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Three Useful Free Blogging Systems

The number of internet users is increasing everyday. This is because there are interesting and knowledgeable discoveries found online. What most people like on the internet is that they are able to send messages in an instant. In addition, they are getting more and more fascinated with other sites.

Sometimes, people use the internet as their online diary or journal. Others would use it to promote a product. Either way, there is one site that is famous for these things, we call it as Blogging or the Internet Blogging. There are many web site providers who are now offering free usage of blogging software packages because of the rapid increase of blogging users.

Examples of the free blogging software are B2evolution, Nucleus and the WordPress. These programs have the same features. This is why most internet users ask which of the software is simple to use and would suit the needs of a specific web site.

However, the answer to which one is the simplest depends on the real purpose of the free blogging web site. If your main objective is to share your point of view and opinions to the public, you can use different blogging software. However, if it is for promotional purposes, use software designed such purpose because a weblog for promotion has completely different requirements.

Below is the list of the free blogging software and their features:

*WordPress Free Blogging Software

WordPress is usually used for personal blogging. It has an open source, modern personal publishing design which is focus on the appearance of the weblog . By only using the WordPress, there is no need to gather or your journals and compile it as one. Just write your article. And choose which features you want and the weblog will be published immediately to your site.

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rss RSSUnderground Editor's Tip! Hey - do you want to have a free hosted web site that you can use for anything you want? The only catch is that these guys show an Adsense ad at the top of the page - but so what! You can still use it to promote your business or other web sites! I do not make any money from telling you this - just the satsisfaction of knowing I am helping my fellow webmasters and marketers find quality free web hosting! Check it out! It's worth it - it's free!

This software is easy to customize and it offers different functionality. As you get used to it very well, you will learn to add fresh features which will make your site interesting and trendy.

*B2evolution Free Blogging Software

Like the WordPress, this is also an advanced internet blogging software. This free blogging software has a skinning system which lets the users to make many blogs in separate groups with different look or appearance for every weblog .

B2evolution has the capability to change skin to make the weblog get a new appearance. This software is good for promotional purposes. Therefore, you are planning to create and publish many different themes, B2evolution is the right software for you.

*Nucleus Free Blogging Software

Nucleus has dominant features which is applicable in promoting your weblog . It is capable to optimize the URLs. This helps the user create a weblog that is easy to use.

One great feature of the Nucleus is that it is capable to present many blogs using a single page. The Nucleus also has a feature that is very good in promoting a particular site.

These three blogging software provide the best feature that you need to create an effective and interesting weblog . Remember they are all free, so there is no need to be hesitant in using them.

However, you must choose the software that will be a great help to you in achieving your main objective in creating a weblog . In this way, you are making sure that your weblog is unique and it will satisfy you and your needs.

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Burt Cotton

Why Blogging can be a Waste of Time and Money

Every day millions of people start blogging. Indeed, the best estimates show that a new weblog is created every single second of every day. As if this weren't enough extra material being added to the Internet, there are of course millions of blogs already in existence. There is a vast amount of new information being added to the Internet every minute of every day.

Many people have been told that blogging helps increase your visibility on the Internet. That's true enough, but if you are in business at what cost?

Let's assume your time costs $100 an hour and that you spend a total of two hours a week adding to your weblog . That's $200 a week or $10,400 a year. That's the cost of blogging to your business. You really should calculate the amount of time and its value to your business.

Once you've found out how much blogging is costing your business, you need to consider how much money it is actually making. How many people bought items or services from you as a direct result of your weblog ? If you don't know, you need to add tracking codes to your weblog links to ensure you can work this out.

Also, add up all the advertising income or affiliate income you've generated via your weblog . Then look at the total. If it is less than the cost, you're wasting time and losing money by blogging. Don't let the fashion for blogging overcome traditional business requirements of profitability. For many people blogging is actually draining their profits, but they are unaware of this because they are not measuring their weblog .

Ensure you measure your weblog using tracking codes so you can check the real value of your blogging efforts. To do otherwise could seriously affect the profitability of your business.

True enough, blogs can raise your visibility on the Internet and can help boost search engine rankings. But being top of the search results for a particular keyword is of no value to you in business unless being top of the page actually translates into sales. Far too many people chase search engine ranking at the expense of chasing customers.

If you are using a weblog to gain search engine ranking, but have not measured the income generated as a result, you could be wasting your time by writing your weblog . As ever in business, measurement is essential if you are to do your best. So don't weblog hopefully; measure its real impact.

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