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Best Locks to Avoid Bumping

Recently, I was watching a news special. Apparently, there is a technique called bumping that will work on all but the best locks. You may think that that expensive deadbolt on your front door will keep you secure, but it just might not. Bump keys are simple technique that have been used by criminals for generations, but recently the tactic has become more popular. Basically, with the filed down key, a screwdriver, and a little bit of patience a criminal can gain access to your door.

Supposedly the best door locks can defeat this technique, but I wanted to find out for myself. I live in an area where people don’t usually worry about having the best locks. Our neighborhood is pretty safe, schools are pretty good, and the police patrol regularly. Nevertheless, even if I didn’t have the best lock on my door I wanted one tough enough to stop someone from easily gaining entry to my house. I wanted to test it out and see if it was good enough.

I had a friend who is pretty good at lock picking, and he offered to help me out. When he looked at my door, he knew right away that I did not have one of the best locks. It was a pretty middle-of-the-road lock – good enough to stop someone from forcing the door with brute force for awhile, but not good enough to stop a clever lock picker or someone who is determined to get in. To test out his assertion, we tried making a bump key. Sure enough, it worked.

I was motivated to research the best locks and see what was available. Apparently, there is quite a bit of high-tech in the industry now. The very best door locks are biometric. The best biometric locks basically work by measuring different qualities that only one person can have. They will listen to your voice to determine if it is you, check your fingerprints, and sometimes even scan your irises. They are almost impossible to defeat.

Although these are the very best locks, you don’t really need anything that good to keep your family safe. What I found out was that many of the top-of-the-line home model door locks will do just fine. They will stop lock pickers from gaining entrance to your house and hold up under repeated assaults against your door. Of course even the best lock isn’t any substitute for basic common sense, good police protection, or an emergency plan with your family. Nonetheless, it is an important part of keeping things safe and secure in your home.