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The Controversy Over Attachment Parenting

If you bring up the subject of attachment parenting, you are going to find that it is a very touchy subject for some people. I have never come across a conversation about this parenting style anywhere online that has not turned vicious. People either really love the idea, or they really hate it. There seems to be no in between. Though I can see where there may be some benefits to attachment parenting, it is definitely not something that I would ever do.

I guess you could put me in the category of those who do not like it. To me, attachment parenting seems to be coddling. While I think it is important for us to love and nurture our children, I don’t think attachment parenting is preparing them for the world. No matter how much we love them, or how easy we want things to be for them, the truth is that the world will eat up children were not ready for it. There is nothing easy in the adult world, and those who are not prepared are going to fail.

Those who support attachment parenting claim that the closeness gives the children the confidence they need when they are away from their parents. However, I have yet to see any evidence of this. I know a few people who practice attachment parenting, and all of their children tend to be clingy and whiny. When they are left on their own to deal with a situation, these children do not know what to do. They are so use to having an adult right next to them to make their decisions that they cannot properly decide things for themselves.

I guess those who believe in attachment parenting that think I’m a mean mommy. I give my child all the love and support I can, but I do everything I can to show her how to stand on her own two feet. I do not want to send my daughter off to kindergarten with a sense of helplessness. I want her to feel strong on her own, yet she will know that I’m here for her whenever she needs me. I’m sure there are good things about attachment parenting, but as far as I’m concerned, it is not something that I will ever practice. I know that children are the innocent ones, but if they are not prepared for the harshness of the real world, they’re going to fail. What kind of parent would I be if I set my child up for failure?


Finding a New Job

It’s imperative to fully understand a job field prior to pursuing it. Not everyone ponders that statement before attending college. My advice to all students is to think hard and gain as much information on jobs as you can. Think about your personal interests. What do you want to do for the next 20 years after college life is through? It’s crucial to have this information before you select a major. I can’t reiterate how bad it would be to acquire a BS in biology and then later decide you want to be a journalist. This would be a serious problem. Good luck finding that reporting career with a degree in biology.

The first two years of college are fairly basic. Most people say that this is when you get the routine courses out of the way. That stuff that every student needs before choosing a major to focus on. This is the time when it’s prudent to seek out information on jobs. Do you have any clue what you want to be after college? It’s not a big deal if you don’t. Many of us have a difficult time discovering this information. Well, one of the best ways is by taking career placement tests. You can generally find these available in the career center of your University. Speak with an advisor and he/she will help you explore the infinite options. The wonderful thing about career placement tests is that they expose your strong suits and interests. This is valuable information. Once you discover what you’re good at and interested in, you can choose a major accordingly. And if this information on jobs is not enough, you can always try job shadowing. This is as real as it gets. Let’s say you possibly want to become a nurse. You can follow the daily routine of a nurse for two days straight and find out what it is they do on a more intimate level.

If you’re not currently enrolled at a University, there is online information on jobs as well. Go ahead and take a free career placement test from home, or perform a Google search on any specific job field you please. Read what’s currently expected education-wise and once you get in the field. You can even find out the general salary of the job you choose.


Teaching a Child How to be Happy

Every parent wants their children to be happy in life. Every parent struggles with determining the best way to teach their kids how to be happy, hoping their advice is good and is followed. However, I think there is a challenge even greater that must be addressed first, and that is being sensitive and observant of your child to determine what paths for the child are advisable.

Letting go of your kids is difficult, whatever their age. Directing them toward what will make them happy may not be something that can be done deliberately. It may be discovered over time, and it may be discovered over time with errors. It may be the errors that are made are more educational than direct instruction would be. As painful as it may be, allowing your child to make mistakes and experience the consequences may be the best way to learn. When the experience is complete and the child has, in fact, learned from it, an appreciation for the absence of the consequence will teach an element of happiness.