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Blogging Dollars in 7 Hours or Less

Need to make money fast, but you don't want to spend a single cent to establish an online business? Fret not, dear friend. You could actually start earning from the web with zero capital, zero obligations and zero risks! All these can be accomplished within 24 hours! Read on and I'll show you how.

Hour 1

Try to find a profitable niche. Niches are highly specialized segments of a market where the demand is high and the supplies are low. There are few competitions in a niche, allowing you more opportunity to establish your online presence.

Think of a market that you could cater to. Then narrow it down by enumerating its subcategories. The more you are able to reduce the subject, the higher the profitability will be. For example, the general market you thought of is about dogs. A subcategory of this would be about Chihuahuas. A further subcategory would be about Chihuahua grooming.

Hour 2

Once you have found your niche, run a search at or . The results would show how many searches were made for that subject. The more searches there are, the higher the demand is for that topic.

Run a similar search of the same subject in any of the search engines on the net. The results would reveal your competition. Naturally, you would want a subject that has less competition. This would mean that you're looking for one that would produce few results in your searches.

Hour 3

Once you've found a lucrative niche, it's time to look for its relevant keywords. Run a search of the topic at to get a list of related keywords and keyphrases. Keep a copy of this list.

Hour 4

Open an account with a free blogging site. Or, if you already have your own web site, download the Wordpress software at . It's free. And Wordpress can be easily integrated with any web site.

RSS art

rss RSSUnderground Editor's Tip! Hey - do you want to have a free hosted web site that you can use for anything you want? The only catch is that these guys show an Adsense ad at the top of the page - but so what! You can still use it to promote your business or other web sites! I do not make any money from telling you this - just the satsisfaction of knowing I am helping my fellow webmasters and marketers find quality free web hosting! Look at my free site - Espanol Articulous. I haven't done much with it yet but it is a real site and you even get proper FTP so you can upload images and pages without having to use a clunky file manager! Check it out! It's worth it - it's free!

Set up your account. Fiddle with the controls. You'll discover that using a weblog is as easy as writing down your thoughts and clicking on a button to publish them for all the online world to see.

Hour 5

Enroll in any affiliate program of your choice. You could choose more than one, of course. Just make sure that such program is offering some products that cater to the niche you have chosen. Try to find a program that offers highly sellable products and generous commissions. Don't settle for a commission rate of less than 20%. Look for something that would give you at least 40% for every successful sale you would be able to refer. A good place to start is , but eventually you would want to "graduate" to something grander. But for your initial foray, ClickBank would suffice.

After enrollment, you would be able to immediately choose the products you want to pre-sell. Get the affiliate links for them. Do not lose these affiliate links.

Hour 6

It's time to put that weblog to good use! The premise heart of this budget-friendly strategy is your weblog . Blogs are excellent and cost-effective alternatives to web sites. Search engines love them, and they have their own linking network as well. Also, they are easily updatable, and search engine spiders love consistently updated content.

Write an interesting piece about the niche you have chosen. It may be a personal review of one of your affiliate products, or your views on the niche in general.

The trick here lies in being able to strategically insert your affiliate links in your weblog entries. It must be subtle. You won't want your weblog to look like a blatant sales page. Your entries should be highly informative, first and foremost. Content is still king, and it is what will drive visitors to your site.

Hour 7

Go to . Ping the weblog directories and the search engines that can be found there. This would inform their spiders that your content has been updated, and they will check it out come the next relevant query. What does this mean? Fast indexing for your weblog site!

So there you go. A zero dollar, seven hour marketing plan that would rake in some earnings. It doesn't stop there, however. Try to post a new entry everyday, and ping the search engines afterwards. Soon enough, you'll have a high traffic weblog site where you could expose your affiliate links to a whole lot of people!

Good luck!

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Is Blogging and RSS ALL THAT? Yes, and a bag of chips!

Jack Humphrey

In a very popular marketing forum recently I saw a post that blew me away. It was from someone asking if having a weblog was really that big a deal in marketing their web site!

