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If Content is King, Make your Website a Kingdom

Everywhere on the Internet you look now, it seems that content -- free as much as paid for -- is flourishing. E-zine publishing is at an all-time high. Blogging is hip. And even the Search Engines are showing that this is not a fad, but a trend.

In this day and age of online marketing, content has been heralded as king, and for good reasons. People flock to sites not because of the flashy graphics nor the astounding features nor the witty domain name of the said pages, but because of the information contained therein that would enlighten them with their queries of the moment.

Content is even more potent in winning visitors than, say, search engine placements. You may derive a tremendous amount of traffic from the search engines, but if your content is junk, your visitors will never come back. But with good content, alas, you'll have for yourself recurring visitors who will be eager to read your latest update.

You are most probably aware about the importance of traffic. Relying on unique visitors alone won't give you the traffic that can be considered as sustainable. You must find a way that would encourage previous visitors to return to your site as well. Good content does this with relative ease.

It goes without saying then that your web site should have rich, premium, informative content. Content is indeed king, and your web pages serves as the throne. For the success of your business, your web site should be constructed as such.

Here are some simple steps that would help you build a content site, and fast:

* Develop the layout that is simple and pleasant to the eyes. By keeping away from flashy ornaments, you'll be able to manipulate the focus of your visitors to the content you want to share. Let your content carry your web pages and let the words speak for themselves.

* You cannot rely on words alone, no matter how witty and cleverly used they are. There should be substance behind them as ultimately, the worth of your words is what would impress upon your visitors the true value of your web site as a quality resource hub. So do your research. Make sure you know the subject matter by heart before writing your content. If you have questions about the same, do not try to conceal it them with silence. Seek out the answers and leave no bases uncovered. Make your content as comprehensive as possible, and your visitors won't have to look elsewhere to find the answers they are seeking.

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* Your content should be presented credibly. Employing good writing skills would be instrumental to achieve this. Pay attention to the intricacies of writing for the web. Write well, but in a simple manner. Avoid using jargons and flowery words. Keep your paragraphs short so that you could make good use of negative space, that blank area between clusters of words which would allow your readers' eyes to rest. Use bullets and numberings as much as possible. Online users are not really known for their patience, and this is something you have to work on.

* When writing your content, make sure that the first part of your piece is capable of grabbing your visitors' interest, so that they would be motivated to read on. In these times of convenient surfing, bear in mind that your readers can always go to another site if they don't find your content engaging. The challenge lies in capturing their interests and giving them what they want. This would compel them to read on and stay.

* Always update your web site with new content. Not only will the search engines love this, resulting in a higher page rank for your site, your visitors will likewise be encouraged to return to your site come for the new information you would share.

* Consider using blogs instead of traditional HTML designs. Blogs are very easy to set up and update. Once you have typed your entries, all you have to do is to click on a button to publish them. A lot of Internet marketers actually use blogs in creating several mini-sites for their AdSense campaign. Blogs allow them to set up multiple pages in one day. And with the way blogs are favorably getting indexed at the forefront of every search engine result, their value has fantastically increased in recent months!

Content is king, but you wield control. Furnish the king with royal garments and surely, your online kingdom would reap the rewards at a faster rate.

About the Writer of this Article

Jorge Pinkus is CEO and Founder of, where you can get now a 90-page e-book where you can learn the most powerful search engine optimization strategies. Click here to download it immediately:

How to Make your Content Management System / Web Portal more secure durring setup.

Most people who use a CMS/Portal do so because they are very simple to setup. A web site in a box so to speak. What 99% of the users dont know is that there are ways to make it more secure and less likely to be hacked durring the install process! What i am going to explain here is the simple change one can make durring the install to help keep the database secure! I will be using PostNuke CMS/Portal as my example!

Most people take for granted that the information preloaded in the database setup screen is there and should not be changed. Well the example here is the Database Table Prefix. For Postnuke and PHP-Nuke they come with a default setting of "nuke". When setting up these settings you should follow your host's information as far as database host, user name, password, and database name are concerned. On the issue of the database table prefix you can and should change it from "nuke" to anything you like.

An example of a good database table prefix is alpha-numeric. "If for example your first name is Eric and you want to use that as your database table prefix i would use "3r!c", or if it were Amanda and you want to use that "4m4nd4"". You can use anything you really want for the prefix but for a more secure database dont use the default "nuke", or whatever default setting comes with the CMS/Portal you decide to use!

About the Writer of this Article

Jason Grant is lead developer of Custom Portal a content management system written in PHP scripting lanuage.

The Adult Webmaster - Legal Content or Free Nude Girls

A quick search on any search engine for, say, Naked Teens, Beautiful Nude Girls, or Anus as Art will show thousands of sites of all types (OK, that last one was an even more shameless plug than most on this site but try it anyway...) I'm sure that every single kink is represented on the web these days. So what's a budding pornographer to do?

This man's opinion is to publish what you like. If you like sexy ass pictures then so be it. If watching guys fuck boots is what gets you going then you can count on it that there is someone out there who shares your passion.

