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Adsense Blogging: Focus On Keyword Content

With the growth of blogs of past several years many people have been jumping on the bandwagon trying to get a piece of that internet money pie. The Google Adsense has provided bloggers the opportunity to capitalize on the traffic generated at their web sites and another industry has emerged often referred to as Adsense blogging. Adsense blogging is a great way to earn income online if done correctly.

When developing an Adsense weblog one of your main focuses should be on the selection of profitable and targeted keywords, and then on developing informative and original content around those keywords. Keyword selection is not that difficult you just need to know where to look.

RSS art

It’s important to create content around keywords that people search for. One free keyword tool that you can use to generate a list of keywords is GoodKeywords. This program will allow you to input a general keyword and then spit back a bundle of variations of that keyword or phrase.

When selecting a keyword phrase to use don’t go for the one with the highest number of searches as those keywords are highly competitive. Shoot for the keywords that are lower on the list as those will give a better chance for getting on the first page when someone searches for that particular phrase.

Once you have selected a keyword you wish to develop content around start creating your own variations of that keyword by adding additional words or phrases to it. This will ensure that you are highly optimized for that particular phrase.

Once you’re done developing your list of keywords, come up with a list of titles for each of those phrases and start writing. The selection of keywords is crucial in order to maximize your Adsense blogging efforts so don’t take this advice lightly. Do your research and happy blogging!

© Chris Monato.

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Basics Of Blogging Series - Using Email As An Advertising Tool

Email - we take it for granted. We use it almost every day. We use it for business, pleasure, fun and work. We use it and abuse it. We say things that are taken the wrong way. We express hate and love, likes and dislikes in our email. We fall in love, fall out of love, send virtual flowers, send postcards, send presents, send protests, send hate mail. We do business and sign contracts on it. We transfer funds with it. We type with it, hate it and love it. We often cannot live without it.

Email is so ingrained in our daily lives, we no longer appreciate its power or possibilities. We use it as if it were an extension of ourselves and actually tend to reveal a lot more about our own minds, hearts and souls then we would ever reveal if we had to sit and write out each and every email with pen and paper. Email is most definitely a powerful tool, if not the most powerful tool in the arsenal of spreading word and popularity about your weblog or web-site.

On one other thing about Email. It is FREE. Totally and completely FREE. You don't even have to an email account with your web account provider. All you need is a few Yahoo or Gmail accounts.

However, there is a BIG caveat here. If you are anything like me, you have come to hate "spam" mail. Garbage mail. Junk mail. Spam email. All of it is crap. All of it steals precious time and clogs up your system. We hate spam. We ignore it. We sift through it to get to our "real" email. And here is the rule of thumb. Email that we want - WE READ.

How do you put email to use for you and your weblog and web site?

Well first some things you do NOT do.

  • You do not purchase lists off the Internet that are non-targeted lists (even if they are opt-in lists). What is non-targeted? Non-targeted means that you will be sending out millions of emails to people whose inbox and spam box are totally full and crowded with junk as it is. Your email will be between some idiot that is sending out emails promising larger breasts and another offering males a great time in bed with a new and great product combining viagra, cialis and some homespun remedy for a longer, more powerful male organ. Trust me. You do NOT WANT your email stuck there.
  • You do not purchase lists off of some fly-by-night company on the Internet, even if they do promise 2.5 million email addresses for $29.99.
  • You do not "farm" email addresses off of Internet sites using a program dedicated to this practice.
  • You do not offer to purchase or borrow your best friend's or lovers email address list (in most cases not in all!).

What you can do:

  • You create a guest book on your weblog or an email opt-in list. You save each and every one of those emails as if they were GOLD. For these things all you need to do is Google for them. Bravenet is one of the largest, most respected and offers an incredible amount of FREE utilities for this purpose. You do not need to be a techie to use this stuff.
  • You ask everyone you know (including the grocer and butcher) to get on your list! (NO! I will not get up enough courage to ask that beautiful woman next door for her email address. I can't even get enough gumption to say "Hello" to her. sheesh...)
  • You consistently and constantly put out emails to your membership but you do not badger them. Once a week is really enough, unless you have this incredibly special announcement to make or deal to offer. You ask them to forward these emails as well.
  • On your web-site you allow people to decide how often they want an email from you. Blogs do not have this capability and it would be incredibly difficult to build it in without using a third party extension. (Again companies like Bravenet are the answer here.)
  • Your email is professional, straightforward, and if possible offered in both HTML and plain text.
  • Your email address - the email address where your membership email is coming from - is memorable, even if you are using gmail. I have for instance my own domain email for my stuff, and I use a gmail address for my weblog which is the name of my weblog . That address is simply cobwebsofthemind which associates in the persons mind with my weblog . It is also good advertising and a way for someone to remember your weblog even if they forget the url. Which is unique enough for here. On my web sites, for instance it is all xxxxx@myweb Then when the recipient wades through tons of email they know immediately your email is something they want and they will read it. So for the Hair weblog their address would be something with the word "hair" in it or better yet "silkybeautifulyounghair"!
rss RSS Underground Editor's Tip! Hey - do you want to have a free hosted web site that you can use for anything you want? The only catch is that these guys show an Adsense ad at th etop of the page - but so what! You can still use it to promote your business or other web sites! I do not make any money from telling you this - just the satsisfaction of knowing I am helping my fellow webmasters and marketers find quality free web hosting! Look at my free site - Espanol Articulous. I haven't done much with it yet but it is a real site and you even get proper FTP so you can uplaod images and pages without having to use a clunky file manager! Check it out! It's worth it - it's free!

