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Web Based Content Management System: Basics

A web based content management system (CMS) is used for webdesign so that the php, asp or jsp scripts call in the data from the mysql or sql database to create the content on a page. You would enter the content of a web site in a database using a user friendly Admin Panel and this would update itself on the actual web site. CMS is critical to the success of almost every web site and intranet.

The need

Static web sites are easy to design but hard to maintain. You have created a static web site with desired content and you put in efforts to promote that site. As a result, the web site grows organically over time, and while it is very useful, it is far from perfect. The search engines give more importance to the web sites which are updated regularly. To update the site content on regular basis, you would require the web professional company to give you continuous support. Now this dependency leads to either continuous expenses or poorly update site. Thankfully, this dependency is what a content management system is specifically designed to solve.

What is Web Based CMS ?

A web based content management system (CMS) helps you manage the content data on the web site. The management includes creation, updating, distribution, publishing, and discovery of content. And it is not the only thing that the CMS can do for you. The CMS now helps to generate new pages, categorize the content, manage the layout and presentation of the site, manage users and permissions for the site, manage other dynamic modules on the site and many other things using a very user-friendly Admin Panel which requires minimal or no technical expertise.

Features and Benefits

There are a wide range of features and benefits that can be achieved by implementing a CMS, including:

· Create and Manage New Pages
· Manage site navigation and meta content
· Assign users to manage the content in decentralized way.
· Manage site layout and presentation by editing the HTML.
· Manage other modules on the site. Like if you have forum installed on the site, you can manage the forum preferences, settings, categories, forums, users from the Admin panel.
· Better consistency
· Increased security
· Reduced duplication of information
· Reduced site maintenance costs

Out of all the features, content management remains the mainstay of the CMS sites.

RSS art

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Content management

The CMS based sites have a front end which the site for public, a database which stores the vital data of your site and a Admin Panel to manage the site. Through the Admin Panel, you can create content pages like you are creating a document in MS Word. This is a completely non-technical interface to create new pages or update existing pages without any knowledge of HMTL, javascript or programming language. You can simply click create pages and a page opens which asks you to define the attributes of the page like Title of the page, Link Title for the frontend navigation menu and page content. The page content box uses a WYSIWYG editor which helps you to improve the presentation of the page like making any text bold, colored or creating hyperlinks. You can also upload images with your content. You can also define the meta tags for the page, publish and expiry date, author information etc to make the page more meaningful. Once a page has been created, it is saved into the database on the server. This stores all the content of the site, along with the other supporting details. The CMS also helps you to make the content management an interactive process between you and your users. A similar page can be accessible to your users who can post the content like articles, news or event. The added content pages can be accessed through the Admin Panel and approved to be published on the site.

CMS Availability

There are various CMS options with different capabilities and strengths in the market to choose from. Depending on your business requirements, you can have a customized CMS based web site or you can choose any open source CMS available like Drupal, Xoops, mambo, Joomla, Typo3 etc. Every organisation has a unique set of requirements for a content management system, and there is no solution that can fit your needs. By allocating sufficient time and resources, you can achieve the best possible solution. Out of customized and open source CMS, I would advice to evaluate the open source CMS available and get it customized to your needs by any company specializing in the Open Source solutions like Dyanmic Intel. Now the common question is Won't my CMS site look like all the rest if I use Open Source solution? It doesn't have to! Most quality content management systems will allow you to apply templates and plug-ins to your site, which can set the design of your site apart from others using the same engine by nearly anything that HTML and CSS can do. Typically, you can find templates on the main web site for the content management system you've chosen - and in the rare event that this is not the case, templates are typically no more than a Google search away. Most systems which let you install a custom skin will even let you design your own; allowing you to make your new site virtually as personalized as any site on the web can be.


Content management systems are now no more new to the market and have been established as the most important part of your presence on the internet. Now CMS based web sites can create SEO friendly pages and be managed by various users across the world. I have provided the basics of Content Management System in this article. If you want to read more on CMS like evaluating CMS etc, use our article directory Pacific Articles.

