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Duping the Search Engines with Duplicate Content

How the search engines view duplicate content

For most web site owners waiting for their search engine rankings to improve and to bring long awaited visitors can be a frustrating waiting game. It’s little wonder webmasters look for shortcuts to improve their search engine ranking to gain better ranking faster. Unfortunately sometimes these shortcuts are on a direct collision course with the search engines’ webmaster guidelines.

Manipulating search engine ranking results by inflating a web site’s link popularity is one of the ways web site owners are trying to beat their competitors in the search results. Sadly, a fast tracked link popularity building approach can sometimes result in serious search engine penalties, or worse, a complete search engine ban despite the web site owners’ best intentions. One of the seemingly fast link popularity building approaches is the creation and maintenance of mirrored web site content on other domains. Although having a few pages of duplicate content on another domain is not enough reason to get a web site banned by the search engines, but if it’s done with the purpose of manipulating link popularity it can be a very real risk.

Duplicate content is not the same as duplicate domain

For example publishing the same article on several different ezine directories is an acceptable form of information distribution on the Internet. However the copying of large amounts of content from one web site to another is an entirely different form of duplicate content in the eyes of the search engines. Thanks to sophisticated search engines ranking algorithms and human editors, search engines can easily sniff out duplicate content when it’s done with the intention of link spamming. You can see an example of this technology used on a duplicate content detection tool.

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We also can’t forget the competitors who are also very eager to find and report duplicate content violators to the search engines. Everyone wants to ensure a fair competition for top ranking in the natural search results. Webmasters get very irate when they see other web site owners trying to use links spam, duplicate content or other black hat SEO techniques. Once a web site is reported to the search engines using mirrored sites for better search engine ranking, the search engines have an obligation to validate those claims. Getting out of search engines penalties can take a long time especially if Google suspects the violation occurred with the participation and full knowledge of the web site owner.

Mirrored domains carry real risks

Some web sites run the risk of falling into this same trap by creating mirrored domains. What’s worse, the mirrored domains are usually hosted on the same web server, making detection of the duplicate domain content very easy for the search engines. Even if the mirrored content is hosted on a different web server the search engines can make the connection between the web sites using the domain registration information found using a WHOIS search. Although a single duplicate domain page will most likely not result in any penalty, but if a large number of pages are found with identical content on another domain, a search engine penalty can be looming over the web site owner’s head.

Search engines represent a large percentage of online visibility, therefore it’s important to maximize the web site’s visibility for its most important target keyword phrases, but we have to be careful not to get our web site penalized unnecessarily by using techniques deemed inappropriate by the search engines. The truth is there are very few shortcuts in search engines optimization that doesn’t result in some type of detection by the search engines, and when they do find violators of their search engine rules the penalties are fairly harsh.

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Website Content – The Importance of Writing your own Articles

Articles are one of the greatest ways to boost any web site from being a slow moving, low profiting internet business, into a good looking, fresh information resource. And that is exactly what your visitors are looking for. The internet itself is an information resource and so for your web site to fit in with visitors’ demand, you must teach them something new and useful which will make them feel like it was worth their time to visit. Not only will they inevitably warm to your web site and start establishing a bond of trust with your company, they will also remember you web site out of all the ones they visited that day. Therefore, fresh, new content has the crucial value of being able to bring visitors back to your web site again and again which is exceptionally important.

The articles you write not only have use on your own web site but on thousands of others and you can use this to your great advantage. With millions of webmasters realising the importance of high quality content, your writing is priceless to them, and you would be surprised just how much they are prepared to give for your articles. Submitting your articles to numerous article directories and databases will gain you an almost immediate increase in traffic to whichever web site you choose to advertise in your author’s resource box. Top article directories include, and The traffic you gain from submitting your articles all over the web will not only be plentiful but will also be targeted too. The people who choose to click on your web site link in your resource box will have read your article and will come into your web site with an interest as to the information you have to offer. This type of visitor is the exact one you want and so make sure your web site does not disappoint, because these types of visitors have the potential to bring you unlimited sales.

Articles that you write can have an incredible effect on your search engine ranking. Anyone who has a web site on the internet craves high positioning on the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and one of the key factors that defines your positioning on these is whether your web site has a high percentage of quality content that is regularly updated. And even more so, these search engines rank unique content above all else, and so if the content on your web site is written solely by you and it is of decent quality, the search engines will take a liking to you immediately.

Another highly neglected way of using articles for soaring profits is to use them to promote your affiliate links or opt-in email lists. Say you are writing an article about golf tips, you could have an affiliate link in your author’s resource box which sends readers to a golfing tips ebook which you’re promoting. In this way, you could be profiting hugely without even having a web site! It’s that simple, and with no initial investment either. If you think about it, you can’t lose! Additionally, you could promote your autoresponder email in your author’s resource box which would capture the reader’s email address when he or she signed up, and then you would have gained a fully targeted subscriber whom you could advertise to, for absolutely no charge.

It is becoming a fully recognised fact. Articles are one of the most effective ways to boost an internet entrepreneur’s chances of becoming a huge success.

