Honest And Open, Time For A Change

It is not easy growing up and getting older. At least for my folks I have seen it happen this way. They were aging gracefully, until a point. It happened so slowly, gradually. I cannot put a pinpoint on where or when the change happened. I just know that looking back it did.

So when they reached a point where they needed some assistance, and the doctor diagnosed dad with dementia, it was time for a change. He and mom needed more care than they could provide for each other, and outside help from family was becoming to be quite a bit on the family. We needed help. They needed help. We were honest and open about the topic. So next thing you know we are looking at Anthem Lakes and their memory care unit. See what it’s all about here: https://www.anthemlakes.com/memory-care-jacksonville-fl-alzheimers-dementia. They made the transition there good. Mom and dad adjusted better than expected, which was a great relief. We are happy, and they seem more happy now that their responsibilities are lifted and that they are still together with each other.

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