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Shakir Husein is the CEO of Dynamic Intel, an Application Development Company based in US. Dynamic Intel is recognized as experts in building customized eBusiness Infrastructures. Dynamic Intel also designs web-based solutions for small to mid sized companies including cost effective Content Management Systems and Ecommerce solutions. Shakir can be contacted at

Creating Fresh Content for Search Engines

Fresh content is very important in terms of search engine optimization. Users surfing the net are always looking for the latest information. Search engines understand this and therefore places a great emphasis on the content freshness. Sites that are regularly updated also encourage the spiders to visit often. For example, a page that has its content updated daily will find that search engine crawls the page more often than the other less active pages. This explains why blogs have frequent bots visit as compared to other sites.

Perhaps the easiest way to get fresh content for your site is through RSS feeds. These feeds can be found by searching for RSS feeds in the search engines. Some of the most popular feeds directories are Syndic8 and Feedster. All you need is a RSS parser that can convert these feeds to real time content for your site and you will have daily content instantly! A common RSS parser used by many webmasters is the Magpie Parser; this powerful open source PHP parser allows the coder to transform any feeds to relevant content pages. RSS feeds are a great way to create fresh content when one has no time to write.

Reprinting articles on your site is another great way to have fresh content. There are a lot of article directories that allows the webmasters to reprint their articles. Reprinting articles involve very little effort and often allow the search engines to have new content to index for your site. However, many article directories limit the amount of times the articles can be reprinted on your site. Nevertheless, this is one of the easier methods to have fresh content.

The above methods are great in creating fresh content but it is also important to note that creating unique content for your site is another issue worth considering. The only way to create unique content is to write them yourself or get someone else to write for you. Weblogs are extremely useful when it comes to adding of new unique content. WordPress is one of the most popular tools for content management. It allows the owner to enable multiple people in a company to post new content so that a group of people can manage the content more efficiently.

Another method to acquire for unique content is to create a forum for your members. This is a very low cost operation if you have many supporting members who are active and willing to commit.

In the eyes of Search Engine Optimization, fresh and unique content is of paramount importance. In order to show the latest information on your site to the visitors through search engines, your page must be updated regularly so that the spiders will visit and index more often.

KC is a SEO consultant with several years of related experiences. His advice has helped several Webmasters to increase their SERP. KC is also the founder of USESEO.COM, a site that offers free SEO techniques.

Content Management for Websites and the Importance for the Small Business

Through my years of Web Consulting, the leading complaint that I hear all the time from small business owners is that they cannot find good, reliable and affordable local Web help for their business. This issue has caused most small business web sites to be old, out-of-date, and not reflect the branding and true image of their company.

Because of this troubling issue, the past five years has brought on the new idea of Content Management for web sites, which has become a more widely used term in the Web Industry. Content Management, also known as CM, it is the process of creating, editing and storing information on the Web in a structured and orderly manner. For this article, I’m only going to discuss the importance of Content Management, in relation to the management of web sites, and the need for the small business to effectively manage the content of their site for the future success of their business.

As with any new technology, Content Management first started with larger organizations and over the past five years has become more readily available to mid-sized businesses. Most of these companies used their existing in-house development resources to create Content Management Systems to manage the data on their web site. This change in the way companies are able to manage their site(s) has allowed for mid and larger companies to reduce their web site management costs and allows their sites to grow in a greater capacity than can be accomplished through hard-coding of text, images, and other web site data, as was done in the past. This is one of the main reasons why these larger companies are able to grow their business online at such a tremendous and increasing rate.

As this is great for the mid to larger corporations, unfortunately, the problem still lies in the fact that small business owners continue to struggle to manage their data in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Most small business owners are still using local Web shops to help them maintain their web sites, at a hefty cost and in a unreliable manner. As more and more small businesses need to manage their business online, there is a great need for Content Management solution providers that target the small business. The issue, however, is that small businesses cannot generally afford the standard Content Management conversion fees that apply to converting their web site into a Content Management System, without using overseas development resources.

Over the past few years, many web sites have popped-up that allow small business owners to register online and create a template-driven web site to manage the data of their web site. The problems with these sites is the fact that they cannot truly be customized and lack the ability for the business to provide an image and branding of their company because the designs and layouts of these sites are what’s referred to as “template-driven” and look like every other site out there. Also, when a business needs to add a custom component, form or tool to their web site these template-driven sites most likely lack the ability to provide the business with this ability.

If a small business can find the resources to convert their web site into a Content Management System, in a cost-effect and efficient manner, then they are 10 steps ahead of the game. With the ability to login to their own web site to manage content, images, graphics, customer data, employee information, and much more, they are able to provide a return on their investment greater than when they had to hire a Web designer or developer to hard code their web site data for them.

