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Baby Blogging Bonanza

Hello Friends,

There has been a lot of talk in the past few days about a new product called the "Baby Blogging Bonanza"

A young guy from the UK called Rob Benwell has created it, and he appears to be the well renowned for his Blogging skills, what I mean by that is: he has worked out a system using Blogging to get you highly ranked organically in the search engines.

Whether you buy his product or not is your decision but you must definitely check out his site, the simple lay out of the sales letter is a marketing lesson alone. It definitely captures your interest.

When I bought 'Blogging to the Bank' I figured "Oh yeah here we go again", just another product full of hype and returning no real value. We've all heard that before.

But when I sat down and applied the principles I realized that maybe this skinny kid was on to something.

The approach Rob uses for Blogging is very clever and extremely effective, it appears to be a combination of Search Engine Optimization and creating multiple links making the search engines rank you higher in the FREE listings.

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Now if your like me, someone who spends thousands of dollars in Pay Per Click advertising a year, finding an additional traffic generation method is a breath of fresh air.

So it seems in Baby Blogging Bonanza he has packaged together some of his old products with some new ones as well, selling them all for total price of $97.

Now for the big question: Is it worth the price?

Well personally speaking, I can truly say that I did get $97 value from this product. Obviously the way it is packaged together including multiple products I believe adds value and definitely requires further investigation.

Will it work for you?

Honestly I don't know, I guess if you're a traffic guru then you may be intrigued and purchase Baby Blogging Bonanza out of pure curiosity, but if you're an Internet Marketing newbie then $97 might be bit a stretch. Either way it depends on whether or not you use the information.

You see if you do buy it and it sits on your shelf gathering dust for the next 6 months then whether it is $47 or $497 then it's not going to be of any benefit to you, hey I'm guilty of that as well. But if your decide to buy, apply the information and actually take action then it could be best investment you'll ever make.

Either way it's definitely worth a look, check out: "Baby Blogging Bonanza"

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