Let's put it this way: simply putting a weblog on your site does nothing for your traffic and links. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

But what novice marketers fail to realize is a weblog that is RSS enabled is a powerful traffic generation tool in the right hands.

Webmasters who understand what to do with a weblog once they install one are reaping huge rewards in targeted traffic, incoming links, and faster search engine spidering.

There are search engines on the web that deal in nothing but blogs and RSS feeds. Meaning you cannot and will not get into those engines without a weblog . And you are missing some seriously easy traffic.

My weblog feed is all over the web, passively linking right back to my site, my posts, and my products. People use my content feeds (RSS) without my having to ask them to do so. Other sites need content that is rich in the keywords I regularly use on my weblog , so they grab my feed and benefit from content they don't have to write themselves.

Where do they find my feed? Not usually on the weblog itself, but in the feed engines! Take a look at some to see what I am talking about:

Some only take your RSS feed URL while others just want your weblog index page. Submitting to the ever growing list of weblog and RSS directories is the easiest way to get spidered by the regular engines and get your links into directories all over the world.

All you have to do is provide good content on your site's main topic on a regular basis. Whole sites are run on weblog software nowadays because the power of RSS promotion makes promoting them so much easier than static html pages and regular search engines.

Getting into the directories is one thing. Now you need to beef up your promotion by pinging regularly. Some blogs like Wordpress will allow you to update a list of sites to "ping" every time you post.

Pinging is simply sending a quick notice through to each site on the web that tracks and updates the information they have about your weblog . New post - new ping. One click and tons of sites all have the most recent posts to your weblog !

I use lately with great results. I like to make sure I am pinging every weblog engine out there. They have a considerable list of places to ping and I do it every time I post to my weblog .

In a matter of hours I have search engines crawling my site for new pages. And since I link from my weblog to the rest of my site, the people who come to the weblog can get to every other part of my site with ease.

All of this is merely scratching the surface of what blogs and RSS feeds can do for your marketing efforts. Everyone is going to RSS to syndicate their content. If you aren't yet, you'd better start ASAP. Because you are getting left in the dust by your competition for your keywords.

After actively blogging, pinging, and submitting your weblog feed and main URL to the weblog engines for a couple months you are going to see amazing amounts of back links. And in far shorter time than it would take you with any other marketing method other than aggressive syndication of articles.

So if someone asks you if having a weblog is really all that, now you can tell them what it's all about. It's not the weblog , it's what you DO with it that counts.

Jack Humphrey is the author of Power Linking 2005. Find out how you can take a bite out of the web site promotion learning curve at

Webhosting for blogging - free or paid service

Blogging is an abbreviation of "web-logging". The simplest definition of a weblog is that it is an online log that is organized in reverse chronological order. It comprises of comments, declarations, links, or anything else of interest to the weblog writer.

There are two basic requirements of starting your own weblog . You need a software to run a weblog and a place on the Internet to host your weblog .

Taking into consideration the above mentioned two factors, there can be four categories of blogs:

1. Free Software + Free Webhosting 2. Free Software + Paid Webhosting 3. Paid Software including Price of Webhosting 4. Paid Software + Paid Webhosting

We have given descriptions of all these four options alongwith their pros and cons.

We have also given recommendations regarding the suitability of these options.

1. Free Software + Free Webhosting

This is a completely free way of blogging. Here you pay neither for the software nor for the virtual hosting.

But there are some drawbacks of this system. It offers very few features as compared to the paid services. You cannot post pictures online or design your preferred look for your site.

The companies that provide free software and free domain hosting frequently place a banner immediately above your site. This detracts the visitors from the look of your site. You also have no discretion over the content of the advertisements.

The key advantage of this system is that it is absolutely free. This option is extremely useful for a newcomer since he/she can try this method to find if they are really interested in blogging.

This option is recommended for those people who would not like to pay anything or for the newcomers.

2. Free Software + Paid Webhosting

This option provides you free software but you will have to pay for the domain hosting.

