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Online Content Networks: Make Easy Money Writing Online?

The thought of making even a part-time income as a freelance Web writer from home can be quite appealing. Yet, finding small niche sites that are looking for articles, paying a decent amount of money, and buying content from freelancers with your particular expertise can be a daunting task. Enter online content networks. You probably come across articles on some of the larger content networks on a regular basis through search engines. Having experience working with three such networks, I'd like to share some background on content networks in general, what they're like to work with, and then follow with a comparison of the three networks I'm experienced with.

What Are Content Networks?

When I refer to content networks, I mean a group of web sites, each covering a niche topic, but still housed under one large umbrella site. The three content networks I'll soon be comparing are (where I was a former writer), (where I am a current Editor), and (who I am currently building my third niche site with). Often, sites within a content network are managed by an expert in a field who serves at the site's writer, front-line editor / proofreader, blogger, and manager of a discussion forum, newsletter, or other site features. In some cases, writers even have some say over the design and layout of their site and content.

What is it Like to Work for Content Networks?

What it's like to work with content networks can vary greatly from one network to the next. But in all cases, you have the ability to focus on a subject you enjoy and are qualified to write on (or they probably wouldn't have accepted your application in the first place). You also have a lot of flexibility in your schedule, because you'll work as a freelance writer. Despite the fact that pay scales and methods can vary greatly, you also have the potential to earn money and over and over again from the same articles you've written, instead of simply being paid a one-time fee.

The Networks

Please note that all information I mention regarding the networks below is pulled from personal experience and from information readily available on their web sites between late 2005 and May 2006. Each of the networks reserves the right to change their general pay structures, writer requirements, and anything else at any given time, and you should check the network's official site for the latest information. The information below is opinion-based from experience, and will cover some of the best and worst points of each network. - One of the best qualities of is the fact that they have the best pay structure for new writers (called Guides on the site), currently listed on their site as a $500 per month guarantee for the Guide's first twelve months on the job. Another positive note with is that they have the backing of, and are owned by, The New York Times Company. That fact can help Guides more easily get review copies of products and books, interviews, and other necessary contacts for information they'd like to use on their sites. Despite how good that may sound, the biggest negative aspect of is that they have somewhat rigged rules, in order to keep the network looking unified, so you have less control over your content there, and they probably take the least amount of feedback from writers.

RSS art

RSSUnderground Editor's Tip! Hey - do you want to have a free hosted web site that you can use for anything you want? The only catch is that these guys show an Adsense ad at the top of the page - but so what! You can still use it to promote your business or other web sites! I do not make any money from telling you this - just the satsisfaction of knowing I am helping my fellow webmasters and marketers find quality free web hosting! Check it out! It's worth it - it's free! - The difference in pay scales between Suite101 and About is similar in that the basic pay scales are based on pageview rates (the number of pageviews your site draws for the network), but different in that Suite101 currently has a set rate for all sites ($2 per 1000 pageviews as listed on their site now) whereas About's rates are variable. The biggest plus to working with Suite101 is that the company just underwent a reorganization and is going through a series of positive changes and growth right now, including hiring a large number of writers. Suite101 is also fantastic at listening to writers' and editors' feedback and suggestions to consider improvements network-wide. The biggest negative for writers would be the fact that there is no guaranteed pay. It's strictly based on pageviews. - All Info About (or AIA) is a UK-based network with writers all over the world. The best part about AIA is that writers retain the most control over their content, and can decide how to lay out many aspects of their site (from their color choices to whether or not they want to include a weblog to organizing their navigation structures in the most effective way to suit their content). The biggest drawback is that the network doesn't pay. However, writers have control over most of the ads on their site, and they can monetize them in other ways such as selling their own relevant products or services. But despite the lack of direct payments, AIA recently started breaking sites onto their own domain names, instead of sub-domains on most networks, and running a site on their network instead of on your own can allow you network support through the writer community and enormous cross-linking opportunities to help you grow your traffic.

Overall, each of these networks has their pros and cons. If you opt to give content network writing a try, just be certain to weigh how much the issues of pay, freedom over your content, and open ears of management mean to you. Once you have your own priorities, you're sure to find a content network that will fit the bill.

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Learn How Improving Your Web Site Content Could Improve Your ROI

Web Content, content, content. What the Search Engines were originally designed for and over time web content has been somewhat put on the back burner of Website Marketing Importance.

