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Blogging For Dollars

Blogs have become one of the internet's fastest growing features. Because nothing but good can spread online, blogs must simply be very useful. Ok, they are trendy too.

The reason for this is probably the easy to-use feature. Blogs have long been popular with teens looking to share their ideas, making them look a little bit important and publish their political attitudes. Blogs have been part of teens and youngsters lifestyle´s.

But they are increasingly become into commercial use by home business owners for whom they offer a great tool to expand the communication platform.

That's because blogging is effective and low cost tool for home business owners -- an easy way to communicate directly with customers, partners, and clients, craft a strong, outspoken online personality, and escape the doldrums of static homepages.

Blog serves as a kind of online customer service center, where home business owner, customers and partners can change ideas. Before blogs, it was difficult for home businesses to afford a way to stay in touch with their customers. Now they can. And they have become a strong marketing methods.

While most blogs are simple text diaries full of hyperlinks to other web sites, they can also utilize a richly designes with eye-popping photography and links to sites and articles on everything from autoresponders to everything needed in home business running.

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If weblog is utilized effectively it really must offer fresh and useful information to target audience. The fresness is a must. Nothing is more over-promised than a weblog which promises fresh content, but is in reality full of months old content. Then it works against itself. The comparizon with diary is very good, both must be written on daily basis.

But weblogs don't need to be flashy to be effective. The strategy of major web site must be seen also in the weblog : in it´s design, structure and richness of the content. The more interactive the weblog is, the more effective it is. Discussion forum ( moderated ) is a useful tool for everybody. It serves information and makes constant up-dated info onboard.

Feedback from discussion forum brings also a lot of tips for home business owner for further site development. Somehow it is a brave tool from weblog -owner, which shows a strong pro-image to users.

One of the nicest things about blogs is how easy they are to create and update. Leading software providers like Blogger (which was recently bought by Google), Movable Type, Trellix, and Userland make it easy to set one up. And updating usually requires little more than typing into a field and hitting "Send."

Once it's up and running, advertise your weblog to the customers and what kind of the content it has. Non-customers will generally hear about a weblog through word of mouth or search engines such as Google. You can also make contacts with other bloggers, discussion forums and arrange to share links. Launch to hundreds of search engines is effective.

If your weblog is regularly updated and entertaining( this is human ), you'll be surprised at how fast the word spreads in the blogosphere. Still, blogs are not for everyone. If your clients spend only a little time online, it may not be worth the trouble. What's more, blogs get old-fashioned fast and require frequent upkeep to be effective. Blogowner must follow the time.

They also require a certain amount of personality, your personality. After all, the whole point is to give a company a distinct voice. But if you and your employees are committed, you may be surprised at the results.

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Juhani Tontti, The Home Business Start, has a passion to blogging. Get #1 rank at Google, Yahoo, MSN. Thanks!

Secrets to Successful Blogging

Blogs have become very successful and popular lately, and SEO consultants say that they can be very profitable if they are managed and marketed the right way. Generating profits from a weblog doesn't require selling anything. Profits can be from ad placements, banners, or contextual advertising. The best blogs draw the attention of a large audience and keep them coming back for more.

There are many types of blogs available. The most common types are:

- Professional blogs: These blogs are focused on discussions about professions, job aspects and career building

- Personal blogs: These blogs take the form of an online diary and contains thoughts, poems, experiences, and other personal matters

- Topical blogs: These blogs focus on a certain topic or niche, discussing specific aspects of the chosen subject

- Business blogs: As its name suggests, these are discussions about business and/or stock market

Other types of blogs include but are not limited to science blogs, cultural blogs, educational blogs, and photo blogs.

In order to have a successful weblog that attracts a lot of visitors and keep them coming back, you need to follow some simple rules. Here are some tips from SEO consultants:

Before you begin blogging, carefully consider what you are going to write about in your weblog as there are lots of interesting topics out there, waiting to be discussed. You can find them in every day life, in the media, in the news - anything that attracts attention and a loyal following is good. You can look for weblog subjects in many places, the most important being the Internet of course.

Put quality content in your weblog . If you have quality content people like to read, they will return to your weblog and tell other people about it as well. Posting articles containing useful information on your weblog is very beneficial for attracting more traffic. Make sure you add your URL address below your posted article! If other web site owners find your articles useful and decide to include them within the content of their web pages, the added link will contribute to increasing your popularity every time it is hyperlinked.

Update the weblog on a regular basis. If you don't do this, visitors will not return and they will move on to reading another weblog that is updated more often. You should try to update your weblog daily. Many newcomers have blogging fear, fearing their inability to update it daily. If your weblog is interesting enough, offer your readers the ability to keep it updated by posting their own personal thoughts and share stories so you won't have to do all the updating work yourself.

Listen to what your readers have to say. Always pay attention to the readers' suggestions and try to find out what people were actually searching for when they found your weblog . Try to focus on that theme and even consider developing it by encouraging the visitors to discuss new aspects of that particular theme.

Keep it short and concise - You don't need material that takes hours to read, people usually like to quickly skim a weblog for quick tidbits of useful information and if you post materials that are difficult or take a long time to read, you will most likely drive them away.

You can also include some artistic work or pictures in the weblog , to make it more visually appealing. Blog picture managers such as Picasa are freely available on the Internet to accomplish this.

If your weblog has interesting, original content, bloggers might decide to add links to it on their web sites and comment on your suggested topic. By gaining back-links to your weblog from other web sites, your web site will place higher within search engine queries, thus boosting your link popularity.

Announce the launch of any new weblog with press releases. Free publicity through press releases are powerful tools for increasing incoming traffic. Search engines love press releases and it gives them a good reason to spider and to index your site quickly.

Include free downloadable viral reports on your weblog to turbo-charge visitor traffic and build a subscriber/viewer base quickly.

In order to simplify the creating and updating process of a weblog , take advantage of the many blogging tools and software readily available, a number of them are free. Blogging software such as WordPress or Movable Type helps you update a weblog easily. There are even free weblog generators such as Blogger which allow you to host your content on Google's servers without having to install any software or obtain a domain and host content.

Offer to inform readers of your weblog with free email management services like Feedblitz (if you don't have an email list management solution) in addition to offering RSS feeds for subscription. Readers and visitors can be kept updated of any new information being added to your weblog without having to check the site constantly.

Utilize weblog and ping to get sites indexed quickly by the search engines. By notifying popular ping servers monitored by weblog search services such as Google Blog Search, you attract search engine spiders to a weblog . A weblog can automatically be setup to ping certain web sites. An easy method of doing this is by adding the Pingomatic service to the sites to ping in the weblog software which pings many popular ping servers at once.

Finally, remember to submit to popular, high quality weblog directories such as Feedster, Technorati, Blogstreet, and Best of the Web Blog Directory to boost your web traffic and link popularity!

If you respect these rules you will most likely have a successful weblog , and you will be rewarded in the process. Ask a SEO consultant for further information and assistance if you are stuck for ideas to promote your new weblog .

This article was written by Anthony Yap of Anthony Yap is a SEO Expert and internet entrepreneur. He works with many businesses to maximize their profit potential through cost-effective search engine optimization. For select clients, he offers a guaranteed top ten rankings package in the major search engines.

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