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Shorten Your Blogging - RSS Learning and Submission Curve 2

This turned out to be one of my most popular articles and it was time for an updated version so here it is.

A weblog is a frequent, online publication of comments, web links, rants and raves, hobbies, and news. It is an online Ezine of sorts lately I've noticed a trend of blogs coming into their own. Influencing political decisions and social issues, beating news services to breaking news and too much to list here.

People maintained blogs long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with automated published systems, Millions of people use services such as, and others.

So start your weblog now and be ahead of the crowd for a change. A secret I'll share with you here before going any further is after you set up your weblog goto FeedBurner and signup. Then by inserting your url in the burn feed box on the front page and hit next. Why do you burn your feed?? Basically this will translate yout html so it can be read in a universal language of RSS. Don't worry that's all you need to know for now as the feeds do the rest from there.

Now that you've buned your feed comes the fun part. Goto publicize your feed and I recommend using Buzz Boost, Headline Animator and Ping Shot is most important. What this does once activated is send updated feeds to millions of blogs automatically. So when you make another weblog entry the word is spead across the web at the same time which is very powerful. Towards the bottom of the page you can add 5 additional services I recommend feedster, bloglines, weblogs, snydic8 and ice rocket.

Next step is the chicklet chooser-these are little tabs you'll insert onto your weblog . You can use as many or as few as you like but you must use Google and Yahoo. This is essential because now I'm going to reveal a amazing and powerful secret.

After you insert your chicklets and republish your weblog view it and click on your google chicklet and add to your google. Then goto your yahoo chicklet and do the same. Now comes the most important step goto Yahoo and enter your weblog url into the search box. It will probably say url unknown but it's ok underneath it'll say if this info is correct click here -DO SO. This technique will have your site spidered by search engines within 72 hrs there is no need to submit to search engines further.

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rss RSSUnderground Editor's Tip! Hey - do you want to have a free hosted web site that you can use for anything you want? The only catch is that these guys show an Adsense ad at the top of the page - but so what! You can still use it to promote your business or other web sites! I do not make any money from telling you this - just the satsisfaction of knowing I am helping my fellow webmasters and marketers find quality free web hosting! Check it out! It's worth it - it's free!

I know it sounds complicated but if you can follow simple instructions and cut and paste it should only take a few minutes. Caution you must be familiar with HTML so as not to make mistakes. If you're not sure ask a friend or there are to find help or Tutorials. This info is for you if you're familiar with the web - if you're a newbie it'll take a bit longer to implement

Here are the reasons you should not ignore Blog advertising:

Remember when all search engines were free, and simply submitting your web sites got you listed quickly? Gone.

Then it was FFA pages, they brought in a ton of free traffic, built links to your site, and added to your mailing list like crazy. Tried one lately? Safelists were an online goldmine for a while... until bottom less email accounts were introduced.

Website sumbmissions now can take anywhere from 2 to 8 months to be indexed. While blogs and rss feeds can be indexed anywhere from 2-8 days which is better for you??

So once again I implore you to be one of the first in line and not be last again. This is the new trend just beginning to breakthrough. A few years or months from now you'll be able to sit back and smile as you watch the rest of the net stampeding to catch up.

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Robert Hart
Affiliate marketer, Info Broker, Webinar Moderator, Author, Webmaster
Gmail Profits

How to Out Sell and Out Market Your Competitors by Blogging for Free

Have you ever read an article proclaiming that you must start blogging to drive new sales and increase customer satisfaction? These proponents never tell you how to make this happen or they use acronyms and technical terms that leave the reader dazed and confused. The purpose of this article is to clear up much of the confusion and provide simple advice in plain, simple English.

A weblog is nothing more then a simple web page. The term weblog comes from “web log" and was coined by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997. It describes a basic web site where regular entries can be made or read and is presented in reverse chronological order. Currently there are 45.3 million active blogs connected to the internet via 2.6 billion links. The Pew Internet Study estimates that about 11%, or about 50 million, of Internet users are regular weblog readers.

Creating a weblog is easy to do and requires no additional marketing or advertising funds. It requires a little time each and every week but it will help you attract new customers and drive revenue literally overnight.

There are many ways a weblog can attract new customers, but there is one overriding reason to start blogging today. Search engines love blogs and your customers love search engines. summed it up in one sentence, “Your favorite thing about having a weblog is that they naturally attract search engine traffic to your web site.” The editors at put it a little more succinctly, “Blogs attract more search engine traffic to your web site, period!

For example, Sydney Johnston the owner of Cyberweb Solutions depends on the Internet to sell her training course about ebay auctions. A friend suggested she try creating a simple weblog for ebay enthusiasts. In less than a year, visits to her Web site jumped from 11,000 to 45,000 a month.

Why do blogs attract potential new customers? Most blogs are presented as static HTML pages in standard compliant designs. In short, they provide keyword rich content and are extremely easy for search engine spiders to access.

The most recent findings from Pew Internet & American Life tracking surveys show that about 60 million American adults are using search engines on a typical day. PhoCusWright claims three-fifths of online travel shoppers cite search engines as a top resource to research their vacations. Forrester Research found that 53% of business travelers use search engines to find information about a destination.

A weblog can help you outsmart your competitors who are out-spending you in search engine optimization. For example, Tony Rothwell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Creative Hotel Associates was born and raised in the UK. His weblog provides first time British visitors with friendly advice, travel recommendations, shopping tips and restaurant recommendations. He also promotes his full service and mid-priced properties located throughout the US. As a result, Tony is viewed by his readers as an industry expert and advisor and not as a marketing professional trying to sell more rooms.

