Shopping For Great Deals on Purses is Fun!

It seems like everyone has something that they enjoy doing.

I love shopping for great deals!

My husband loves to fish and hunt. He can spend hours on the lake fishing or in the woods hunting. Of course these activities take special equipment as well as special clothing. He is always looking through sporting goods catalogs to see out is new on the market to enhance his activities. I go out and do some fishing and hunting with him, but I would rather be in the mall shopping. Going shopping is the activity that I enjoy doing.

I have always enjoyed shopping, all kinds of shopping. I love to shop for anything and everything. I enjoy grocery shopping, clothes shopping, bargain shopping at garage sales and second hand stores. My husband teases me that I even shop at the gas station. My favorite part of shopping is getting deals. I comparison shop and look for sales. I rarely buy anything that is not on sale. I am not one that needs to have certain name brands. I buy things because I like them and they are a good deal. I am always looking for purses on sale. I like to switch the handbags I carry often to match my outfits. Part of my reasoning is that it keeps my purse from getting packed full of junk that I do not need to carry around. Usually at the end of season there are great selections of purses on sale. Handbags are one thing that are often on the clearance tables as well. Part of the reason for this is that purses are bulky for the retailers to store, and they also change on a regular basis.

I do always have my go to purse. This is the purse that I carry back and forth to work. With this purse I look for compartments that help me find things easily has room for everything I need on a daily basis. The other bags are used for fun, when I am out and about shopping, going to dinner or out for the evening. By purchasing the purses on sale I can have many different colors, shapes and sizes. It is not necessary to match your purse to your shoes as women used to do in the past. I like to pick my purse to compliment what I am wearing. There are many cute bags to choose from for this reason I do not like to spend a great deal of money on one bag. If I spend a great deal on a bag I feel more obligated to use it all the time. I would rather have a big variety than one expensive name brand purse.

Contributed by Sara Ridgeway, regular contributor for and other shopping blogs