There is a cost factor involved in this option. Minimum cost of domain hosting would be $5 per month but a realistic budget would be slightly higher, around $7-8. The annual registration fee for domain name would be about $10-30.

This system will let you do certain things that you were unable to do with the free one. Here, you can modify the look of your site and you can also post pictures. But free softwares have fewer features than paid ones.

This option is highly recommended because by just paying the cost of virtual hosting and domain registration, you can avail great features and flexibility.

3. Paid Software including Price of Webhosting

This is a subscription-based option. There are ongoing costs involved in this option.

You have to pay at least $6 per month for basic services and for advanced features the fee would be around $15 per month.

The cumulative cost for a year would reach up to $200. That makes this option a very expensive one.

Apart from customizing the look of your site and posting photographs online, you will be able to use a software that provides more features than a free one.

This option is recommended for people who do not want to be troubled with virtual hosting and software installation issues. This is the easiest possible solution. It offers great features but at a reasonably high price.

4. Paid Software + Paid Webhosting

This option provides you paid software and paid domain hosting.

The cost of the domain hosting ranges from $5 to $10 per month while the cost of the software would be at least $45 (one-time cost).

This option gives you great amount of flexibility. You can select your own domain name and have a feature-rich blogging software.

This option is highly recommended for businesses since the cost is not a major consideration.'s ( virtual webhosting service. This article may be reprinted freely online or in print, provided the resource box, Web addresses and copyright information remain intact.

Blogging For Profit; The Simple Success Strategies Of A 19 Year Old Kid.

A weblog is a simple but powerful tool which all marketers and businesses should be utilising to explode their sales, build credibility and improve customer retention.

I've been doing a lot of research with regards to blogging and came across a case of a 19 year old kid who was making something ridiculous like $50,000 a year with a weblog on mobile phones, from his bedroom! This is an extraordinary case but clearly there is a good earning potential through blogs, however they do take time to grow and build up a readership.

Blogs provide a very simple, quick and easy means to add fresh content to your web site. As I'm sure you've heard many times over 'content is king' from a search engines' view point and by providing high quality, regularly updated content your web site should benefit with regards to your search engine ranking.

By providing fresh, high quality relevant content you will gain an increase of both first time visitors and repeat visitors, they will come back to check out your new content. Providing it's interesting, relevant and useful to them, you will begin to build relationships with your readers, increasing your credibility and building their trust in you and your business.

These repeat visitors will be exposed to your messages more and begin to trust you and your recommendations. This in turn will fuel sales and referrals. Just make sure you don't recommend a product you haven't tried, if it is bad you will lose all credibility.

Whenever you buy a new product, review it in your weblog and be brutally honest, your readers will love you for it. Take a completely unbiased view point and talk about both the positives and negatives of each product. In essence you are providing more of an insight into the product than the sales page itself, this will help convert those prospects that are 'sitting on the fence' so to speak. As it has been shown that prospects are seven to ten times more likely to buy from a weblog recommendation than from other sources!

There are many ways in which you can monetize your weblog , for example, by using it as a tool to promote your own products or affiliate programs. Other ways that you can generate extra income through your weblog are through the Google Adsense program, selling banner/link space as your traffic increases or by adding you own opt-in sign up form to which you send your newsletter or other targeted offers.

Your weblog can be syndicated using RSS, enabling savvy webmasters to use your weblog content on their web pages. This benefits them as they have regularly updated fresh content for their web site and benefits you through increased exposure, free targeted traffic and extra inbound links.

To get the most benefit from my weblog I use a technique called 'blogging and pinging', whereby every time I post to my weblog , I ping to inform the search engines and weblog directories I've updated my weblog .

You should submit your weblog feed to weblog directories to gain more exposure. You can do this manually however, these are three automated sources that I have had the most success using and best of all…they are free!

Be passionate about your weblog , love your weblog . If you do not then it will become obvious through your posts and you are unlikely to be anywhere near as successful as you could be.

Add to your weblog regularly provide good quality content and reviews and you will be on your way to blogging success.

Get your FREE step by step guide to setting up your first weblog , visit: -

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