Why is Email so important?

It is an excellent question, despite the fact that some techies may snicker at such a simple question. The answer is easy, yet can get incredibly complicated. The great thing about email that a person wants is that it gets at least skimmed. It keeps you in touch and lets the person that signed up know that the web-site is active and doing things. The other "more important part" of email is that little "forward" option. If Sally seems something that she may think Jane and Bill want, she is going to forward the email with a couple of clicks. Viral. It gets spread. People get to know about it. NEWS SPREADS. And with email it can spread like wildfire! Do not ever underestimate this. You may send out 100 emails from your site, and on the 101'st for no specific reason you can discern suddenly the hits go up. Suddenly the "word" is spreading. Never give up on the email option.

Don't overuse it either. Don't badger. Don't spam. Don't do your best friend a favor by sending out emails to your list for them. (I would, of course, send out a 100 emails to my list for a date with the lady next door!) Seriously, your email list is your gold. Your ace in the hole. Don't abuse it!

Okay lets now discuss Email and some "real" examples:

When someone arrives at a weblog , unlike a web site, there is no need to "register" or "sign in". Thus it is much harder to get an individual to "sign-up" for a feed from your weblog or to be on your email list. You have less than 7 seconds (that is not a typo, 7 seconds) to interest the person, which includes loading of your page. So use it well. Remember, OFFER WHAT THEY WANT - NOT WHAT YOU WANT. If you cannot do that than perhaps numbers is not what you need. Just the pleasure of having your own weblog .

Send out a thank you IMMEDIATELY. You can use an auto-responder, or lacking that, have a template in your email draft box, and once a day check for new sign-ups and send out a thank you SEPARATELY to each one. No CC's or BCC's. Bad, BAD idea.

If you have a web site that requires registration, make sure you send out a thank you automatically. Make sure you explain again what the site is about with your URL at least twice in the page. Make it nice. Make it simple. Make it good. Market yourself and your web site and your product.

When you send out emails to your entire list you have many options. You can make them yourself, or go to a place like Vertical Response which takes all the hard work from you. Vertical Response is good, but not free. There are others in the market, reputable good sites who can help you along. But if you serious about marketing bear this in mind if you email list grows too large or unwieldy.

Whenever I send out an email from any one of my web sites the hits on that web site go up immediately and for the next 24 hours. By the way, it is important to understand, that your email will have a shelf-life of 24 hours on a good day. This means that if the member does not respond, visit, or otherwise act on the email within 24 hours, it probably just won't happen. Don't sweat it though. There is always the next email, and the next and the next...

One of the best and free ways to make your weblog work for you is to use feedblitz. This takes care of subscribers and RSS feeds. It works for the most part and is good. Use it on your weblog .

In summary, Email is a tool that should be used to the maximum but not abused or overused. Used and manipulated correctly it can increase your members and keep those who did sign up coming back. Loyal membership is your key to Viral marketing.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Blogging (Well Actually 8)

Blogging, it’s all the rage. The biggest problem with becoming a successful blogger is time and content management. Blogs are cool. Blogs are fun. Blogs are addictive. Blogs are time vampire and energy suckers.

Steven R. Covey’s masterful 7 Habits of Highly Effective People started a trend of listing better ways to do things. Even though cheating isn’t on his list, I’ll go ahead and borrow a page from his book (a great read by the way) and make a list!

1. Write a weblog post everyday. This can become a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. At least one thing happens everyday that makes you think about how you do things in your area of expertise.

For example, today I was going to post on my weblog about how it’s important to watch what you say.

The article came to me after I realized that I was naming our revised custom weblog pricing packages “Basic BM”, “Bronze BM”, “Silver BM”, “Gold BM” and “Platinum BM”. If you haven’t figured out why these package names aren’t really great for branding unless you’re selling some sort of colloidal or metallurgical solution for folks who don’t eat enough bran, then you may want to have someone edit your weblog posts and help you with branding!
Every day at least one “Hmmmm” relative to your weblog topic will come up. At least write yourself a note when it happens so when it comes posting time you’ll have a topic.

2. Create a “series” of posts.This is sort of a follow on to point 1 above. Hopefully your weblog provides valuable information that keeps readers coming back for more, or even better subscribing to your RSS feed. If you have a “hot topic” that requires more than 1,000 words to get through, think about creating a series. For example: “Creating a WordPress Blog: Step by Step” could be your series. This could easily be a 10 part series on one topic.