One point which may be obvious but it needs to be considered anyway is this: The more specific your niche the less people will be looking for it BUT you will have less competition. Nice Tits will be rather popular - just look at the number of sites found in Yahoo - well over 7 mil when I did the search. There were "only" 900,000 boot copulation aficionados.

That said, I repeat - if you like them boobs then go forth and publish them to your heart's content.

The reason is one which many articles like this don't want to mention. There is a shit-load of competition. And, there is a ton of free porn to be had. The simple truth for anyone wanting to get into this bizz is that: * It will take time - 3...6...12 months - before you can really hope for any money * You may never make the big bucks

I hate to admit it but it's true. So, set up a simple, free site. Sign up with a few affiliate programs. Do spend the time to promote your site - it may take a few hours but it will pay off. But mostly have fun. If you like the pictures anyway, go ahead and wank away - and tell anyone nosing around that your working. Because you are. :-)

I might be tempting to simply scour your hard drive and post all your favorite pictures. But think twice:

Did you download those pics from some free gallery or get them in email? Don't post. Chances are they're copyrighted and you don't have legal permission to use them. Did you take the pics yourself? Cool - now, do you have a signed model release form and proof of the model's age at the time the pics were taken?

Unless you have legal permission to publish material then don't do it. Owners of commercial materials (which will probably account for over 90% of your private jerk-off collection) tend to be very possessive. Oh sure, many sites give permission to download for private, personal, non-commercial use. But they can get very ugly if they discover someone posting the pictures in any manner not intended by the owner.

The fastest way around this dilemma is to sign up for affiliate programs. There are tons which cover every taste from women masturbating to beautiful ass-hole shots to whathaveyou. And best of all - you can get paid for promoting these sites. This is the main way you can make some pocket change.

Typically you get 50% of the money for each sign-up. That's pretty good since many sites cost $20-$40/mo. An important thing to remember - unless you are just into their content and don't plan on any real dough from them - don't sign up with a company that doesn't pay on residuals! Nearly everyone does these days. But just in case. Residual income can turn into a nice chunk of change. The average guy (we won't be PC and kid ourselves - women are not consumers of internet porn) who joins a pay site remains a member of that site for 3-6 months. If you make 1 sale a month and your share is $15 - without residuals you make $15 / mo. But with them? In 1/2 a year your getting $45-$90 / mo. And that doesn't take into account any growth in your traffic.

If your traffic and sales grow by 10% / mo. then in that same time you'll be signing up 2 guys / mo. I know this doesn't sound like much but 2 things to remember: at least at the start treat this as a hobby and you can have some fun without getting discouraged by less than stellar incomes (you'd be looking at dirty pics anyway and maybe even paying for them, right?)unless you're an old hand at internet business and promotions, your growth is likely to be slow and a bit sporadic in the beginning. But, if you keep at it making a couple hundred bucks a month for something you'd be doing anyway is completely realistic. And if you like dreaming - there are stellar performers who make 10's of $1,000 per month. True, true, it's all true.

Below are some of my favorite content providers. They are all hetero, they range from the artistic nudes right on down to lesbian anal hardcore. They are all reputable (they won't steal your money), and they are all good quality money making sites. Check them out. Sign up.

Lightspeed Cash Ron Harris Archives (Click "Webmasters")
MagicNudes (a Met-Art Site)
Medium Pimpin'

The author has been dabbling in web porn & erotic art (and wondering what the difference is) for about 10 years. It is primarily way for him to experiment with more traditional web marketing and SEO techniques in a highly competitive field while enjoying lovely naked ladies at the same time. What Bliss.

PREsell Your Web Site Visitors With High Quality Content For Higher Profits!

Affiliate marketing has taken tremendous leaps and bounds since the early days, all those years ago, in 1997. It has also had it's dark days. But, all in all, anyone wanting to start an online business quickly and inexpensively can build a strong foundation with affiliate marketing.

However, it has to be done the right way. That means effective PREselling web content that drives large amounts of already sold visitors to the merchant site. Again, anyone can do it. It doesn't take a PhD in marketing, nor do you need to be the world's greatest writer.

PREselling, very simply, is the art of leading a web site visitor, who is more encouraged to buy after being comforted by a relationship with the words, to a merchant site, or your own product sales page.

In PREselling you are taking the offensive, instead of the defensive approach to affiliate marketing or online advertising. What I mean by the offensive is you are not sitting back waiting for the flood of visitors to come. You are actively seeking them with high quality, PREselling web content. A defensive posture would be one where you put up a sales page that practically begs the reader to buy from you. Benefits, features, testimonials are all good to have on a sales page, but not on a "first contact page" or as a way to capitalize on traffic from advertising.

For instance, if you are using Google Adwords for a majority of your advertising, either for your own site or an affiliate site, you're playing Russain Rouellette with your money. You're willing to lose a certain amount of money for the benefit of maybe making some commission. That's lunacy!

