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The Blogging for Money Window

Even if you are new to the internet and internet marketing you have surely heard or read about the blogging craze that is happening on the internet. People weblog for many reasons ranging from personal journal entries, political impetus, information aggregation, customer research and last but not least for money. Many people today are making a healthy income by using blogging as a means to develop income. If you are new to making money online or even if you are an experienced internet marketer there exists at this time an amazing window of opportunity for people to make money using blogs.

Let's start by explaining why blogs are the latest craze in the internet world. In the not to distant past the only way someone could have "real estate" on the World Wide Web was to own a web site. In order to create a web site one either needed to learn how to use programs such as Dream Weaver to create a web site or hire someone else to build it for you. Either way you would have to spend time and money to create a space on the web. Google and some other companies changed all of this when they made programs such as, making it easy for anyone to own a piece of "real estate" on the web. Even my off line father could get online and go to and create a weblog for our family. If my father can create a weblog , anyone can go onto the web and now create a space where they can generate revenue from the internet.

Not only are blogs easy to set up and start but they are also loved by search engines due to their dynamic nature. Search engines understand that blogs are constantly being updated with new and pertinent information. They consider this to be time sensitive information so they visit and index a weblog each time there is a new post. This makes it much easier for a weblog to get listed in the search results which means more traffic for your weblog .

If you aren't using blogs to create money for you online, now is the time to act. Below I will explain just a couple of ways people are making money with blogs.

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Sell Advertisements on your Blog: This is probably the most common way to generate income from your weblog . After you create a weblog and post to it regularly your weblog will start climbing up the search engine ranking bringing you traffic. If you place advertisements on your weblog you will be able to capitalize on the advertisements. You can advertise using programs such as Googles Adsense. Google Adsense works especially well for niche blogs.

One way that you can pick a profitable subject to weblog about is by doing some keyword research. First make a list of topics that you are interested in blogging about. With your list go to Overture's BidTool and see what people are paying for ads based around your keyword. Pick your weblog topic by finding the keyword with the highest bid amount. This will give you an idea of how much money you can make from your Adsense campaign on your weblog .

Help Others Sell Products: Affiliate programs allow you to become the middle man between a product and the customer. Look at affiliate directories such as Commision Junction and Clickbank to find products related to your weblog that you can sell directly on your weblog . Most affiliates pay a generous commission every time you sell one of their products. It's very easy to refer people to an affiliate product on your weblog and if you present it correctly you will be surprised at how many products you will sale.

Above I've listed only two ways you can start generating money from your weblog but there are many other ways to use blogs to generate income and page ranking. The time to look into blogging is now. There is an open window of opportunity for the non-experienced and experienced internet marketer to make money using blogs.

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Want to learn how some people are making large amounts of money through blogging? Let the blogging for money expert, Danny Warner, show you how. Visit Danny at his web site by Clicking Here:

Blogging for Business

A weblog or weblog for short, is a news system that is frequently updated and provides information about a specific topic. Blogs generally represent the personality and concepts of the person or company who publishes them.

The reason they are so important nowadays is because they are one of the most efficient ways to reach your public and offer relevant information about what your company does/offers.

This same article you are reading is published as a weblog and is one of the most important tools for our search engine optimization; with it we offer our current and potential clients information about what we do, and we develop our own culture and ideas about the use of the internet as a business tool.

To see how a weblog works and what others are doing simply search for the term of your interest followed by "blog". For example, "web design weblog ", "hotel weblog ", etc.

What does a weblog offer your business?

1. Any business can benefit from a weblog by creating and maintaining new, original and relevant information related to their industry. Most weblog systems are easy to use for anyone without technical skills.

2. Your web site can create valuable links. For search engines such as, links directed to your web site and with good content are considered more valuable and give your page better placement.

3. If your content is interesting for your audience, many people will link to your weblog and your page, creating natural links to your content. This will generate even more traffic for you.

4. A weblog positions you as an expert in your industry and a trusted source of information for people interested in your subject. New clients will notice that you know your business and will entrust you with their business.

5. Your weblog lets your content be stored and sorted historically, so you keep all your information at hand, and it can be searched by your users at any moment.

How can you start?

There are many weblog systems. If you are just starting, I recommend opening an account at This is a free service that will let you start easily and take the first steps.

Once you've created your account, you can start publishing articles or thoughts. You will be surprised by the simplicity of it. Give yourself a goal of writing one article at least once a month. Remember, if you don't keep writing new content, the advantages a weblog can give you will be lost.

If you want even more exposure for your weblog , create an account at, which is free too. Feedburner lets you configure your weblog so it can be read in different weblog readers, plus it will index your articles in up to ten of the most popular weblog distribution services. This will help you reach even more potential readers.

Once you've done this, place a link to your weblog in your web site so your visitors can find it easily.

Publish relevant information, news and comments about your industry and soon you will have more visitors, better position in the search engines and more clients thanks, all to your weblog .

Founder and actual CEO, Ricardo d'Argence has been in the field for more than ten years. is now one of the biggest web hosting providers in Mexico.

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Blogger Name - Blogging is really hot and yet many people still have no idea what it is or what it's for. I usually get one of two responses when I tell people that I recently launched a weblog : 'A what?' or 'Great, where can I find it?' It seems people are either completely aware and involved with blogging or unaware of its existence. Don't be left behind and miss out on a fabulous opportunity to connect with more potential clients and partners.

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Internet Blogging - Blogging is the latest buzzword in the Internet. Blogging descends from the word web log. Blog is actually a message board, wherein you can post thoughts and opinions to be read by others. A large number of audiences view a weblog . You need to register to a weblog through your user id and password. In some cases, you even do not need a password to read a weblog .

Money Blogging - Blogging used to be for the hobbyist. Yet now, there are hundreds of headlines out there telling you that you can make thousands of dollars blogging. The truth is that you can make money blogging, but probably closer to a few hundred dollars a month. However, there are some ways to maximize your earning potential for your weblog .

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