for IPs of known Spammers. The site maintains active real-time Blackhole list that you can use to verify if any IP that connects to your MailServer is listed as that of a known Spammer, and take appropriate action.

MailScan 4.5 is the next step in the continuing process to provide added security to mail servers against virus attacks, SPAM and other forms of security threats to networks via e-mail.

Mr Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies, Inc. says "MicroWorld's MailScan 4.5 with its new features, is a step forward in strengthening our products to ensure that corporate gateways are well-protected from ever increasing and smart Internet intruders. Continuous development has made MailScan one of the most popular mail gateway security products available in the markets today."

MicroWorld Technologies is one of the leading solution providers for Information Technology, Content Security and Communications Software.

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