The next five years will cause some smaller Web development companies to transition and begin to offer Content Management for their clients, instead of providing static web sites by hard-coding the data. This transition will allow small businesses to keep up with their competition, while reducing their overhead and in most cases provide a return on investment for their business. The importance for small businesses is to realize the importance of Content Management for the web site today, begin to analyze their business, and locate the resources to help them convert their site into a Content Management System. The time is now and the importance is for them to stay ahead of their competition, while growing their web site in conjunction with their business.

At Hudson Horizons, we provide web site Content Management conversion for the small to mid-sized business to easily allow our clients the ability to manage the data of their web site on a day-to-day basis.

Hudson Horizons is an e-business product, solution and marketing company specializing in creating highly sophisticated customized web sites, web-based software applications and providing e-marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses.

Our vision and ultimate ambition as a company is to always strive to be "The New Light for e-Business."

By offering new, innovative and extremely competitive products and solutions to our customers, we provide better ways to run and operate their business online.

Learn to Be Content In All Things

Contentment is a rare state of mind that even the wisest among us sometimes find strenuous to attain. However you can learn the secret to be content in all things.

There is no end to what the heart can desire, and because we can never have all that we want, we will always be unhappy if we can't be satisfied with what we have.

The way to happiness is to learn how to restrain our human desires, especially the desire to have more. Disappointment comes when we can't obtain what we desire or expect.

We foolishly ignore our loved ones to obtain what we desire, only to find the joy it brings is only temporal.

Someone once said that "the constant pre-occupation with self and selfish desires is a sure road to misery".

Avoid self-pity. Recognize that everyone, even pop stars and millionaires, have problems. Accept your situation and take small steps to improve it.

Helping others in little ways brings unexpected happiness. It takes your focus away from the "Poor Me!" syndrome.

Appreciate and treasure what you have now. You can never tell what will happen tomorrow. You may lose that special friend or loved one whom you've been taking for granted.

A wise man once said, "Seek not wealth or riches. Instead, seek to be wise."

"Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless." Ecclesiastes 5:10

Joshua Poon is the webmaster and publisher of He has been collecting inspiring quotes, stories, poems and music etc as he comes across them. He also writes articles about self help, inspiration and personal development. So come and visit his web site for Inspiring Quotes and Stories

Recycle Your Adsense/Content Site Traffic

A few months ago, John Reese started a buzz about his experiment with Google Adsense site publishing which he called ‘VRE’ for Virtual Real Estate. He showed, in a general way, how he managed to earn over $500k in less than a year with his system. The upshot of it all was that flocks of IMers started scrambling to see if they could duplicate his success.

I confess that I was one of the scramblers. Though I’d puttered around throwing up dozens of content sites for Adsense revenue, I never really made a lot of money with them mostly because the money is in the traffic and I never focused on driving traffic to those sites.

One of the methods John Reese used to build his successful Adsense empire made a light bulb go off in my feeble brain housing. He captured email addresses from his visitors, subscribed them to a niche specific mailing list and used it to turn his one-time visitors into repeat visitors over and over again. He recycled the traffic he’d already worked so hard to get. Brilliant!

Capturing leads from web site visitors is certainly not a new idea but how many Adsense publishers had tried it with their content sites? I’ve seen very few.

So I got to work designing a niche lead capture system for my own content sites. why a ’system’? Because content site visitors are looking for free information and aren’t usually in a buying mood even when the ‘price’ of your offer is only their email address. So they must be enticed with a valuable offering and an attractive ’sales’ letter.

Additionally, Google frowns on pop-ups and such. They don’t absolutely forbid them but they do impose severe restrictions on their use by Adsense publishers. So I designed a system that uses an eye-catching ‘Click Here’ button that opens the ’sales’ letter in a new window offering a valuable report focused on the very niche that brought the visitor to my site in the first place.

I've created ten of these ‘Niche Lead Capture Systems’ s now. I must say they are working very well for me in the two months I’ve been using them so far. My Adsense revenue is up by 50% and climbing and I’m building multiple lists of prospects ravenous for information on specific niches to whom I may offer products in the future and increase my income dramatically.

So get busy and apply the techniques you've always used to get visitors to your product salespages and recycle the traffic that's already visiting your Adsense content sites.

You can see examples of Paul Buckley's 'Niche Lead Capture System' here:

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