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Using Book Protectors

No matter how hard you try, you are going to have problems with any books that you love to read or use quite often. In fact, it is one of those things that is impossible to get around. If something can be spilled on a book, it is going to happen. When it comes to your favorites, or if you have some that you are using for your education, you have to think about book protectors so that you can keep them as nice as you can, especially if you are using textbooks that belong to a school or if you are going to sell them once you are done with them.

When I was in school, we had to have book protectors on all of our textbooks. If there was too much damage when we turned them back in, we could have been charged for the entire book. We often took paper bags and turned them into book covers, and these worked well for many reasons. For one, they were free. They were also not bright white, which can get dirty very easily, and we could decorate them in any way that we wanted. Once the school year was over, we could just remove the book protectors and that was that.

You can find many things in the store today that are much like the old bag trick that I used in school. These are made just for text books of all types, and are very easy to use. Though most are going to be white in color if you buy large packages, you can find smaller packages of book protectors in colors and designs. If you don’t find them locally, find them online. They should be very inexpensive, and they should last at least half of the school year if they don’t make it all of the way through.

If you know you are clumsy, or that your children are very young, you can find some book protectors that are waterproof. They can’t protect all of the pages, of course, but they can stop some water damage from ruining the spine and the front and back covers. Some are see-through, and those are great if you don’t have the need to decorate your own. You can also find some that completely cover the book, unlike the others that just protect the front and back. You can use what works best for you, and no matter what, you can find book protectors for whatever size and shaped book you have.