Good Web Site Content could set your site apart from your competition online by providing the information that surfers find so valuable as well as search engines and putting together great copy that sells could convert visitors into buyers or subscribers.

Although web content is important, well-written web copy that demands attention, talks to the customer and gives a proper call to action can be very powerful in your web site marketing campaigns.

Here is how you can make you web site content sell: First thing to consider is the headline, it should speak out loud grabbing the attention of the reader making them want to read on. Be creative and don't be afraid to be a little controversial.

Then you may want to start with a question or a statement that makes the reader start to think about the problem they are having which is the reason they are looking for the answer that can solve that problem.

Next you may want to list some bullet points which list problem solving items to their problem. Try to avoid talking strictly about how great your item is, how wonderful your service is, this area will come later.

Note: Internet surfers can tell in seconds if your are advertising to them in your web site content, I think it is better to ease the reader to the call to action vs jumping in there face with another lame ad. Studies have shown that visitors will just click away if they feel that your are selling to them instead of trying to solve a problem for them.

The idea is that your web site content needs to create trust with the customer, make them invision using your product an or service and have them realize that they just can't live with out your product. If you show that you can help ease there pain and solve the problem they have they will be more likely to purchase from you.

Next you can tell them a little information about you and your products and or service.

This one may seem like it does not have much importance because customers should know what to do next but it is very important to include a call to action ( buy now!, call today!, click here, etc ) telling them what you want them to do next. This part is crucial.

There is more in-depth information about web site content writing but I think this will give you a good idea on what you may want to think about when putting together your web site content.

This article was written by Wayne Hagerty certified Search Engine Internet Marketing professional with years of SEO experience. Discover how to increase traffic to your web site. FREE Internet marketing news, and more. Succeed online, visit us today at:

The Importance of Writing Great Website Content

The next time you visit a web site, take a moment to stop and ask yourself "why am I visiting this web site?" Chances are your answer is going to have something to do with the content. The fact is, content is king. Having the most unique and informative content that is relevant to your genre of web site will greatly increase user retention. We'll discuss some key components to keeping your web site content fresh and keeping it relevant!

Choose a Topic You're An Expert In Consider this. You have just discovered the world of online affiliation where you can make money through advertisements placed on your web site. You see advertisements on just about every web page on the net these days, mostly in the form of Google AdSense "Sign up for Google AdSense and start earning commissions today!" Sure, it sounds great and it can be very profitable, but the mistakes many new webmasters will make is choosing a market that they feel will make them a quick buck rather than choosing something they are passionate about. The result of this over-enthusiasm for capital gain is typically a web site that lacks originality, style, and quality content. You'll find that the key to success is providing users with a quality site where content is your main focus. Once you've established a niche that you feel comfortable in and can showcase a strong knowledge on your subject matter, content will come easy.

Enlist The Help of Ghost Writers Writing quality content can be time consuming. The more ambitious your site is, the more quality content you'll need to provide. Don't be afraid to enlist the help of Ghost Writers to help you fill those empty pages. As long as you enlist the help of others who are experts in your chosen web site category, you'll be well off with the additional content writers. Try asking some colleagues if they'll write an article or two, post messages on forums stating that you're looking for a content writer. Of course not everyone is willing to help without some form of compensation. If you site offers services that users typically pay for, try offering those services to a select few friends or colleague for free in exchange for articles and content.

Be Your Own Worse Critic When it comes down to the quality of your content, be your own worse critic. Be nitpicky about every little nuance and aspect of every sentence you write down. Read it several times over, making sure it's relaying effectively the message you're trying to get across. When in doubt, have a friend or co-worker read through your content and get their honest opinions. You only have a few seconds to make an impression on your users, so never publish anything that is less than perfect. Your goal is to make sure your content contains useful and quality information without error before being seen by visitors of your site. Also, make sure to run your article through a spell check (such as with MS Word) before publishing it.

Add Something New Each Day A web site that remains static will not retain users. It's fact. For your web site to keep generating repeat traffic, you need to give your users something new each day. They will need to see constant changes, new articles, and up to the minute news and information so they will be intrigued in coming back. Never fall into a comfort zone where you feel you can "wait another day" to update your site. You can be sure of one thing, if you're not on top of your web site, the competition will be!

