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Obtaining Good Content

Every piece of advice at the moment about improving search engine position especially Google suggests that web sites should be updated regularly with good quality content. The phrase 'Content is King' is seen in most articles on the subject now. So what is good content and how do you go about getting it?

You can purchase it, by hiring a copywriter. However to do this on a regular basis will turn out to be quite expensive. So are there cheaper options? At no cost you can visit the article distributors sites and search them for content on your chosen topic. If you are in quite a specialist field you could find that this method does not turn up any useful articles. Whether this works or not and how well it works depends entirely on the topic of your site. You may be fortunate and find a wealth of free reprint articles which are directly related to your site. You may as I have often done in the past struggle to find anything relevant.

If you do find a directory with a useful library of articles then you can incorporate these into your web site via an RSS feed. This way every time a relevant article is published it will immediately appear and update your own site. This takes all the hassle out of the process.

RSS art

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It is my own experience that articles are hard to come by which are truly relevant to my own web sites. So what is the alternative in this situation?

Nobody, except others in your particular area have the understanding and in depth knowledge of the subject of your site as you have yourself. You are the expert in your chosen field. So use that knowledge to good effect and produce your own content. You should be quite capable of writing informative paragraphs to update pages in your site. Search engines we are told are 'greedy' for content so why not 'kill two birds with one stone' and write informative articles on your topic and publish them with the article distributors as well as on your own web site?

Pros and Cons of Flash Based Web Sites - Did you know that most Flash based sites are jumbo sized wastes of space that are bloated.

Writing one article a week will update your own site and possibly bring in 5 or 10 inbound links. So not only do you keep your site updated with good content but you are attracting quite a lot of inbound links. Consequently you are keeping the search engines very happy and improving your position all the time with content that you know is good and relevant to your site. The best part of all of this is that it costs nothing except perhaps an hour of your time each week.

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David Andrew Smith is the owner of a cleaning services company which operates throughout the UK

Get free content for your niche web site

Free articles web sites are great, but searching for free content can take your valued time. It is time for some help.

FastContent ( is web site content generation tool. Using articles from free article directories it creates content rich web pages suitable for contextual advertaising or affilliate promotion. Anybody can build content rich web site within minutes.Download a demo and try it. This is a must have tool for anybody how have already running web site but need more content or anybody who need content for new niche content web site.

Application features: - search free article directories by keywords - search local database of downloaded articles and copy articles to new project - duplicate articles filter, already retrived articles for that project will be skiped - create unlimited number of projects - view articles before selecting it for retrival - edit retrieved articles, add your own text to articles, wrap articles with your own content - add your own custom headline and text to article - preview retrieved articles - delete unwanted articles - add your own articles - generating html,php,asp,txt files from retrived articles using templates - SEO friendly URLS for article pages generated from article title - generated page extension can be set as wished - generating sitemap with article snippets - select length of article snippet - choose number of articles per sitemap page - choose length of article snippet on index pages - option to open article links in new window - option to add related links to article pages - add your AdSense Code (3 Ads Units + Search Box) - generate pages for articles retrived after some date (no need to upload all files again only new created files) - generate pages with search engine friendly links created from articles names - generate RSS 2.0 Feeds automaticly - template editor - easy to use - easy to upgrade with all data saved from previous version - free support as long as application is on market Did I said that free demo download is available. Check

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Content Solutions

Content Is King !

There are literally thousands of web site owners who use a very asimple technique to generate targeted visitors to their web sites without paying a dime in advertising! Yes, that statement sounds unbelieveable but it is true!

What is their method?

They create highly focused articles that they allow other people publish in their ezines (online magazines and email newsletters) or post on their web sites. This method is very powerful! You may be asking yourself about now, "Why would an ezine publisher or web site owner want to publish my articles for their subscribers?"

The answer is simple: Content!

There are over a 100,000 ezines and newsletters covering everything from A to Z. Many of them need tightly focused content and they don't have the time or inclination to produce it for themselves. You can get termendous exposure and traffic to your web site by providing valuable, content-rich articles in exchange for a "about the author" box and a link back to your web site (sometimes called a "resource box")

The following represent only a few of the enormous benefitsof writing and distributing simple articles online:

1) Attain "Expert" Status

In the eyes of virtually everyone who reads your articles you rank as the "expert" on the subject.

2) Pre-sell Your Website Visitors

If your article appeals to a niche audience hungry for more information on a very focused subject, you actually can pre-sell them better than any sales pitch

3) Your Traffic Will Last Longer

The Internet changes very quickly and webmasters are usually very slow to remove content from their sites. Once you get an article posted on another person's web site you have an excellent chance of that article staying there for weeks, months, even years.

4) Increase The Number Of Links To Your Web Site

In-bound links help in searchengine positioning because they increase "LinkPopularity."

5) Helps You Build a Huge "Opt-In" Email List

You can use articles to build up a huge list of subscribersby simply compiling several articles into an email course and delivering them at preset intervals. This technique also allows you to capture their name and email adress so you can send them articles and other special offers in the future (with their permission of course).

So if you operate a web site selling virtually any type ofproduct or service (whether your own or as an affiliate), publishing and promoting these products with informational articles should rank high on your list of traffic generation strategies.

No other method of generating targeted traffic to you web site provides you with the quality and quantity of traffic that providing free article content does.

The author has a FREE ARTICLE DIRECTORY located at where you can get free content for your web site, newsletter or ezine. If you have original articles you can also submit them at this site.

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