I know. I fell into that trap myself. I did ok, but still lost money that I could have put to use somewhere else. Until, I really got serious with PREselling. Now, all my affiliate sites and landing pages contain page after page of content that OVERdelivers on what the visitors is searching for.

What is effective PREselling?

I have just started a homeschool site. Since I have been homeschooling my kids for a few years now, I've learned a few tricks here and there and have written several "articles" that make up the content on my site. I receive a tremendous amount of free traffic from Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and several other search engines because of my content.

No Adwords, no expensive advertising campaigns, no SEO tricks... just plain content. Actually, PREselling content.

This site is, while not a six figure income earner, a very good supplement to my monthly Adsense, and affiliate income.

Effective preselling has three major ingredients. You must have these in place within your web content to ensure effective PREselling.

PREselling content needs to build relationships.

Ken Evoy, who wrote "Make Your Content PREsell", says, "In 'the real world', business people build relationships with you, the customer. Now, get ready for a radical concept that very few online small business people understand. PREselling is the online version of relationship-building."

Building relationships with your web site visitors, through the words that are on your site, is the number one way to reach higher and higher conversion rates (the number of people who buy).

And anyone can do it. You just write your content with personality. People love to give their money to the person they feel most comfortable with. Your words are a way to make people feel comfortable.

You do this by:

*writing about personal experiences
*writing like you talk
*using short, active sentences
*becoming a real person instead of a 'sales page'.

PREselling content needs to be unique

We are all unique. It's something that all of us have inside us. And potential web site visitors are looking for unique.

If you've noticed, people are tired of getting the same old information. Ezines that republish articles, web sites that redo what's already been done... they lose subscribers and repeat visitors.

The sites that are making their own voice, being unique, presenting fresh ideas, and being original are the ones that are profiting online.

Again, anyone can do it. You just find out what people want to know about. Magazines, online forums, message boards, search engines, and other web sites... all contain a gold mine of ideas. To research article ideas for my homeschool site I spend a few minutes each day lurking in a homeschool forum to see what questions are being asked. Then write an article to answer it.... in my own way.

When people are looking for a web site they are looking for information, not you. They have no idea you exist unless you provide unique, personal content.

PREselling content needs to be sincere

One of the complaints against using content for higher search engine rankings and PREselling web visitors is a lot of it is fake. You can buy such and such software that spits out hundreds of pages of content for your site in minutes. But, it's garbage and you can tell as soon you start reading it.

Real, honest web content does take time to create but the rewards are worth it. People can 'feel' it when they read it. They know you're sincere about helping them solve a problem, figure out 'how to' do something, and providing real recommendations. When they 'feel' that, they buy.

And yes... you guessed it... anyone can do it.

Just be real. Don't waste your money on automated content builders.

PREselling creates traffic from words

Content will always the the number one traffic provider on the Internet. It was true five years ago, it will be true 15 years from now. Real, relevant, relational content.

Use it to it's greatest advantage and begin building high quality (yes, you can do it!) content for affiliate programs you promote or your own products. It will pull in free traffic from search engines, PREsell those visitors more effectively, build relationsips for repeat sales, and provide people with what they are looking for.

Tim Bossie is the owner of and uses PREselling techniques to provide his clients with top quality web content, higher search engine rankings, niche marketing success, and much higher profits. Tim highly recommends "Make Your Content PREsell" for more in-depth information on how to effectively PREsell.

Using Free Content to Keep Visitors Interested!

If you don't want people to loose interest in your web site quickly then you will have to spend some time focusing on your content. Unless you offer a service(such as web design or webhosting ect...) your audience will demand that there be new content updated every day for them or they will stop returning to your web site. The truth is that to offer your visitors an abundance of great material is actually very easy and best yet it is free. Your site will double in value and usability when you start updating your content each day. Trust me when I say "your visitors will thank you for it".

By searching online you can easily find a wide range of web sites that offer free information you can include on your web site. The best yet is that the topics range from A-Z, so you never have to worry about not being able to find content for your web site. Another great resource that you can find out there are free ecourses as well as free ebooks. The great thing is that you can use these free ecourses/ebooks(make sure to email each site to gain permission just to be safe) as an incentive to visitors to use your web site. This will not only increase your web sites content base but will give a real value to your web site as it will become a known source of useful information.

As you add free content to your web site keep in mind who will view it and who will use it. Make sure to cover a broad range of subjects but also direct the content according to what your web site is about. Try to make your content as meaningful as you can and you will have visitors coming back each day to view what is new on your web site. Best yet they will start to tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends ect.... Before you know it, by adding free content sections to your site you will have more and more people visiting your web site. It is simple as that. We have all done it before where we've found a useful web site and emailed the link to our friend. Why did we email the link you might ask? We've emailed the link because we found the content on the web site to be useful/worth while. You can have people doing the same with your web site.

Just remember to watch the content you put on your site and to make sure it is of use to your visitors. Your content will truly determined if your visitors are being entertained/interested and if they will come back for more.

Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business and join in conversation at - Forum

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