Write Your Content For Users, Not Search Engines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to search engines, content is important to users. Do not confuse the two. Content should be written with the user in mind, without thinking about how it will impact search engines. Content written for search engines usually are comprised of keyword stuffing (repetitiveness of key words), which more often that not will make the content neither useful nor particularly enjoyable to read. You will be doing a disservice to yourself and your users if you write your content for search engines.

By focusing on the user you'll soon reap the benefits of quality content that was written with passion and knowledge. Over time you'll find that you'll receive residual traffic as other webmasters link to your site, users post your URL in forums, and word of mouth spreads. Although content is just one component to generating traffic to your site (you still need to apply SEO), it will ensure that the traffic you do get keeps coming back for more.

David Nicolosi is a Senior Programming consultant and SEO expert with over 10 years experience in the IT industry. David currently owns several successful web sites, including Free Links Direct, a free SEO service that provides one-way links and quality SEO articles and tips.

New cameras provide good content for a photography web site

So you plan to create a web site meant solely for photography and topics related to photography? The most important thing to do for this is to gather and create useful and interesting content for the web site. Remember that your photography web site is going to become a marketing tool for your web site, and so your web site content should accordingly reflect this. You could actually create the web design for your photography web site using the numerous software and templates available on the Internet. However, if you do use this software or template, you will not be able to create a unique web site as anyone else can design a web site using the same software or template, and will thus resemble your photography web site.

So if you plan to have a photography web site that is unique, you could enlist the services of a professional web designer. The web designer helps you create a web site using his expertise. If you are not satisfied, you could make some changes to the designs he gives, to finally come across the best web site designs. The additions and deletions you make in the web site design all come in the web designer's package, and he is not to charge extra for that work. The professional web designer may cost a bit but compared to the profits you make through the web site, this fare can be considered negligible.

If you plan to write your own content for your photography web site, remember to appeal to the emotions of your web site visitors. Make it a point to highlight the benefits of photography; like the benefits of digital photography, where you can do all the developing and printing of photos in the comfort of your house; without having to go to a photo developing shop. You could include programs for novices to organize photos into albums. By doing this, the visitor learns how to load the photographs into a community building web page that permits sharing of photos address books and chat rooms. Including photography tips is very important in a photography web site, as everyone is always on the lookout for tips to make their photography better and more attractive. All these points make the visitor more interested in visiting your web site to read the content of the web site.

Of course, other content that could be entered in a photography web site would be newsletters and articles of new products and services that are available for improved photography. The photography market is improving everyday, with new cameras, video cameras, printers and photo accessories coming out everyday. By including all this in the photography web site, people will be informed about the developments in the world of photography. Since there are many photography contests going on around the country and the world, including information about this too is feasible for the photography web site. In this way, people who are interested in the competitions may participate in these competitions. News about the numerous photography events going on too is another piece of information that could be included in the photography web site. This way, photographers can visit these events to have a look at the work of others' photography and thus make improvements in their own photography.

To make the content of your photography web site more interesting and appealing to the visitors, you could consider including banners buttons and clip art in the photography web site. However, avoid creating too big banners and graphic designs for the photography web site, as visitors are not actually that patient to wait for these big files to download; they may leave the web site for waiting for so long. Another thing to remember when creating a web site for photography; is that it is vital to use terminology that the general public understands, as it is they who will be most visiting your web site. Don't use industry jargon and abbreviations, as a well-written site is one that entices sales and improves your search engine rankings. This can be done only if the visitor actually understands what is on your photography web site!

As your photography web site may also contain cameras and camera accessories for sale, it is important that you eliminate apprehensions of visitors buying online. You have to ensure them that you have a privacy policy, which they can easily access. Display your contact information on your web site as this lends credibility and reassures potential buyers. Showing satisfaction of your products and services with testimonials from past clients too is an important part of your photography web site. They are an excellent marketing tool, just make sure that the testimonials are legitimate. You could legitimize the testimonials by including the person's title, business name and web site too. Make your purchase process in the photography web site easy for the visitor to understand. Keep the purchase buttons at easily identifiable points by using action words like 'buy now' on the buttons. This is sure to give an increase in the sales of your photography equipment and also more visits to your web site! So keep all these points in mind when creating a photography web site and see the popularity of the web site soar!

Thomson Joseph is a Freelance web site designer and Search Engine optimizer at small business web design and

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