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The Value of Finding Great Web Content

It goes without saying in today's competitive Internet market that content is still king. We've heard it over the years and are living it as recently as today. The need for web content is not going away. It's growing every second! What are you doing about it?

Do you have your head buried in the sand hoping that the 100 pages that you loving created for your site are going to make you millions? There may be a few lucky ones out there that can use that approach and get away with it, but for the rest of us it just isn't practical. Search engines are devouring content at an alarming rate. They are on the search for not just any old content, but fresh, relevant content to slurp up on a regular basis.

Let's face it. Not all webmasters are Hemmingway's, so they look to someone else to help them produce content, which adds up quickly. Writer's fees for good quality content can add up into the thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Are your good sites earning enough to cover your content costs? If you're like most, they aren't earning enough to pay thousands a month in writer's fees.

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The best solution I've found is to use an article service. However, be warned. Not all article services are the same! The three most important things in choosing an article service are: High quality articles, Well-researched niches and Exclusive memberships. If content is king to get visitors to your sight, then the quality must be readily evident when they arrive. Nothing less will do.

If the articles aren't written on well researched niches, then your content may never be found. Don't compete with people unnecessarily. Find niches and exploit them. A good article service can help you do that.

Exclusive memberships are a must in my book. Look for memberships that have 300 people or less. Fewer members mean less competition when you use the articles. Plus, with most memberships you are given full rights to the articles to modify them as you see fit thus making them even more unique. One of the best memberships out there today is

About the Writer of this Article

Matt is the owner/operator of, which supplies 375 articles to its limited membership of only 200 people. Memberships fill up fast, so be sure to get yours while they're still available!

The Quality in Your Site's Content

Adding quality content helps to increase your site's traffic and gives people a reason to come back. There are numerous reason why adding content to your site is important and this article will discuss just why this is.

One of the most effective and most dependable ways to increase the amount of traffic to your web site is to offer more quality content. I'm sure you have heard it said that on the Internet, content is king. Well, it's true! There are numerous reason why adding content to your site is important and this article will discuss just why this is.

Getting away from the "business card web site": A lot of web sites are simply avenues to allow a company to have a web presence and are essentially just a form of an online business card or brochure. This type of web site gives nothing to the viewer accept a short iformational about what the company does and how to contact them. To get new web viewers and to keep viewers coming back you need to give them a reason to, creating qaulity content frequently is just that reason.

The Benifits of Original Content: When creating your content remember that original is better! There are easy ways to add content that is specific to your site, but allready found on the web through numerous online article repositories. While these are still good resources to use, using these alone will not benifit the overall goal of having original content. Search engines look at the the number of sites that have the exact same content as less of a factor when deciding there overall rankings. However: submitting a selected number of articles to such directories will help you get your information published on relevant sites specific to your keywords and industry. A sample online article repository is found at:

Making sure to include qaulity links: One important aspect of your site that factors into search engine's view of your site is relevance. By containing links to relevant sites in your content, and your web site overall, you will show the search engines exactly what your site is trying to accomplish and make your site more relevant for particular search queries. This is especially true when it comes to human edited directories you wish to be found in.

Ideas for Creating content for your site:

+ Industry specific news and relevant happenings makes great content ideas.

+ Product reviews make a great source of content and help introduce sellable items and services.

+ User forums are a great way to let the site viewers help you create related content for your web site.

+ Company background information and company news are ways to generate more content and drive more traffic.

+ Create an article section on your web site and include guest writers, articles from repositories, and always include your own unique articles as well.

+ RSS feeds are a great way to add constanly updating content to your web site through every changing, industry specific news and events brought in by other sources. We will get into this method at a later date, in another posting.

Just remember one thing, the more content the better becasue Content Is King!

-Todd Levi

About the Writer of this Article

Todd Levi is one of the internet's premier web design and search engine specialists. He currently run's his web design business at and also conducts an informitive weblog at

Look Out For Content

Search engines list web pages in order of relevance to a search. How relevant to a search is the content of your web site?

One of several factors contributing to relevance to a search is the content of a web site. If you search the web for say toys, then it goes without saying that web sites at the top of the search results will be all about toys, more toys and have many details about toys.

Times have changed:
Websites built a few years ago had less competition for search rankings. There are now more competing web sites being added every day on any subject. Many web sites still present just a home page mentioning the product or service once, with contact details. The pages may be well laid out with attractive graphics. But their owners need to understand why they are not high in search results. It is now almost impossible for a web site with just a home page and a few inside pages to be found high in search results.

What is relevant content?
If Website A displays its products, details of their uses, descriptions, related information and articles about them, and Website B just displays its products, obviously Website A has more relevant content than Website B. Website A will be more highly ranked than Website B. If there are a million listings for that product, then it's unlikely that Website B will be found in the first few pages.

How to get relevant content:
Fill your home page with many words about the products, mentioning the products as often as possible. e.g. If the products are toys, then say: "toys are... toys do... big toys... little toys... new toys... toys have... toys to suit..." etc. Persuade your visitors that you know everything there is to know about your products. Have as many inside pages as possible mentioning the products and linking back to the home page. Web pages for:

- descriptions of the products,
- expanded product details,
- comparisons with other products,
- uses for the products,
- maintenance of the products,
- frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the products,
- histories of the products,
- new products,
- newsletters, with archives of previous issues,
- top ten sales,
- special promotions,
- articles about the products,
- testimonials mentioning the products,
- links to other relevant web sites about the products.

Get help from others:
Your customers can provide all the content for 'Frequently Asked Questions' pages and 'Testimonials' or 'Feedback' pages. If you can't spend time writing articles, or can't write articles, there are many article publishing web sites happy to provide these to you. It all increases the content of your web site.

Be relevant:
The more relevant content you can get, the higher your web site will rank. But if you don't rank high because you don't have relevant content, then all the money you have spent making the web site look beautiful could be wasted if not enough people see it

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