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By Robin Campbell

It would seem that many are turning away from traditional news sources and looking for alternative ways to get information. This is happening because the news is not what many feel it should be. I am sure there is a part of the population that is dying to know what celebrities are doing on a daily basis, but for the rest of us, we want real news.

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Most places still cover real news, of course, but the real news is often overshadowed by some celebrity hissy fit. Those who want to know about the real issues going on in the world are starting to turn to blogs. If you do a blog search, you can usually find what you are looking for rather easily.

Many use their blogs to talk about their lives, and that is just fine. Some develop a rather large following if they have a witty and interesting writing style, and if they always seem to have good stories to tell. If you do a blog search, you will find many of these blogs, and you might find a few that you want to read day after day. There are others, however, who are taking blogging to a whole new level by reporting many things that the national media seems to be missing. They don’t care about celebrity shenanigans. They want to know about what really matters. They are finding these stories and bringing them to everyone else.

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Google has a blog search along with the traditional search. When you click on their ‘news’ option, you will get the latest news on whatever it is that you are searching for. You will also see the blog option at the bottom or side of the page. I have used this many times myself to find news that I have not seen on the traditional news sites. These bloggers take what they do very seriously, and I know that I, for one, am very grateful. These people are popping up all over the Internet, and are often referred to as ‘citizen journalists,’ though not everyone likes that title.

If you didn’t know that blogs can now be a great source of information, now you know. You can still get great news from the traditional sources, but it won’t hurt to do a blog search to see if you can find something that may not have been covered. Google has this search, and other search engines may very well have it as well. Just remember that not all of the information you find will be accurate, so you do want to gauge the sources the blogger is using before you decide if a story is accurate or not. Some are opinion, so read carefully.

Author credit: Robin is a freelance writer specialing in the internet and has many web related lenses at Squidoo

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