Bernadette Ruby, regional vice president of Sales for Extended Stay America Hotels, recommends that extended stay properties create a local weblog for their long term guests enabling them to easily share information on neighborhood shopping, sightseeing, where to find cheap gas, even provide movie reviews.

Meeting Planners are attracted to the weblog of Bill Todd who is both a motivational speaker and best selling business author. Over 200 tips and trends for meeting and convention planners can be easily accessed. This weblog positions Todd as a partner, thought leader and advisor not simply another speaker promoting his services.

Kevin Brett, President of Hat Marketing, represents many of Orlando’s most popular theme parks and sightseeing venues in Europe. His blogs steer European visitors to his clients by providing insider tips on car rentals, lodging, advice on what to pack, when attraction lines are short, and where to find the best American food.

Create a blog with Chris Hoyt helps others create their own personal blog site for both fun & money

Blogs help you create a relationship and communicate effectively with clients. With very little effort these three bloggers build trust with clients before they arrive. As a result, they have tremendous advantage over their competition and have begun to strategically shift market share.

The least appreciated, yet most profitable reason to weblog is it gives you the capability to communicate with and gain quick, honest and affordable feedback from your guests. There is too often an assumption that because you have serviced a client in the past that they will gladly return to your hotel on future trips. Sergio Zyman, former chief marketing officer for Coca-Cola said, “If you don’t make the effort to tell your clients exactly what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and why they should continue to buy your product, they will ignore you and take their wallets to someone who will tell them those things.”

This new, powerful way of communicating with current customers will allow you to create customer evangelists. In his best selling book, “Blog Marketing”, Jeremy Wright tells us that, “… with blogging you’re engaging your guest who is reading your weblog by choice. Every reader is choosing to interact with you and every reader wants to hear from you. This new communication tool empowers customer evangelists in ways that were impossible before blogs existed”. In short, word of mouth advertising is still the most affordable and effective tool you have. Blogging allows you to kick it up a notch.

Your brand is not just a logo brochure, advertisement or tag line. Your brand is the impression you leave with each guest you serve. Malcolm Gladwell, in his recent best seller, The Tipping Point states “… that even the small, very small changes in the way guests perceive you can have radical effect on your bottom line.”

The good news is, launching a professional looking weblog can be completed in less than 30 minutes. So what are you waiting for? For easy, step by step instructions on how to launch a weblog for free please visit

Bill Todd is a high energy, entertaining, speaker, motivator and sales trainer. He focuses on helping business to drive sales, generate more profits and quickly shift market share. Hundreds of leading sales and marketing professionals have adopted his powerful ideas and proven tactics. Pick up FREE articles, audio excerpts, sales tips and marketing ideas at or call 301.633.5856

Blogging, the Aspiring Webmaster's Platform of Choice

Many thousands of blogs are set up every day on the internet. Due to their accessibility and ease of use, their popularity soared, and continues to grow. Blogging is comfortably within the grasp of novice webmasters, and free services such as only served to make their appeal even more attractive. One could launch a weblog , and have their own chunk of the internet to play around with within minutes.

Even though blogs are quite different to your average web site, they share many attributes that make them a great introduction to running a web site. Many of the lessons learnt by a novice when establishing and promoting a weblog will remain true, however far he or she decides to advance their webmastering abilities.

  • What you learn from running a weblog ?

The internet is a place where opinions are expressed with greater freedom and reach than anywhere else in the world. The nature of comments that you will receive on your weblog will certainly depend upon the topic it is established upon; a more sensitive political weblog for example might fire up heated debates. One fact remains true however, that establishing and running a weblog will require you to deal with people in a far more personal manner than you might expect. Whilst the newer more technologically inclined generation of whizz kids seem to be able to converse more comfortably using the internet as a medium, good people skills are essential for the success of a weblog . A modest, clear and firm standing will gain you respect and readership you otherwise might loose to unsociable or arrogant interactions.

What else will you learn? Generating revenue on the internet has massive appeal. Work from home in your slippers, be your own boss - we've heard it all before, however, running a weblog will quickly inform you of the many challenges you will face in generating revenue on the internet, and again - the lessons you will learn will apply to any other future projects you may undertake. Building traffic, creating appeal, and search engine optimisation all apply to blogs.

  • What we can learn from the success of blogs

Blogging has quickly become another target for the "get rich quick" gurus of the internet, and with good reason. Blogs are highly favoured by the search engines; they generate a lot of content, acquire many links to, and from other relevant blogs, and are very topical. The most successful ones concentrate on a niche, meaning the potential to generate revenue is high. Does any of this sound familiar? If you are a seasoned webmaster, you will know that many of these ideas apply to developing any successful web site. It is no surprise that blogs have been so successful, but more importantly, this proves that with the correct instruction or the basic fundamental concepts of good webdesign, that the blogging platform provides ready made, anyone can produce a successful web site.

Sion Fletcher, always one step ahead in making money online. Read more articles like this one at

Make Money Online at

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Website Content - Blogs and blogging are sweeping the internet. They are all the rage as a hobby, writing exercise, and even a career for some. In fact, it is even becoming more common that bloggers are seeking a way to make money. Be it via advertising or affiliations, they each have their own way of pursuing that writing career by way of the weblog . There is another way, though.

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