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Net CMS (Content Management System) For Small Business - What a Newbie Should Know

Troy got his web site up by some college friends who, just like him, pursued the green bucks by way of putting up small-scale business enterprises. Troy wants his web site as his communications portal to the rest of the world, and his friends got it for him splendidly. Until he needed to change his phone numbers. Then his business tagline. And more recently, his business address.

His web site still looks good, his friends’ collaborative efforts on the design proved effective in drawing traffic to his site, but the necessary changes that came and went, though necessary, had proven expensive.

Troy wonders if there is a way he can “tinker” with his own site, adding news clips here and there, without necessitating a visit to his friends’ place, and get billed with few bottles of extra beer.

Troy’s predicament is shared by many web site owners who, having successfully navigated the internet for a few years, forgot that their site needs a facelift from time to time, in order to remain competitive. Change can be simultaneous with demand, and in order to cope and maintain the high traffic beating the path to their site, it should be updated regularly, and re-invented periodically. This is one of the few most effective approaches to surviving on the internet arena.

Finding a superior web designing company is easy, but in Troy’s case, it was not the design which bothered him but the small details he needed to change on his site. As he gets billed each time, in the overall, he is losing money. He wondered how much will it cost if he introduces a new product review next month? As this will require bigger updates, he almost sensed his friends asking for sushi to go with the beers, too!

This is where Content Management System (CMS) makes a curtsy.

For one, it’s not expensive. Sometimes, it can pass on as a complimentary service, however, it depends upon your site’s requirements. A larger site may require a larger CMS, and so goes the cost, but what is it compared to having a system in place which can make your site adapt easily to the needs that your growing business necessitates?

Two, Content Management System empowers you of no technical knowhow to manage your site, making updates on it regularly – CMS has all the technical details you need, you only have to focus attention on the written word that will optimize your site.

Changes can be introduced at anytime, and it can be done by just anyone. CMS allows you to fully manage your site - no longer highly dependent on web designers, you save in the long haul.

In a nutshell, Content Management System is a software package loaded with benefits: you can add pages to your site, and replace old ones; reinvent your site with latest trends that suit the present business climate on the internet, and simplify repetitive tasks by automating them!

For Troy, CMS is like having his web designer-friends, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on his beck and call, at the comfort of his home – minus the sushi, the pay and the bottles of beer.

Steve Arun is an Internet Marketing, Client Account Specialist for I-wayinfocom Inc., an SE Friendly Web Development company provides easy to use online CMS (Content Management System) to small business. Go now to I-wayinfocom's affordable web development services, the .net development specialists, to access their affordable “CMS (Content Management System)” and to find efficient web design solution that fits your business needs.

A Change in Food Labels Regarding "Low-carb" Products' Content is Looming... Hide that Vinaigrette?

FDA Deputy Commissioner Lester Crawford has indicated a food content labeling mandate will probably cause a substantial number of products to have their labels changed. Crawford indicated it will be an effort to “demystify the current confusion about carbohydrates.”

Many food makers have jumped on the “low-carb” band wagon. Companies hawk everything from traditional creamy and/or vinaigrette salad dressings, to low-carbohydrate Easter chocolate, as formulated and manufactured reduced in calories and carbs.

The FDA is concerned how food producing companies count carbohydrates, as it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some do indeed significantly cut carbohydrates. Others promote their products as reduced-carb, but only cut a single gram per serving. Surprisingly, these are priced to cost more too. Then there are some companies that leave ingredients out of their carb-count altogether. In some instances these practices actually yield good results. Take for example some breads: carbohydrates are cut by increasing fiber content, this is a change many low-carb critics embrace because most Americans don’t consume enough fiber.

As early as this summer, the FDA plans to determine precisely how many carbohydrates are allowed for a food product to be promoted or advertised as low-carb or reduced-carb. It is expected the Food and Drug Administration will also tell the food manufacturers how they should count the grams as well.

The mystery, what exactly is 'low-carb'?

Until FDA defines the terms, “reduced carb” or “low carb” these promotional descriptions will not be allowed on food labels. In fact the FDA has ordered some companies to quit using them. Pure De-Lite stopped labeling its dark chocolate bar “low-carb.” The manufacturer of Nature’s Own Wheat ’n Fiber bread decided to change its name from the original “reduced carbohydrate” just before receiving FDA’s directive last year.

One trade group, the Grocery Manufacturers of America, represents most major brands. They have petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to define “low-carb” as 9 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of food, determined as a typical serving.

GMA nutrition director Alison Kretser, is not endorsing any particular weight-loss plan, but believes putting carbs on a level playing field with fat and other food ingredients is fair and prudent.

CSPI is a consumer advocacy group who wants low-carb defined as 6 grams per serving, and for “reduced carb” foods to have at least twenty-five percent less carbohydrates than original product versions.

You would think we could “all just get along” by eating green salads and using home made vinaigrette recipe dressings wouldn’t you?

James Zeller writes for gourmet gift related web sites and blogs. Here is a selection of oil and vinegar recipes that he found, and a creative collection of culinary gourmet gifts.

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