3. If applicable add some personality to your weblog . Ideally your weblog is “information for information seekers”, but the fact of the matter is that your readers are people too and will identify with you as the author if you “humanize” your weblog posts with some humor, anecdotes or day-to-day experiences.

4. Use real world applications to demonstrate to your readers the expert advice or information you’re passing on. Given that most of your weblog postings are going to be 100% test try to help your readers “visualize” the benefit of heeding your advice by demonstrating a real world example or actual application that you or one of your existing clients have encountered. Try for the “Hey, man, that would solve our problem, too” reaction from your reader.

5. Incorporate graphics into your weblog posts. If you have graphs, charts, image examples or any visual or audio aid that can help your reader get the most out of your post, use it. The more enjoyable you can make the user experience the more valuable they will find your weblog , the more they’ll come back, and the better chance you have to convert that reader to a customer.

6. Utilize the resources at Ezinearticles or GoArticles to add additional relative content to your weblog . Make sure you give attribution (don’t delete the links). You’re not the only with good ideas, so don’t hesitate to add other author’s valuable content to your weblog . It’s only fair to give them the link back, it won’t really hurt your SEO rankings like a traditional web site linking strategy. Ezinearticles is a great cure for writer’s block!

7. Don’t forget to throw in calls to action for your reader to contact you. Hopefully your posts are valuable and you, the author, are becoming regarded as a “goto guy (or girl) by your readers. Don’t forget to remind them that you are a resource and provide them with effective calls to action to reach you. If you’re unsure about how to make the most effective use of your weblog and specific calls to action, or aren’t getting the traction you want on the search engines get in touch with me I’ll be happy to help you out. (see how I snuck that one in!)

8. Make friends with your competitors, utilize your colleagues and encourage your employees or partners to write articles for your weblog . Again, give them the benefit of the link. You’ll be surprised what comes out of sharing your blogspace with those around you, and it’ll provide your readers with a better mix of writing styles. Encourage your readers and customers to propose article topics and submit questions. Great for writer’s block.

Well, there you have my 7, no make that 8, Habits of Highly Effective Blogging. Get yourself a copy of Stephen Covey’s book, don’t forget to write down tomorrow’s weblog topic and weblog away!

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Adsense Blogging: How To Generate Lots Of Content For Your Adsense Blog

The Google Adsense program provides a way for bloggers to generate passive income from their blogging efforts. In order to maximize your Adsense blogging efforts it’s important for you to generate as many visitors as you possibly can to your Adsense weblog . This is accomplished by creating informative and original content that people are actively searching for and delivering it to them via your Adsense weblog .

So how can you generate lots of original content for your Adsense blogging enterprise? There are several ways you can do this. One of the first ways is to hire someone to do it. There are thousands of web content writers who will produce original content for your Adsense weblog for a fee. These people will write the content and all you have to do is copy and paste the content to your weblog . This however can become very expensive for some people as these writers may charge anywhere from $6-$20 per content piece.

Another simpler and less expensive way to do and the way that I recommend is to write the content yourself. Writing content for an Adsense weblog is not that difficult. All you really have to do is come up with some keywords you wish to target, develop some interesting titles around those keywords, and then start writing. This method takes both time, effort, and a little bit of dedication but the long term pay off is immeasurable.

These are just a couple of ways to start generating content when building your Adsense blogging empire. The Adsense program provides a simple way for webmasters to monetize the traffic they receive at their web sites. It simple to install

© Chris Monato.

Adsense Blogging: Simple Tips To Maximize Your Blogging Revenue

Maximize your Adsense revenue is something that every Adsense blogger has in the back of their mind. It is important to do everything that you possibly can to maximize the number of Adsense clicks on your weblog .

For many Adsense blogging affiliates there main objective is to generate as much keyword targeted content as they can to their Adsense blogs. This is probably the most important thing to ensure that steady streams of people are coming to your web site everyday. However it is equally important to make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to get them to click on your ads. Here are just a few tips that you can use to help increase the number of clicks on your Adsense weblog .

The first thing that you want to do is to try to blend your ads in with them color theme of your weblog . It’s important that your ads look as much like the other links on your web site. I don’t know why this works but it is something psychological in the brain that makes people not want to click on stuff that looks different form the rest of the page. So try to blend your ads as closely as possible.

Ad placement is also very important. You want to try to place ads where people will see them. I place my directly at the top so when people pop on to the web site that’s what they see. I also use the sidebar for ads so as people scroll down there are additional ads along the side. These are the places that have worked best for me.

These are just a couple of strategies that you can implement to ensure maximum clicks at your Adsense weblog . Hope this helps.

© Chris Monato.

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Content Hungry - 1. One of the best ways to generate no cost traffic is by submitting ready-made articles to "content hungry" web-site and newsletter publishers with your "resource box" attached. A resource box is nothing more than a little 3-6 line "bio" about you and/or your web-site - including a link to your site (or even instructions on how to subscribe to your newsletter)...

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