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A Hot Topic Couples Struggle To Openly Discuss

Sometimes in life we are waiting on a miracle. Sometimes in life we need to help along matters so that miracles can happen. When it comes to family planning, there are sadly some couples and families who have difficulty. This can be absolutely devastating and frustrating, among other emotions. The gamut is wide!

Family planning is one matter couples can struggle with. Another more detailed aspect is gender balancing. Sometimes families honestly want to have a baby boy in their family of all girls. It goes the other way as well. Families want to have a baby girl in their family of all boys.

This is normal. It is not unheard of. Do not shame others who are having feelings like this. Moreover do not shame yourself or your spouse for feeling this way. Talk honestly between you and your partner. The next step after that may be talking to your doctor. Do not shy away from this topic as it is a very real feeling, with constant thoughts, that you should be able to discuss with others as appropriate. Find out more here at