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Improving your Readership through Blogging

So, you have made a weblog and wrote your first post. But how sure are you that people will read what you made? How will you convince people to read about your blogging?

Here are suggestions so you will be able to promote your weblog .

* Quality Content

If your weblog has an interesting content, you will surely have a good distribution of your weblog . You must update your weblog on a regular basis. This is because your readers will only get bored if they read the same post over and over again.

* Participate in a forum concerning blogging.

Never hesitate to ask other bloggers for their opinion about the weblog that you made. You should take their advices wisely and considerably.

* Publish an Atom, RSS or XML feed.

If you are utilizing Blogger, you are able to activate the RSS feed by clicking the setting on found in your dashboard. Make sure that you choose the "yes" to activate the RSS feed.

* Choose subject titles carefully.

Consider what most of the internet users are looking for. You can use keywords in your subject title.

* Participate in making comments about the blogs of others.

You can achieve a reliable readership by just giving feedbacks to others bloggers. The comment feature will let you add a link back to your weblog too.

RSS art

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* Make sure that you put your weblog address and your email signature in the forum signatures.

* There are directories available, submit your weblog there.

Submit the URL of your weblog to Blogdex, Daypop, Popdex and Technorati.

* Make articles.

Make a resource box in your articles. You can also submit your finished articles to any directories available on the internet.

* If you are using the Blogger software, there is an option wherein you can inform the update services of the central weblog . This is good especially if you are making a new entry to your weblog . You must ensure that the option is activated.

* Link to other blogs.

Use the service of blogrolling to do this. This will let you maintain an updated list of your preferred blogs.

Be patient, traffic is not possible in just a day. The way to improve your traffic is by letting the people know about your weblog . During your free time, spend it by reading blogs of others, making feedbacks, and creating friendships.

Do not be shy to make comments about the blogs that you once visited. While you are waiting for traffic to happen, enjoy the world of blogging. You will not realize it but you are improving your writing in the entire process.

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Blog Waiter - How To Get Tips From Your Blogging That Pay Big Time!

Blogs and blogging are sweeping the internet. They are all the rage as a hobby, writing exercise, and even a career for some. In fact, it is even becoming more common that bloggers are seeking a way to make money. Be it via advertising or affiliations, they each have their own way of pursuing that writing career by way of the weblog . There is another way, though. There is an alternate way to make a little extra money by blogging. That way is not unlike the way waiters, cab drivers, and even bellhops add to their income: the tip. Wait a minute! How do you get tips from your blogging? There are ways, and if you read on you will see that they aren't as difficult as you might think.

First of all, if you want people to tip you for your weblog , you have to give them a reason for doing it. You need to be providing very good information or highly entertaining copy that makes them feel like you earned it. In essence, you are the web equivalent to a street performer by working for tips. So, like that street performer, you owe your audience something that makes them feel like you are worth their money. So polish your writing, update it often, keep it fresh, and stay true to the topics your readers are used to. If you are all over the place, you won't be able to build the loyal audience necessary when you go to start asking for tips. Basically, the start of it all is your content. Just like with any other money making web venture, your content is going to go a long way. So to get started earning tips from your blogging, make sure you give the audience a reason.

Once you have your content set up, you need to promote it. Asking for tips won't do you a bit of good if you don't have an audience to ask. Market your weblog , market your topics, and target those search engines. Don't do any of it at the expense of the quality of your content, but make sure you are getting something going in the way of marketing. Register with weblog directories, post to other people's blogs, and generally get your name and weblog site out there so that you will drive an audience into what is hopefully quality, informative, and or entertaining content. Again, if there is nobody at the site then asking for a tip is not going to do you a lot of good.

Next, since you have set up your content to be useful and entertaining to a particular audience and you have begun to get your weblog marketed, you are almost ready for those tips. However, there needs to be some sort of vehicle available to your readers to get the tips to you. I mean if they have to do a lot of work to get money to you then you probably shouldn't count on the money rolling in. There are a number of online methods available for receiving payments via email or the web. It would be wise to have one located prominently on your weblog so that if a reader is stuck with the desire to tip you, he or she can do so with ease and without a lot of time that may result in rethinking the tip. Remember, this is something you want to happen when your quality and entertainment is fresh in their minds.

Finally, if you really want to earn tips from blogging, then you should probably ask for them in some way. You can do so in the weblog posts or even with some sort of message on the main page of your weblog that states that tips are appreciated and are the way you fund the weblog . Either way, you need to make it clear to the readers that you are reliant on their generosity without sounding like you are hard selling, or worse, begging.

Blogging can be a lot of fun, and can actually make you a little money if you are willing to work hard at it. One way of making that money is by earning tips from your readers. There are some things that you need to get in place though to make that work. Make sure you have quality content, market your site, set up a method for receiving the tips, and be sure to ask for them. If you do those things, then you can be earning tips from your weblog before you know it.

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Smart Blogging For Business - What To Do To Boost Visitors Immediately!

Today's largest businesses are really taking blogging seriously. They are not about to sit back and let the rest of the world reap the advantages while they don't. Successful business people are intelligent. They know how much blogging can connect people together. They know that by using blogs within their organizations, they can easily and cheaply build better businesses. If you are curious about how to make blogging work for your business and how to get visitors to your weblog , check out these ideas that many companies are already using.

The best thing to do when you are creating a weblog for a business is to create one with a professional look and a casual feel. When you do this, you offer an inviting place for someone to offer their input while looking as if you know what you are doing. You want the weblog to look professional because you want your business to be seen as a professional and established company. You need to maintain the casual relationship throughout your weblog so you can draw visitors in however. People will only visit your weblog if they feel welcomed. If you make them feel welcomed by creating an inviting environment where they can contribute, your weblog will be a success.

