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Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and Adding Meat to Bones

Every morning that I awake the internet is one of the things that I give God thanks for. Never has it been so easy to start your own business and you can even market it for free with the right techniques.

Anyone from my farmer Grandmother to the beggar on the street can have their own online business. The easiest way to start one's own internet business is to sign up as an affiliate and sell a company's services or wares for a commission. Commissions can ranged from a measly 5% (Old Navy) to a generous 75% (

The best way to get started is to head on over to and build a weblog . Now, don't back away just yet, this is the easy part. You don't have to know any technical hogwash to create your own weblog ; there are pre designed templates for you to choose from. Just pick one which suits your taste and in no time you are ready to start adding some meat to the bones of your weblog via content.

If you are not into writing, there are thousands of articles sites that you can get free reprint information. Say you want to be an affiliate in the lucrative poker industry,, and many others have hundreds of poker articles for your perusal. All you need to do is follow the strict reprint rules and soon your weblog 's collar bones will begin to come out of that hole.

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rss RSSUnderground Editor's Tip! Hey - do you want to have a free hosted web site that you can use for anything you want? The only catch is that these guys show an Adsense ad at the top of the page - but so what! You can still use it to promote your business or other web sites! I do not make any money from telling you this - just the satsisfaction of knowing I am helping my fellow webmasters and marketers find quality free web hosting! Check it out! It's worth it - it's free!

Now that you are beginning to get familiar with your niche you will be researching and learning more and more. Then you may begin to compose your knowledge and share it with others in the form of articles.

As your weblog 's jawbones stop protruding with the nourishment of content, you may feel to start networking with others. Forums are great to meet others with a similar interest and to get solutions to your problems and to help others solve theirs.

To make your weblog have those swinging hips you need to feed it with a list. What kind of list? A list of email prospects that is supplied with valuable information on a regular basis via email. You can subtly send them directly to your affiliate links or boldly direct them to your weblog with your affiliate links strategically placed to ensure maximum exposure and click through.

Your commissions should be reinvested into PPC ads and ezine advertising especially Solo ads. The urge to get your own domain name and hosting may start to grow and this is strongly urged. But if you choose to remain on Blogger like me then no problem; it's not what you have but what you do with it that counts.

Now for the burning question? How soon will your weblog go from skin and bones to having those swinging hips? A few months to a year would be a good time frame. If you add just two posts a day to your weblog in six months time you would have hundreds of pages with traffic generating keywords intact. Still don't want to wait that long? Look at this way. Even Popeye knows that Olive could not be bouncy like Oprah in two months time. So why would you expect your affiliate business to accomplish that goal?

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Blogging Nevis: Horseback Riding and Functional Training

When one thinks of Nevis, one generally conjures up an image of the posh Four Seasons Hotel with its magnificent golf course, beach front hotel suites, and its very fortunate guests tanning on manicured sand on the edge of an azure Caribbean Sea as friendly and hard working staff bring frozen daiquiris.

But while the Four Seasons deserves its many accolades, Nevis is much more than a reflection of this world class resort. It's a diverse island, with an interesting economic past that includes the dominance of the sugar industry and a future built around a universal and demanding education system. Although politically unified with its sister island of St. Kitts, it has its own independent spirit and culture. And, while it is a very small island, it has a lot of open space. Very few people live here.

A five hour horse back ride to explore this beautiful and welcoming island? Definitely.

My daughter and I started out from the stables on the main road going towards the airport with our savvy equestrian guide, Malokai. We saddled up and immediately crossed the paved road and rode through a massive coconut grove where freshly fallen fruit lay side by side with older nuts already regenerating into new trees. We rode through a large cattle farm adjoining the Caribbean Sea and then directly onto the beach where the horses immediately broke into a sustained gallop as if to show their spirit to the adoring tourists. Americans love the image of a horse and rider galloping in the surf. Next, we hitched up our legs jockey style as the horses waded stirrup deep into the ocean to avoid a protruding rock jetty and then we were on the beach in front of the Four Seasons. Cautiously avoiding carefully constructed children's sand castles as well as the near ocean sun bathers, we crossed the famous beach without incident and headed inland.

Initially we followed the main coastal highway in Nevis, but before long we started the slow climb into the foothills of Nevis Peak, following the old sugar plantation roads. Built over a century ago, these concrete and rock one lane roads are slowly being encroached by the jungle; but they are built to last and still provide much of the inner infrastructure for the island. The beauty of the island is evident up close as one passes hundreds of fertile mango and avocado trees; the local pyracantha-like plant is espaliered over fences, trees, and houses, with its unique strawberry colored flowers in full bloom. It's islands of rouge against dark green foliage with the Caribbean sparkling in the distance.

The old stone fences that divided the sugar plantation show disarray after so many years, but many have been totally realigned and rebuilt by the islands 36 minimum security prisoners on work details. We ride by the abandoned sugar mills, seemingly defiant but taciturn about their past, with the rock and mortar construction still solid but wood roofs and windows rotted and decaying.

We break for lunch at the Hermitage plantation, which is a working inn and dates from the seventeenth century. It's a trip in a time capsule to another age; only a tourist with a laptop spoils the centuries old image.

And, of course, besides being a great way to see the real Nevis, a five hour horse back ride is an adventure in fitness. Prior to the ride, we stretched and did some functional exercises to wake up our core. We used a 75 mm stability ball for sit-ups, ball passes and various crunches. Serious riding isn't a walk in the park and being successful at it is all about core fitness. Whether you are walking, trotting or galloping, your core is engaged while riding for balance and stability as well as to protect your back and neck from injury. The saddle is not a lounge chair but a balance point so that you can use your core strength and lower body strength to flex in the stirrups and grab the horse with your knees and inner thighs.

So what better way to spend a day--combining a memorable trip into the beauty and history of Nevis coupled with a solid day of core conditioning.

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Blogging to the Bank

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