Make sure the colors you use are inviting and that the layout is efficient. Offer tidbits of information about your business and news that pertains to your company. Also offer any type of problem you hope to solve soon if needed. You can choose to include posts from the president of the company or from supervisors to get things started and to let everyone know that everyone at your business will be taking the weblog seriously.

Creating New Plans

One thing large businesses are doing is involving their employees as well as consumers in their blogs. By allowing employees and consumers to log into blogs to give the company ideas for new products or plans, the company is wisely using their resources. A smart company knows that some of the best ideas will come from people other than members of their innovation team. They will know that consumers are great place to look for ideas. Since consumers are the ones that use the products the most, they will know exactly what they desire. Instead of the company needing to guess what the consumers want, they will hear it straight from their mouths.

Solving Problems

Another way successful companies are using blogs is by allowing them to be used within the company's walls to solve problems. Instead of using one specific problem solving team, they are allowing everyone who has a part in the product to voice their opinion or solution. This is a great thing for a business and can be the fastest way to solve problems. Drawing visitors to this type of arena can be a problem however. Many employees will not be willing to post their thoughts freely. Giving them the option of posting anonymously is a great idea so that they don't feel pressured either way. If you don't make the employees tag their name to the post, you might be surprised at getting the most useful posts from the mail room or janitorial staff.

Building Team Morale

Using a weblog for your employees in order to build team morale is a fantastic idea. To get your employees to visit this type of weblog , all you have to do is tell them about it. Make sure you only announce important bits of information via this type of weblog . That way, if they think they will miss out on important information, they will visit it frequently. Allowing them to post information is a great way to stay up to date on new marriages, births, and other important aspect of your employees' lives. The weblog is perfect for this because it is a more informal way of communication.

If you want to take your business into the next level with blogging, consider these tips before you start. Decide what type of weblog will work best for your business. Also decide the look and feel of your weblog . Remember to make it look very professional and include the qualities you want people to think of when they think of your business. Also remember to keep the tone casual however by using simple terms and only posting things in a conversational tone of writing. If you do these things, you will shortly see how positive of an impact a business weblog can have on your company.

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Amazing Trackback Tips For Successful Blogging!

Trackback is a system used to associate posts on different blogs and, in a greater sense, it allows blogs to "share" readers.

An example! Just as a simple example of how Trackback works: If you have just posted an article discussing Admiral Byrd's second Antarctic expedition and then happen to run across a similar or related post on another weblog , you could use the trackback mechanism to notify the other poster of the existence of your post. When your trackback notification (which is the permalink to your post and, possibly, some basic information about your weblog ) appears on the post in the other weblog that weblog 's readers will also be notified that you have something to say on the subject and they may pay you a visit.

Everyone can have it but not everyone does! Some blogs have this Trackback capability built in and others do not but the good news is that Haloscan, a very popular comment tracking program, now offers a trackback feature for those who don't have it and the better news is its FREE! If you are interested you can go to to sign up. Note that signing up for Trackback (if you don't already have it) will give YOU a trackback capability but you will still not be able to Trackback to a post on a weblog that does not have Trackback.

Trackbacks vs. comments! Normally you will see a post you have something to say about and comment on it. Using a Trackback when you don't have an honestly related post -- one that adds something relevant or clarifies the subject post -- is not an accepted practice. If you become known as a "trackback spammer" by sending unrelated trackbacks you may be banned from the offended blogs.

How it works! Trackback works by sending a "ping" (an electronic notification) from your weblog to another weblog to notify them of your post. This ping also notifies their Trackback program to list your post. Some bloggers moderate their trackbacks, i.e., they manually review each trackback notification and verify that it is indeed a related post -- this prevents spammers from relating their junk posts to real blogs. If the blogger reviews your post and finds it relevant he or she can permit the trackback and your post will then be listed as a trackback on the other weblog .

The first step in creating a trackback is getting the "Trackback URL" from the post where you want to send your Trackback notification. If the post does not have a Trackback URL, they either don't have a Trackback capability or they have it turned off.

Next, copy that URL into the appropriate place on your weblog 's post. This will usually be identified by some reference to "Trackback URLs" or "Trackback pings."

Next, republish your weblog -- your trackback software will automatically send the Trackback ping to the target weblog 's post.

That's all here is to it, your trackback, featuring a permalink to your post, will be sent to the target post and, after being approved (if the blogger is moderating trackbacks) your Trackback will be listed.

Other functions! On some systems it is possible to send simultaneous Trackbacks to more than one target posts. Another capability of Trackback allows you to send a trackback ping to yourself, linking a post on another weblog -- this lets your readers know that the other post is out there and can be considered a "recommended reading" type function.

Just a review of four important Trackback points!

Not every blogger has a Trackback capability and some that have it do not have it enabled.

Some bloggers moderate their trackbacks to avoid unrelated posts being linked. Some however do not moderate or even monitor their Trackbacks, so trackback spammers can sneak in. Don't be a Trackback spammer and don't tolerate them.

Haloscan is now offering Trackback capability packaged with their commenting program (both are free).

Installing Trackback on your weblog will not allow you to send Trackbacks to blogs without that capability.

More information on Trackbacks! Wikipedia has a very comprehensive entry on Trackbacks you can find it at: Wikipedia articles are always comprehensive and will provide you with information you can rely on.

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